The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

Updated on March 21, 2020
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Diana is a huge fan of Chinese culture. Chinese dramas are some of her favorite series to watch.

Do you like romantic Chinese dramas? If so, you stumbled upon the right page! This article will help you find your next romantic drama addiction. This list of the top 11 most romantic Chinese dramas includes some of the most captivating and heart-wrenching C-dramas!

The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Delicious Destiny | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Delicious Destiny | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

11. Delicious Destiny

Delicious Destiny is about two passionate young people whose romance seemingly starts off on the wrong foot. They quarrel a lot at first since they are both passionate about gourmet food; Li Yu Zhe is a famous chef of Western cuisine while Song Jia Ming is the director of a culinary show who has an amazing sense of taste. Despite their differences, their aggression towards each other soon turns into mutual attraction. Add in some love triangles and plot twists and you have a nice romantic drama to watch! If you are interested in jealous lovers, one-sided crushes, and passionate quarrels, don’t waste your time and give this series a shot!

Unexpected | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Unexpected | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

10. Unexpected

The story of this Chinese drama follows a manga artist who somehow gets pulled into his own manga! While he is stuck inside his own creation, he discovers that he has to somehow rescue his evil second female lead and turn her into a better person in order to return home. In order to accomplish this, he will have to fill in his own plot holes. Obviously, a funny love story follows.

If you are intrigued by the concept of a writer getting stuck in his work, then you should check out this series. The show features a detailed narrative that will keep you interested. If you have seen the Korean drama W (also known as W - Two Worlds), you also might be interested in watching this series since it has a very similar storyline. However, Unexpected is less melodramatic than W.

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
The Starry Night, The Starry Sea | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

9. The Starry Night, The Starry Sea

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea tells the story of Shen Luo, an ordinary girl who moves from the big city to a quiet island where she spent her childhood. That’s where she crosses paths with a mysterious man. Actually, he turns out to be a mermaid prince. With his magical powers and intelligence, the man helps Shen Luo overcome any obstacle that she faces. They gradually fall in love with each other. However, the magical pearl this man had lost more than a century ago is inside Shen Luo’s body! He desperately needs it since it’s the only way to prolong his life.

This Chinese fantasy drama is an exciting one to see for every lover of this genre. Although the storyline is by no means unique, it’s quite interesting and intriguing. The main couple is so adorable that you can’t help but be invested in them.

Our Glamorous Time | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Our Glamorous Time | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

8. Our Glamorous Time

This C-drama revolves around the romantic story of two young people: a white-collar worker named Lin Qian and a former military officer named Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian is smart and extremely enthusiastic, but she hasn’t seen much success in her career. One day, she ends up working for Li, a former military officer who is now the CEO of his family's company. As Lin works to help save the company from bankruptcy, she begins to develop feelings for Li. If you are a fan of Side By Side With You, you will like Our Glamorous Time. There are many similarities, although Our Glorious Time is less intense.

The First Half of My Life | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
The First Half of My Life | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

7. The First Half of My Life

The First Half of My Life is an adaptation of Yi Shu’s novel of the same name. The drama follows 37-year-old Zi Jun, a devoted housewife who believes she has a happy and peaceful life. However, she is unaware of the existing problems in her marriage. That’s why she is taken aback when her husband suddenly files for divorce. Her blissful life begins to fall apart around her. To help get through this difficult period, she turns to her best friend and her boyfriend for their support and advice. With their help, she manages to get back to work and live her best life again. However, what happens if you add a love triangle to the equation?

This drama offers intellectual nourishment in addition to entertainment. It is a mature romantic drama and it raises serious issues such as divorce, single parenthood, family problems, and many others. It tackles a lot of issues that are difficult to discuss. So, if you are looking for a drama that covers these topics, you should give this series a try!

