Top 10 Biggest Megazords

Updated on January 19, 2020
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Megazords in Power Rangers

Each season of Power Rangers introduces new Zords, giant mechas the Rangers use to battle colossal foes. Once the team defeats an enemy on foot, the villain usually turns giant through some dark magic, forcing the Rangers to summon their titanic machines.

Zords come in many shapes and sizes and can typically combine into an even bigger Megazord—which tower over all others? Factoring in a few discrepancies between official stats and what's seen in the show (more on that in a sec), these are the ten biggest Megazords in Power Rangers!

Beast-X King Zord (Sword form)
Beast-X King Zord (Sword form)

10. Beast-X King Zord (Variant)

Series: Power Rangers Beast Morphers
Height: 82.6 m

As of this writing, few details about this upcoming Zord are known, but it's some adaption of the Beast-X King that appears to be wielding a giant blade. Time will tell whether it gets a tongue-twisting name like the "Sword Zord".

Ninja FalconMegazord
Ninja FalconMegazord

9. Ninja FalconMegazord

Series: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Height: 86.6 m

Exclusively used in the original show's film, this mecha unites the Ninjazords and is one of few Megazords capable of flight. Heck, it can enter space, where it beat Ivan Ooze's monster-sized form by having a meteor crash into him, which, uh, killed him on impact. Our heroes, everybody!

PaleoMax Megazord
PaleoMax Megazord

8. PaleoMax Megazord

Series: Power Rangers RPM
Height: 388 m (questionable authenticity)

Based on official stats, the Bull Megazord technically ties for biggest Zord at a whopping 388 meters. However, that's probably a goof, as its three car components have lengths 61.5 meters, 33 m, and another 33 m, totaling less than half the listed size even if laid directly on top each other. Plus, its weight (1,430 tons) is much lighter than today's other machines.

Still, error or not, it's definitely one of the bigger mechs and was never truly beaten in battle, only being deleted by Venjix Virus.

Bull Megazord
Bull Megazord

7. Bull Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Super Samurai
Height: 388 meters (questionable authenticity)

The Bullzord suspiciously matches the Paleomax's 388 meters and 1,430 tons, only differing in its listed power (60,000,000 compared to the Bullzord's 20,000,000), making it another dubious entry.

That said, if we match the Bull Megazord's height to its four-legged form's length (87.9 m), it still towers over the vast majority of mechas, especially for a unit only composed of one Zord.

Delta Command Megazord
Delta Command Megazord

6. Delta Command Megazord

Series: Power Rangers S.P.D.
Height: 88.5 m

Effectively doubling the size of the Space Patrol's primary Delta Squad Megazord, Delta Base itself transforms into this lumbering powerhouse. You know you've got a beast of a weapon when your Zord uses another robot (the S.W.A.T. Megazord) as a handheld weapon.

RPM Ultrazord
RPM Ultrazord

5. RPM Ultrazord

Series: Power Rangers RPM
Height: 93 m

Uniting the twelve Zord vehicles yields this menacing machine. In its debut appearance, the Ultrazord dwarfs the villain Hyper Bot, whose attacks are completely ineffective. His brutal finisher involves firing phantasmal images of the season's other Megazords before unleashing a titanic punch.

Samurai Gigazord
Samurai Gigazord

4. Samurai Shark Gigazord

Series: Power Rangers Super Samurai
Height: 93.2 m

Composed of 11 Zords, the Samurai Gigazord stands tall, but isn't fully completed until it adds the SharkZord, letting it unleash the devastating Ultimate Samurai Slash attack. Even in its base form, the Samurai Gigazord is so massive that it can't move on its own, relying on a Zord cart for transportation.

Dino Charge Ultrazord
Dino Charge Ultrazord

3. Dino Charge Ultrazord

Series: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Height: 97.5 m

The ultimate weapon of the Dino Charge Rangers, this mech combines the Dino Charge Megazord, Para Zord, Raptor Zord, and Titano Zord with the Titano-Raptor Ax. Its strongest attack is the Ultra Plasma Final Blast, firing a seven-pronged energy beam that utilizes all 23 chargers.

Super Zeo Megazord
Super Zeo Megazord

2. Super Zeo Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Zeo
Height: 100 m (estimated)

Although the Super Zeo doesn't list an official height, it has some of the largest Zord components to date, with the bigger Zeo Zords measuring 40 meters apiece. Plus, it wields twin Zeo Sabers that can shoot an energy blade as tall as a skyscraper, giving surprising range for such a colossal giant, and it has the honor of toppling series antagonist King Mondo.

Zeo Ultrazord Warrior Mode
Zeo Ultrazord Warrior Mode

1. Zeo Ultrazord Warrior Mode

Series: Power Rangers Zeo
Height: 102 m

Combining the five Zeo Zords with the Red Battlezord and Pyramidas, the Zeo Ultrazord dwarfs all others, decimating foes with barrages of energy blasts. While not the most mobile Megazord, it can transform into Carrier Mode when required, letting it shift between attack and transportation priorities.

Which Megazord do you prefer?

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Other Giant Megazords

Despite a few fluctuating numbers, today's list highlights the biggest and baddest Zords throughout Power Rangers. Plus, the original Dino Megazord deserves a shout-out; while its official height is listed as a mere 41 meters tall, one of its toy's stat sheets lists it as a whopping 101.5 meters.

Why the Rangers don't use them from the get-go to squash their minuscule foes is beyond me, but for now, as we await more kaiju-sized mechs, vote for your favorite Zord and I'll see you at our next Power Rangers countdown!

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