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Rick Springfield's "Mission:Magic!" A Classic '70s Cartoon Series

A fun look back at "Mission:Magic," a 1973 Filmation cartoon series that starred Rick Springfield. Episode guide, song samples and more.


10 Best Shows Like "Wednesday" On Netflix

A look at ten shows similar to "Wednesday" on Netflix, with similarities in plot points and personalities of the characters.


How African Americans Got On "The Dick Van Dyke Show" in 1963

The nearly all-white world of the Dick Van Dyke Show was finally integrated by a black family in 1963.


"Wednesday": A Non-Conforming Adaptation Full of Woe, Macabre Quips, and Unexpected Plot Twists

"Wednesday" is a riveting, fast-paced, and convoluted murder mystery that’s full of woe, suspense, and just the right amount of intrigue. It's a well-written, exceptionally acted, and deftly directed series that pays homage to its past while taking a bold and macabre step into the future.


"The Midnight Special" Pilot Episode (1972)

Ever wonder who appeared on "The Midnight Special"? This television music show debuted in 1972 and ended its run in 1981. The show's pilot, which aired on August 19, 1972, was hosted by John Denver.


Alicent Hightower’s 7 Best Costumes From Season 1 of “House of the Dragon”

This pages ranks 7 of Alicent Hightower best costumes from Season 1 of “House of the Dragon”


“Wednesday” Season 1 Review

Although it isn’t perfect, “Wednesday” is a captivating and imaginative show.


Rhaenyra Targaryen’s 9 Best Costumes from Season 1 of "House of the Dragon"

This page ranks nine of Rhaenyra's best costumes from Season 1 of HBO's "House of the Dragon"


"Remarriage & Desires" (2022) K-Drama Review

"Remarriage & Desires" explores the complex world of an exclusive matchmaking agency and the tangled web of connections it has with the wealthy, powerful, and dishonest.


Is "House of the Dragon" Better Than "Game of Thrones"?

Is "House of the Dragon" Better Than "Game of Thrones"? Let's find out.


10 Best Fall TV Shows to Get You in the Autumn Mood

If you've read my articles, you know that fall is my favorite season of the year. I love feeling summer's heat dissolve into autumn's cool and crisp air. Get comfy, put on your favorite fall sweater, and read over this list of my ten tv shows to get you in the autumn mood.


"Flower of Evil" (2020) K-Drama Review

The unexpectedness of "Flower of Evil" is one of the show's many strengths. This thriller is a well-written show that not only defies expectations but also moves fluidly between genres without losing its focus. That is something that most shows are unable to do.


Top 10 BIPOC TV Shows

Wanna watch TV with BIPOC characters? These 10 shows are top-notch and perfect for fall weather.


"Rap Sh!t" – Season 1 (2022): A Review

My review of the first season of "Rap Sh!t," the HBO Show by Issa Rae.


"The Truth Will Out": Brilliant, Intriguing Swedish Serial-Thriller

Intricate 2018 Swedish (with subtitles) TV mystery-thriller serial series, full of danger, psychological tension, political intrigue, and daunting challenges. No spoilers.


An Obscure British Comedy Sketch Became a Hit in Germany

"Dinner for One" is a British two-handed comedy routine that has become a massive hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and elsewhere.


"The Simpsons" Season 1: Was It That Bad?

Often considered the black sheep of the series, how does Season 1 of "The Simpsons" hold up?


Top 9 Turkish Dramas About Contract Marriage

Here’s a list of the top 9 Turkish dramas about pretend relationships and contract marriages.


12 Best Turkish Historical Drama Series

Here are 12 best Turkish historical drama series for those who love the stories about other periods, palace intrigues, action scenes, and some politics here and there.


Eve (2022) K-Drama Review

Eve is a tale of tragic vengeance that focuses on a 13-year-old plot to bring down South Korea's wealthiest family. Lee Ra-el, portrayed by Seo Ye-ji, is a woman characterized as both charming and dangerous, is the main protagonist of the show.


10 Compulsively Watchable TV Series For You To Binge (Part 2)

Another list of TV shows for you and your eyeballs — enjoy. That’s to say, look no further, I’ve got you covered in the TV department, and I’ve spent many hours watching tons of shows to recommend you some cool content.


6 Embarrassing and Funny Moments on Italian Television Shows

This article shows some of the funniest, most absurd, and most embarrassing episodes on Italian television shows.


Rutherford Falls S2 Halftime Check-in: Letting Its Other Stars Shine

Let's review the sitcom Rutherford Falls at the halfway point of Season 2.


"Seaside Hotel": A Delightful Danish TV Series

The hit Danish TV Series "Seaside Hotel" ("Badehotellet" in Danish) is highly recommended in this review which summarizes the storyline (no spoilers) and provides background on the production. Links to other online information are provided.