Nice To Meet You | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Nice To Meet You | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

6. Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You tells the story of Gao Jie, a girl who has always wanted to become a jewelry designer. She is so dedicated to achieve her goal that she flies to South America to find work at a mining company there. She ends up falling for Yu Zhi, the successor of a jewelry company. Due to tremendous competition from Western jewelers, the company hasn’t been that prominent over the last few years. To make the company successful again, Yu Zhi decides to focus on Western designs. However, Gao Jie prefers traditional Chinese jewelry, and he wants to create jewelry that has a fusion of Eastern and Western culture. There’s never a dull moment when watching this Chinese series. If you are a sucker for romance, this will definitely be your cup of tea.

Memories of Love | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Memories of Love | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

5. Memories of Love

Based on the novel All Along the Way, Blooming Flowers Shall See Us Off by Qing Shan Luo Tuo, this drama tells the love story of a couple who try to rekindle their relationship after 10 years of separation. Lu Fei fell for Xin Chen when he was 18. He was a charming gentleman that was determined to pursue his career and she was a rebellious high school student. Despite being so different, they were instantly drawn to each other. However, they separated, and they have not seen each other for a decade.

Memories of Love has a linear narrative that moves from the past to the present, so you can see how the character change over the years. It’s moving, beautiful, emotional, and inspiring. It is definitely recommended for every fan of the romance genre.

The Interpreter | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
The Interpreter | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

4. The Interpreter

Adapted from the novel Translator by Miao Juan, the series follows Qiao Fei, a student majoring in French studies who has dreams of becoming a translator. The girl has to work a part-time job to support herself. One day, she gets into trouble with one of her clients and she ends up in the police station with him. Later, she finds out that the client is a famous professional French translator. He is also one of her examiners at the Institute for Translation where she badly wants to get a job! Their romance starts on the wrong foot and many other problems arise later. It seems there’s some string of fate that connects the main characters together within their interpreting careers. You can’t miss this gem!

Here to Heart | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Here to Heart | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

3. Here to Heart

Based on the novel The Warm Chord by An Ning, Here to Heart tells the story about eternal love. A decade has passed since Wen Nuan and Zhan Nan Xian had a bad breakup. Although they have both found a new companion, neither of them is truly happy. In fact, their hearts are still lonely. 10 years ago, Wen Nuan disappeared with no explanation. She eventually quits her high-paying job in England to come back to China. Her plan is to work in Nan Xian’s tech company. How crazy is that?

This Chinese romantic drama will make you experience different emotions. You will be crying, happy at times when things work out, angry when everything goes wrong, and frustrated when you know everything could be solved with a simple conversation. You can’t help but root for the lead female protagonist all the way until the end. You can’t miss this series if you like emotional roller coasters!

Granting You a Dreamlike Life | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
Granting You a Dreamlike Life | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

2. Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Adapted from the novel of the same title by Juzi Chen, Granting You a Dreamlike Life tells a beautiful love story that spans three lifetimes. The romantic series follows a woman who stumbles upon an unexpected story. Although Lin Jing was born and raised in France, she travels to Shanghai in order to learn more about her heritage. What she doesn’t expect to find is an old diary of a woman from the 1930s. The strange book found in her family home reveals a love story between a popular actress and the son of a tried leader. Lin Jing will discover her own history through this story as well!

The series switches between the present day and flashbacks to the past. This Chinese melodrama is great for all lovers of the romance genre. It’s a standard storyline with a female main character that is torn between two men. It’s a perfect melodrama with an interesting setting!

All Out of Love | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas
All Out of Love | The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas

1. All Out of Love

Based on Le Xiaomi's novel Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Sad, the series revolves around step-siblings Liang Sheng and Jiang Sheng. These two are always together as they help and support each other. They had a difficult childhood, but they had each other to rely on. Over time, their feelings for one another grew into something more. Even though they are not blood-related, both of them feel that these feeling are wrong. As a result, they try their hardest to suppress these emotions. However, some events happen that make the situation worse. Lian Sheng disappears after getting in a car accident.

All Out of Love is a great romantic drama with love triangles, plot twists, and emotional roller coasters. However, this series is not just about romantic love. It covers family love and the strong connections we make to those that are not connected by blood.

What Romantic Chinese Drama Do You Like the Most?

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