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10 HBO TV Shows You Should Watch

Television has never been better than it is now, and it can be hard to know which series are worth watching. Check out these top 10 HBO series as fast as humanly possible!


10 Showtime TV Shows You Should Watch

We live in a golden age of television. Are you overwhelmed by all of the choices? Check out these top ten phenomenal Showtime TV series.


Remembering the Fake Megalodon Documentary in Shark Week 2013

Find out why the fake Megalodon search aired by the Discovery Channel for Shark Week 2013 ticked off a lot of people. Also learn why the hoax matters.


The Six Hottest Superstar Female Chefs on Food Network

Christoph is an actor, writer, producer, singer, and musician. In his spare time, he loves writing and tuning into Food Network.