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Updated on January 22, 2019
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Funimation's logo.
Funimation's logo. | Source

Quick Info:

Website: is a website for streaming anime created by the company Funimation Entertainment. They stream most of their anime catalog and air simulcast English dubbing or Simuldubbed episodes of the latest anime they have licensed from Japan. They also have frequent sales on their website.

They Have a Large Catalog: has a large catalog of hundreds of titles. There is a lot of anime on the website so you have a wide variety of genres and anime to watch. You have plenty to choose from in English dub.

Since Hulu partnered with Funimation they have been posting the subtitled version of a lot of Funimation’s catalog on Hulu so if you prefer subtitles over the English dub you can use either Hulu or Funimation's website.

If you want both English dub and subtitles you should use Funimation's website.

FunimatonNow Launch Trailer:

They Have Really Great Sales If You Look For Them: does have anime sales on their website. You can find decent deals most of the time, but you have to really look for good deals, especially if you’re trying to find your favorite anime on sale.

I would recommend checking Funimation’s site often for the sale page, especially on holidays since they tend to have holiday weekend sales.

My Hero Academia, one of Funimation's popular titles.
My Hero Academia, one of Funimation's popular titles. | Source

Most of their good Anime is Behind a Paywall:

I have been a FunimationNow subscriber for years, and I am used to the ad-free full access to most of their anime catalog. But if you don’t subscribe you are very limited in what you can actually watch, because newer shows will only show the first 2-4 episodes of the anime unless it is an older or more popular older show where they will have it up entirely for free with ads.

The only way to get the best experience of having access to most of their catalogue is to pay for it, unlike Crunchyroll who has an enormous advantage over Funimation by offering episodes free after a week for most of their titles on their website.

The best experience is the one you pay for, but with all the other issues the site has, paying for it makes you wish they’d fix those problems because you pay for the service.

The Apps Work Well, For The Most Part:

I have an iPhone 6 and a PlayStation 4 and I have the FunimationNow app on both of them. The app works well for the most part. It does have the problem of crashing a lot more than other apps on my PlayStation 4. It has also frozen on the iPhone when I try to get it to load.

The apps are annoying because they are the only apps that crash on the PlayStation 4. The Netflix app sometimes locks up on the iPhone, but it has only crashed once for me on the PlayStation 4, and the FunimationNow app crashes every few days if I don’t manually close it. It’s very annoying.

One Piece another popular title streaming on Funimation's website.
One Piece another popular title streaming on Funimation's website. | Source

The Site Says Videos Don’t Exist:

Funimation also has another problem on their website where I will play an anime, like let’s say Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, I will load up the video and it will say that the video does not exist or has not been found but the audio will play, and that’s after the video takes forever to load too.

This happens more often than it should. I wish they would fix it so this wouldn’t happen as much as it does.

If A Popular Anime Is Updated, Sometimes the Site Will Crash:

When Dragon Ball Super was airing Funimation’s site would crash because it received too much traffic for them to handle. This isn’t the only time this happens, it will also happen for other big titles like My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan or One Piece. I do get annoyed if I’m trying to watch something else and the site crashes because of too much traffic.

This is also something I wish they would fix because when they go down for maintenance, it seems like forever before the site comes back up.

Reader Poll:

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The Site is Decent, But it Needs a lot of Improvement:

I love Funimation and I love buying their products to support the anime industry, they’ve been having a lot of problems lately like the Code Geass mono audio issue or more recently, the poor quality masters of Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World which resulted in blu-ray quality worse than Crunchyroll 1080p encodes.

Even though it’s really annoying that these things are happening with the physical discs, this isn’t as annoying as the ongoing issues with their website and their apps.

Quick Summary:

What works:
What doesn't work:d
Great anime catalog
apps are buggy
Good sales
Site doesn't always work properly
Site crashes if traffic overloads

Final Grade: C+:

I love Funimation’s anime, but that’s not a reason to just ignore the problems with the website and the apps. I love having access to the latest anime from them, but I’m frustrated by the website constantly refusing to load or not playing videos when the page does load.

It also has the most annoying PlayStation 4 app that constantly crashes and is the most annoying PlayStation 4 app I have downloaded on my game console.

While having access to most of their catalog for being a paying customer is nice, free users have extremely limited access to what they can watch.

Funimation may have a great catalog of anime, the only way to get most of the benefits is to be a paying customer, and while being paying customer is great, free users get the short end of the stick.

While having access to their English dubs legally is great, the website is hampered by too many problems to recommend that everyone get FunimationNow.

If you don’t want to spend as much money buying their sets you should get a FunimationNow subscription, especially if you want instant access to their catalog or if there’s a new anime you want to see right now.

I don’t know how many people put up with the buggy website and the constant crashing apps, but only get this if you feel you have to watch all of Funimation’s anime.

I do hope the website improves because it would be a lot better than it is right now if they fixed the video issues, the apps and the constant crashing when a popular anime is updated during simulcasting.

My Rating:

3 stars for Website and App:

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