Why Did Billie Piper Leave Doctor Who?

Her performances on the show were emotionally charged and dramatic...

Billie Piper was Rose Tyler on the hit British science fiction television series Doctor Who. She helped usher in a new era of Doctors, the show having been on hiatus for years before it returned with Christopher Eccleston as the new Doctor and Billie Piper as his lovely companion.

Her performances on the show were emotionally charged and dramatic, in addition to being a believable portrayal of a young woman trying desperately to be mature, though at times cruel to her boyfriend Mickey, at other times just simply desperate to leave the doldrums of ordinary life.

Consequently, young and beautiful Rose Tyler traveled the Universe with the dashing and charming Doctor, falling in love and, in a heart-wrenching departure, being separated from the beloved Doctor due to the usual tragic events surrounding his life.

And, so, Billie Piper left the show. But, why?

Why Billie Piper Left Doctor Who?

Billie Piper was there for the revival of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston, and when Christopher Eccleston was replaced by the humorous and athletic David Tenant, Piper stayed on board. But during the 2nd season with Tenant, Piper made the choice to leave the show.

While Piper worked on Doctor Who, she divorced British television personality Chris Evans and had barely overcome years of battling anorexia. It is safe to say, it had been a rough time for her. Though these things might have had an effect on her decision to leave, they were not ultimately why she left the show.

Simply put, her stated reason for leaving the show was that she was ready to make a career move. Doctor Who launched her career and she was ready to explore possibilities and expand on what she was doing.

And, indeed, that was what she did.

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, David Tenant as The Doctor.
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, David Tenant as The Doctor. | Source

In the Smoke and Growing Pains

Right after her Doctor work ended, Billie ventured into more work, starting with a dramatic period piece called Ruby: In the Smoke. Simultaneously, she was writing her autobiography titled Growing Pains.

As far as Piper was concerned she was on her way. She had jumped off the springboard that was Doctor Who and now had the lead role in a drama.

And she didn't stop there. By 2007 she starred in her own television series called Secret Diary of a Call Girl, as a high-class, college-educated call-girl.

In addition, we will be seeing her very soon, in a familiar role.

Rose Tyler Says Goodbye To The Doctor

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Billie Piper Returns for 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special

It turns out Ms. Piper will make a return to her old stomping grounds, coming back, along with David Tenant, for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary special in November (2013).

Doctor Who fans are on pins and needles, awaiting the changes on Doctor Who, including the recent announcement that Peter Capoldi will be replacing the popular Matt Smith as The Doctor.

Equally as excited are the fans about seeing the return of favorites Billie Piper and David Tenant for the November special. It certainly will be nostalgic and heart-warming for fans to see the characters who had become dear to their hearts, on a show that people take as a personal part of their lives and a great source of television theater.

We do look forward to seeing Ms. Billie Piper, once again, as the lovely, charming, and beautiful Rose Tyler.

Poster from Doctor Who exhibition and museum, Blackpool, UK.
Poster from Doctor Who exhibition and museum, Blackpool, UK. | Source

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