Gossip Girl Cast: Where Are They Now?

Updated on July 19, 2016
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Six seasons. Millions of plot twists and turns. Sex, scandals, drama. Make-ups, break-ups, and plenty of backstabbing. And one hell of a shocking reveal.

That pretty much sums up the run of Gossip Girl. The teen drama (based on Cecily von Ziegesar's books of the same name) had a successful run on The CW from 2007 to 2012. Though it's only been three years since its end (and we finally found out the identity of the elusive "Gossip Girl"), it's time to check in on the show's former stars and see what they're up to now.

Blake Lively back in 2007
Blake Lively back in 2007

Did You Know?

One of Blake's earlier/breakthrough roles was in the 2005 movie, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Lively acted in both the first movie and its sequel, and remains friends with the rest of her female cast mates.

What would Gossip Girl be without Serena van der Woodsen? Blake Lively was the perfect "It Girl" and she ruled the show from the very moment she stepped on the screen in the pilot episode.

Since GG's end, Lively has been pretty busy- both on the screen, and behind. She's starred in a handful of movies, including The Green Lantern (2011), Savages (2012), and most recently, the romantic drama, The Age of Adaline (2015). In addition to her acting roles, Lively ran her own home style website and e-zine called "Preserve"; the site closed down in mid-2015.

Thanks to her role in The Green Lantern, Lively met her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds. The two married in 2012, and have one daughter together, James, who was born in 2014.

Lively is currently filming a movie with Woody Allen, in which she will play a starring role.

Earlier in 2015, Lively spoke out to Allure magazine about her role in Gossip Girl, saying that she felt it was "personally compromising" and wasn't proud of the actions of Serena. Fair enough, but we'll always remember Blake as the Upper East Side's favourite blonde.

Follow Blake on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

And Blake Lively now!
And Blake Lively now!
Leighton Meester in season 1 of Gossip Girl
Leighton Meester in season 1 of Gossip Girl
Leighton now!
Leighton now!

And who can forget the original Queen B? Leighton Meester was the perfect socialite/bad girl, as Blair Waldorf, and we all loved to hate her.

Though their competition only exists in the show (at least, I think it only does), I have to say that Blair came out on top against Serena in terms of careers post-Gossip Girl. Meester's kept busy since the show's end in both her career and personal life; acting in various movie roles, performing on Broadway, releasing an album, and even getting married and having a child.

In 2014, Meester starred in the indie comedy, Life Partners, where her character is described as a "lesbian slacker"- a complete departure from the uptight Blair Waldorf. That same year, she starred in another indie drama titled, Like Sunday, Like Rain, and acted in a stage production of Of Mice and Men on Broadway, playing the role of Curley's wife. Meester released her first studio album, "Heartstrings" in 2014, and went on tour of support in the album in 2015.

2014 wasn't just a big year for Meester's career; she also married fellow teen actor, Adam Brody, and in 2015 they had a daughter together, Arlo Day.

Follow Leighton: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

Penn in 2007
Penn in 2007

Did You Know?

Penn actually didn't know he was Gossip Girl until he shot the scene.

Who would've guessed that Dan Humphrey (big spoiler coming...) was Gossip Girl all along? It actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's another article. Anyway, Penn Badgley played Dan Humphrey perfectly; can you really picture anyone else doing justice to the role of Lonely Boy?

Since his role in GG, Badgley has kept relatively quiet. He starred in a 2012 biopic about the life of musician Jeff Buckley, Greetings from Tim Buckley. The film received positive reviews, particularly for Badgley's performance. In 2014, he acted in a film rendition of the Shakespearean play, Cymbeline.

Most recently, Badgley had a small role in the American miniseries, The Slap, which is an adaptation of the Australian series of the same name. Badgley is also part of an indie rock/pop band, MOTHXR. Though they've yet to release a full-length album, you can check out some of their songs on their website.

Follow Penn: Twitter, Facebook.

Penn now!  Quite a change!
Penn now! Quite a change!
Ed in 2007
Ed in 2007

Did You Know?

Initially, the producers of Gossip Girl didn't want Ed for the role of Chuck; they felt he looked more like a "serial killer than a romantic lead." Now he plays a serial killer on ABC's "Wicked City"!

Love him or hate him: it's undeniable either way that Chuck Bass was one of Gossip Girl's biggest characters. Ed Westwick played the character with just the right amount of charm, sexiness and deviousness, making his take on the role simply unforgettable.

After Gossip Girl, Westwick went on to star as Tybalt in a modern adaptation of Romeo & Juliet (2013). In 2014, he starred in a Chinese supernatural film titled Last Flight. The movie was a fairly big hit in China, where it stayed in the box office's top ten for three weeks. Westwick also has a small role in the newly released horror-comedy film, Freaks of Nature.

You can currently find Mr. Westwick on ABC's new crime drama, "Wicked City"- in which he plays a serial killer in West Hollywood.