10 Instantly Gratifying TV Series For You To Binge This Weekend

Check out these shows. If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re missing out. In no particular order, these are ten TV series I found instantly and immediately engaging, highly-watchable and an all-around blast. Hope you enjoy, and let me know any TV series you would recommend.

The Unique Brilliance of "Doctor Who"

An in-depth look into the unique world of the BBC's longest-running science fiction series.


"Stranger Things" Season 2 Recap

"Stranger Things" is an American science fiction and horror drama. Season 2 was released on October 27, 2017, with nine episodes on Netflix and high critical praise—much like Season 1.


Renumbering The Umbrella Academy

Sir Reginald Hargreeves gave his adopted children numbers for unknown reasons, and this was one of his biggest mistakes. Here's how The Umbrella Academy should've been numbered.


20 Years Later: Why "The Wire" Is (Still) the Best TV Show Ever

A deconstruction of all the aspects that make "The Wire" the best TV show ever made.


'Dancing With the Stars' Season 31 Has a New Co-Host

"Dancing with the Stars" is returning in the fall. The celebrity contestants will be revealed on "Good Morning America" on September 8, 2022.


"Stranger Things" Is Good Again

Review of the latest season of Netflix's global phenomenon.


The 10 Best CW Shows Ever

The CW airs the best of the best. Today we take a look at the 10 best TV shows to ever appear on the network.


4 Detective Shows from the 1970s & '80s

If you're nostalgic for detective shows from the '70s and '80s, you're not alone. The '80s gave us long "Tucker's Witch," "Knightwatch," and "Cagney and Lacey." But, before them there was "Charlie's Angels." Learn about all four shows here!


7 Reasons Why You’ll Love "Stranger Things" Season 4

"Stranger Things" took nearly three years to produce its latest season. Some might have even forgotten about this incredible series. I'll give you seven reasons why you should watch Season 4.


10 Babies Born to "Married At First Sight" Couples Over 14 Seasons

Over 14 seasons, 54 couples have been married on the Lifetime reality show "Married at First Sight." Ten babies have been born to seven couples. That means three of the couples have more than one child. See who the parents and babies are.


The Top 10 Sexiest "True Blood" Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest "True Blood" characters. It provides a brief overview of each lady, followed by a description of their overall appearance and attributes.


Ranking Every Sideshow Bob Episode on "The Simpsons" (1-16)

Ranking every Sideshow Bob episode on "The Simpsons," from [Sideshow Bob Cringe] to sending us to heaven.


10 Best Hindi-Dubbed Turkish Dramas

Here, we list some of the best Hindi-dubbed Turkish dramas. Don’t forget to check out the trailers here and vote in the poll below the article!


15 Best Romantic Turkish Drama Series

Looking for the best romantic Turkish drama series? Here’s the list of the best, most popular ones! They are heart-touching, funny, sad, twisted, or soothing – they all are different, but each of them is super romantic!


3 Reasons Ted and Robin Should Be Together in "How I Met Your Mother"

Discuss the controversial ending and relationship pairings of the hit sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother."


11 Best Costumes Worn by "Bridgerton's" Kate Sharma

Here are my picks for the 11 most gorgeous costumes worn by Kate Sharma from the Netflix series "Bridgerton." At the end, I include some of my favorite jewelry sets as well.


"The Abbott and Costello Show: Season 1" Blu-Ray Set Review

The comedy duo of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were one of the top movie box office attractions during the 1940s. In the next decade, the team took on the new medium of television, with the "The Abbott and Costello Show" being the result. Season One is out on Blu-ray. Marshall Fish reviews the set.


Is Season Six of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" the Best Season?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is known for being one of the most popular Housewives' franchises. Here's a deep dive into just why The Real Housewives of Atlanta season six is the best season of them all.


"The Morning Show": A Review

"The Morning Show" exposes workplace toxicity in a horrifyingly tangible manner.


7 Daytime Talk Shows Ending in 2022

More and more daytime talk shows are coming to an end. Two talk shows have been canceled after only one season. One was canceled after eight seasons. Another is being canceled after four seasons. Two are coming to an end because of the hosts' decision and one is being replaced by another host.


Top 7 Shows Like "Legacies"

Are you looking for a TV series like "Legacies"? You've come to the right place.


Top 6 Shows Like "Two and a Half Men"

Are you looking for shows like "Two and a Half Men"? You've come to the right place.


The Twisted Family of the Powerpuff Girls

You may remember these kindergarten crime fighters for saving the world before bedtime, but their family tree will keep you up all night.


Top 7 Spellbinding Shows like Dynasty

Are you looking for shows like Dynasty? You've come to the right place.


Top 7 Shows like The Mentalist Everyone Should be Watching

Are you looking for a series like The Mentalist? You've come to the right place.