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12 90s Kids' Shows That Deserve a Reboot

Arthur is an avid television and movie fan with horror being his favored genre. If you can name it, he has probably seen it. Twice.

Some kids shows from the 90s that were good enough to be watched today.

Some kids shows from the 90s that were good enough to be watched today.

90s Kids' Shows That Need A Reboot

The 90s was a magical time for kids' shows and I am not just saying that because it was the era I grew up in. It was a time when these programs could just be fun without having to have a bigger message attached. There was a lot of experimenting and A LOT of movie and TV crossovers. To be honest, most of those shows are better left down nostalgia lane where you can go to visit them sometimes. A select few, however, deserve a second look and maybe even a reboot of their own for a new generation.

The Real Ghostbusters

In the early 2000s, they tried to reinvigorate toy sales by creating The Extreme Ghostbusters, which was a sequel to The Real Ghostbusters. The show was ok, but it was not the same as the original. Now that we got that out of the way, the world deserves a new Real Ghostbusters reboot. We have a new group of Ghostbusters and it is only fair that Erin, Abby, Holtzmann, and Patty are immortalized in animation.

Gummi Bears

This one may be more of a nostalgia thing than anything, but I don't think that Gummi Bears got a fair shake when it first came out. It was an awesome show, but you would be hard-pressed to find someone who can say that they watched it. A reboot of this cartoon would bring a genuinely good show to the masses and the best part is that, since nobody saw it the first time, you could pretty much remake it scene for scene.

Tales From The Crypt Keeper

Tales from the Crypt Keeper was a highly toned-down version of Tales from the Crypt. It still stared the Crypt Keeper and was a collection of short stories meant to teach moral lessons to kids. I loved this cartoon as a kid and I still love it now, I even play it for my kids since it is available on multiple TV Apps. There is no better time than now to reboot this series. Horror is more popular on TV than ever and there are even rumors that a new Tales from the Crypt reboot is happening. Let's let kids have their fun with a few spooks and learn some lessons in the process.

Captain Planet

Conserving our environment is more important than ever which is the perfect reason why Captain Planet needs a reboot. Ask any 90s kid and they will tell you how much they loved a show about a group of eco-warriors with special rings that summoned a superhero. Ok, so it sounds stupid, and I wasn't particularly a fan, but kids ate this stuff up. In a time when global warming and the fate of the EPA are consistently making headlines, we could use a new Captain Planet to entertain while teaching conscious conservationism.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Can you tell that I was a kid who grew up to love horror movies? I will debate with anyone that Are You Afraid of the Dark is one of the best shows ever made. Many have tried to recreate the magic of this show, but none have succeeded. They even tried a sequel of sorts that ran for a few years, but it was too soon and the stories were not strong enough. Now is the perfect time for a reboot of this classic show. If it is anything like the original, I would tune in every week.

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Toxic Crusaders

This cartoon was obnoxious and stupid, but it was also surprisingly educational and ironically self-aware. It is based on the equally ridiculous Toxic Avenger franchise and stars a rag-tag group of hideously deformed creatures of superhuman size and strength. It is your run-of-the-mill superhero show with a little added humor. Amidst the absurdity is a message about conservationism that is more relevant today than it was even then.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego is something of a pop-culture legend for people my age, but good luck finding a person born after the year 2000 who knows who she is. The show was great because it was an adventure show which sneakily taught kids about geography. Now is a perfect time to bring back Carmen and teach kids about countries and cultures outside of our borders.

Ghost Writer

It's no wonder that a guy who loved a show called Ghost Writer grew up to love writing. The show was about a group of kids who solved mysteries thanks to the help of an invisible force called Ghost Writer. The show's main message was to make reading fun, but it also showcased a diverse cast who worked together which is a message that we could still use today. Its been years since Ghost Writer was canceled and I think it is about time to bring it back.


Gargoyles is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, cartoons of the 90s. There were no lessons to be learned here, just pure, unencumbered action. The show was dark from the themes to the setting which may not play as well in today's PC world, but I think that someone should bring this show back. If nothing else it could be aimed at adults and play on Adult Swim or something.

Legends Of The Hidden Temple

There have been some rumors of a Legends of the Hidden Temple movie, but we have yet to see anything concrete. The only reason I would ever watch the movie is if all of the proceeds went to fund a new version of the game show. The show was semi-educational with the first challenge being a knowledge quiz, but that was the boring part of the show. Once kids got to the physical challenges that is when the fun began. I say bring on a new Olmec and get kids off the couch and jumping through the temple.

Beakman's World

Don't remember Beakman's World? It was like Bill Nye the Science Guy if Bill enjoyed a little LSD before the show. It was all about the wonder of science and starred Beakman, his female sidekick, and an oversized rat. The show was visually amazing and hilarious if you were into slapstick humor. With Bill Nye getting a new show on Netflix it is a perfect time to bring back Beakman and give all the science they can get.

Eureeka's Castle

There is a disappointing lack of puppets on TV today (unless you're watching MSNBC) and that needs to be rectified. The early '90s were full of puppet-based shows and none of them were as good as Eureeka's Castle. It was a trippy kids' show which took place inside a giant's music box and was not expressly a learning show, but there were lessons to be learned from the show. This is another one that flew under the radar and deserves another shot with a new generation.

Any I Missed?

Obviously, a large part of this list depends on taste and there were plenty of great shows in the 90s that deserve to be brought back. Is there one in particular that I missed that you would like to see? Please let me know in the comments and take the time to participate in the poll.

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