Follow Ed: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Ed now!
Ed now!
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Chace then......and Chace now!
Chace then...
Chace then...
...and Chace now!
...and Chace now!

Nate Archibald was definitely Gossip Girl's biggest piece of eye candy, but Chace Crawford's charisma made him more than just a pretty face.

Crawford has stayed relatively busy post-Gossip Girl. In 2012, he starred in the romantic comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting. He has two films coming up later in 2015- the first of which is a sports comedy called Undrafted, and the second is a thriller titled Eloise.

In 2014, Crawford had a guest appearance on the 100th episode of "Glee." He's currently starring in ABC's newest soap/drama, "Blood & Oil."

Follow Chace: Twitter, Instagram.

Jessica Szohr in 2015!
Jessica Szohr in 2015!
Taylor Momsen rocking out with The Pretty Reckless.
Taylor Momsen rocking out with The Pretty Reckless.
Matthew Settle has come a long way from being Serena's little brother!
Matthew Settle has come a long way from being Serena's little brother!

Jessica Szohr was great as Dan's best friend, Vanessa, but she left the show as a main cast member after the fourth season. Since then, Szohr has had roles in several films, including The Internship (2013), and Ted 2 (2015). She appeared in Taylor Swift's music video for the song "22" in 2013, and currently can be seen alongside Nick Jonas on the drama series, "Kingdom." You can find Jessica on Instagram and Twitter.

Little Jenny Humphrey...how we saw her character rise and fall on the show! Taylor Momsen left the cast after the fourth season, as well, and since then has been busy with her rock band, The Pretty Reckless. The band has two albums (including 2014's "Going To Hell"), and Momsen and her band tour regularly in support of their music. Follow Taylor on Instagram and Twitter.

Connor Paolo played Serena's little brother, Eric, for four seasons, until leaving to focus on his acting career. Since his departure, Paolo has had a starring role on the ABC drama, "Revenge." He has two films coming up in 2016- an action/horror film, Like Lambs, and a thriller, Friend Request. Follow him on Instagram.

Who can forget Georgina Sparks? She was the other character we all loved to hate, and Michelle Trachtenberg's portrayal was spot-on. Since her guest appearances on the show, Trachtenberg has had roles on other TV shows, including "Weeds", "Criminal Minds", "NCIS", and "Sleepy Hollow." She's had a few film roles as well; 2011's Take Me Home Tonight, and 2014's The Scribbler. Follow Michelle on Instagram and Twitter.

Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford played Dan and Serena's parents, respectively. Since the show's end, Settle has acted in two movies- a horror film Ouija (2014) and an upcoming drama, Marshall's Miracle. Meanwhile, Rutherford has had a few television guest apperances on "Bones", "Reckless" and "The Mysteries of Laura." Settle and Rutherford are also apparently dating in real life now! Follow Matthew on Twitter, and Kelly on Twitter and Pinterest.

And if you thought you saw Dorota in an epsiode of "Girls"- you'd be right; Zuzanna Szadkowski guest starred on a few episodes of Lena Dunham's drama during its third season.

Chace Crawford, Kelly Rutherford, Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr at an Oscar party in 2015.
Chace Crawford, Kelly Rutherford, Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr at an Oscar party in 2015.
Ed and Chace at an ABC event in 2015.
Ed and Chace at an ABC event in 2015.

There's plenty of loyal Gossip Girl fans still hoping for a reunion of some sort- be it a special episode, a movie, or even a reboot. But, a reunion this soon after the show's end is probably not likely. Especially considering that most of the cast have moved on since and probably wouldn't return for a reunion anyway.

At least the show tied up most of the loose ends during the series finale (see below), so we aren't left hanging, just wondering what happened with our favourite Upper East Siders.

Still, a reboot could work pretty well, couldn't it? What if we fast forward another 10 years or so, and watch the offspring of Blair and Chuck, and Dan and Serena and how they navigate the Upper East Side? Would there be a new Gossip Girl following their day-to-day life? It could be interesting!

Would you watch a Gossip Girl reunion, spin-off, reboot or movie? Let me know below in the comments section!

Who was your favourite character on Gossip Girl?

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        23 months ago

        I think that they should but a gossip girl 2 .I hope that they do this year because there just other people that are waiting so that they could be super stars again is and they are not hiding.So I think that all people should come and and comment that we want a gossip girl 2 like who does not like this show you don't even know all kinds of people would like this and not just so little of them.I really hope you the one the wrote this should start writing again and tell all those people that there is going to be a now 1 to 3 more seasons of gossip girl or two I don't care as long as there is at lest 1 more season to this show.I will like to know we're are they now that they did not do the show since 2012 but I saw it at 2014 because I did not know about it since my aunt showed me this and I would like to find out who is the new gossip girl and sorry I am writing a lot is because I have to write 8192 characters like who is not with me I hope all of those fans say the same thing I do because who won't want a now gossip girl or find out what hey are going to do know that they do not have gossip girl in there life's into she or he finds them and they have gossip girl back.


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