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The Double Life of Charles Kuralt

Veteran CBS reporter Charles Kuralt covered the Vietnam War and various other hostilities but is best remembered for his short sketches of oddball American life.


Should You Withdraw From News When It Depresses You?

When the news tells us of depressing things, should we shut off the news? What should we use news for, and when should we avoid it?


Which Morning News Shows Are About the News or About the Hype?

There are morning news programs that are as much a part of our national fabric as apple pie and baseball. But do they really do their job of delivering the news?


Breaking News Television and the Negative Effects of Watching Too Much TV News

Breaking news stories affect us when we hear and see that something bad has happened. We have been impacted psychologically by the reporting of these events that seem to increase daily in our society.


Why I Will Never Again Watch the Fox News Channel Anchor Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith is a loose cannon, and worst of the anchors at Fox News Channel. Outbursts of rage, disrespecting guests and a pack of teleprompter reading blunders make for inferior TV news reportage.


Fox News Women

I published an article last year entitled Women of Fox News, which has proved to be a major success. By popular demand, I followed it up with Men of Fox News . Now I want to put the spotlight on a different set of Fox News Women, some of whom my...


Women of Fox News

The Women of Fox News include Laura Ingraham, Molly Line, Courtney Friel, Amy Kellogg, Uma Pemmeraju, Harris Faulkner, Michelle malkin, Lauren Green, Julie Banderas, Alisyn Camerota, Megyn Kelly, and Shannon Bream (Bream the Dream).