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Why "Power Rangers: Hexagon" Should Have Happened

I've been reading comics and watching cartoons for as long as I can remember. So yeah, I know a thing or two or three.


The Legacy of Power Rangers

After six seasons of an ongoing story arc, from Mighty Morphin through Space, the Power Rangers saga took a bit of a different turn. It started following in the footsteps of its Super Sentai counterpart. Starting with Lost Galaxy, and continuing on up to RPM, the seasons were isolated stories that lasted one season before the next series started again. Samurai and beyond sort of threw a wrench into this formula, but...we won't get into that.

What many fans do not know is that the Power Rangers series was actually meant to stop long ago. The first time that the end was considered was Power Rangers in Space, which was meant to be a finale season for the Mighty Morphin saga, but when ratings jumped again, production continued. After a few more seasons, the idea for a new beginning and ending of sorts arose. In the season that later became Ninja Storm, the concept of a school to train new rangers was created.


What Is Hexagon?

In geometry, a hexagon is a six-sided shape, each side is equally important to the structure of the whole. Just like the Rangers. Aside from a handful of exceptions (i.e. Aquitar Rangers), nearly every team of the Power Rangers has had six members, whether starting off with them, or acquiring them as time goes by. With that in mind, the shape of the hexagon became the overall theme of the Hexagon "season".

The basic idea, as previously mentioned, was a school to train the next generations of Rangers, using veterans as the teachers and staff. This would bring together former teams of Rangers, creating not only the future of the Power Rangers, but a united force of Power Rangers. There would be returning villains, and of course a slew of new villains that appeared, but there wouldn't have been an allied force of villains, as we have seen in the past.


The Rangers Divided

Similar to what we saw in Ninja Storm, there would have been two separate schools of training, the primary trio (Red, Blue & Yellow), and the Beetle Rangers. The biggest difference from the Beetles Rangers we saw in Ninja Storm and the proposed Hexagon would have been the inclusion of a darker Yellow female ranger.

These two rival groups would spend much of the time fighting each other, similar to what we got with 2018's Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, but ultimately come together to stop the ultimate evil in the final episodes. With this divide between the six rangers, we would have likely seen a divide among the veteran rangers as well, choosing either the Hexagon trio or the Beetle trio, which would, in turn create more inner conflict within Hexagon.

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The Return of the Green Ranger

The obvious missing element from Ninja Storm is the Samurai Ranger. The idea behind this "sixth" Ranger was to have Tommy Oliver (the original Green Ranger) return as the most powerful Ranger of all time. With his transforming suit, he would team up with both the Beetle team and the Hexagon team on various occasions, but would ultimately become the final opponent for the Rangers.

As the finale builds to a head, the Hexagon Rangers would realize that the Hexagon formula wasn't working, and was quickly becoming unstable. A fight between this "ultimate" Ranger, who truly believed in his convictions, and the six new young heroes, who truly believed in their own convictions, would be an amazing change from the typical brainwashed Ranger archetype.


Why Would This Work?

Look, we have seen, in several series, that there are veteran Rangers that keep tabs on the newer teams. Tommy and Jason have both made come backs in later seasons, Adam returned to lead a team of veteran Rangers in Operation Overdrive, the Super MegaForce Rangers teamed up with EVERY SINGLE veteran team. It is clear that there is already some sort of network of Rangers within this world, but we never got a full fledged crossover like Hexagon was set up to be.

Having a season like this would have given us the opportunity to see team-ups that we will never get on screen with how disjointed the franchise has become. For all intents and purposes, this could have been a Shattered Grid of sorts, long before the Boom! Studios series. This season would have been made for legacy fans of the Power Rangers franchise in a way that we never had, nor will likely happen.


Final Thoughts

While Ninja Storm was an amazing series, having a crossover of this magnitude would have been something to the effect of Avengers: Endgame for Power Rangers fans. There would have been a lot of logistic work to make it happen, but at that point, they had Disney money, so we could have had a cinematic masterpiece along the same vein of the Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.

While we have had numerous crossovers from the Power Rangers franchise, many fans feel like we have been cheated out of one of the largest scale crossovers that we could have experienced. Seeing the return of the veteran teams could have been something to rekindle the older fans that had long left the series, and having the more serious storyline could have given us the closure we all wanted.

A crossover of this magnitude could have opened up the universe of the Power Rangers, and even given the opportunity to introduce some of those Legacy teams that we never got to see before (i.e. the Squadron Rangers, etc). Maybe we should re-visit the idea when we get around to adapting Lupinranger vs Patranger?

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