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Renumbering The Umbrella Academy

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"The Umbrella Academy," Season 3 (2022)

"The Umbrella Academy," Season 3 (2022)

Numbered According to "Usefulness"

The third season of The Umbrella Academy introduced a new set of seven characters: The Sparrows. We not only got to see their cool powers, but we also noticed a different format in their numbering system.

I think the biggest mistake made by Sir Reginald Hargreeves (aka The Monocle) was in numbering The Umbrella Academy, Sir Reginald's seven adopted "children." He calls them by a number that refers to their "usefulness," not their super powers.

Prior to Season 3, viewers might not have given the numbering system a second thought. But, with the arrival of The Umbrellas came a numbering system that made a little more sense relative to their character.

Renumbering the Umbrellas

That got me thinking. What if The Umbrella Academy wasn't numbered according to Sir Reginald's idea of usefulness, but according to their actual powers? Here's a numbering system that ranks the Hargreeves siblings with the greater good in mind.

Number Seven: Luther

He’s Reginald’s number one for unknown reasons, but we’ve seen that Luther is not fit for the position. With his super strength and durability, he’s more of a bruiser than a leader.

Not that he’s much of a fighter, but we’ve seen him deflect a missile and protect Sloane. He wants to do the right thing, but he doesn’t have what it takes to lead that dysfunctional team (his family).

It doesn't help that he isn’t very smart. He's always the last to catch on to anything.

Number Six: Ben

It’s seems only fair that Ben retains his position as Number Six. The end of Season 1 showed how powerful he could’ve been and Season 3 showed us just how much of an a**hole he was.

Ben could summon Eldritch tentacles from a portal in his stomach. He helped prevent the second apocalypse while sacrificing himself to calm Viktor.

Number Five: Viktor

Viktor is a walking Apocalypse. Arguably the most powerful character of the entire Academy, he's so unstable that he's directly or indirectly been responsible for the THREE apocalypses.

His emotions are linked to his ability to harness sound and convert it into energy, but he doesn’t seem to have complete control over it and his “decisions” impact the entire world.

He can't be a leader because no one pays attention to him. They only turn to him when he seems to be the danger.

Number Four: Klaus

Klaus is the most interesting character on the show and definitely the most fun—maybe because he’s an addict. He was barely sober in the first season because he was haunted by his own powers.

We learned in the third season that he’s practically immortal, making him even cooler. Klaus has a carefree attitude, and while he usually does what he wants, Number Five is good at keeping him line.

Number Three: Allison

Allison remains Number Three, despite her erratic behavior in the recent season. She has the ability to influence events by prefacing any statement with, “I heard a rumor.”

The first two seasons portrayed her as a team player. She’s the most thoughtful of her siblings, as she is the only one that tried to warm up to Viktor.

Number Two: Diego

His trajectory manipulation—a kind of telekinesis—isn’t much when compared to his siblings. That said, he’s a leader and always wants to do the right thing, even if he has a hero complex, as we’ve seen in the whole President Kennedy situation. He’s smart and he’s a team player and wants to get things done. He’s a perfect Number Two.

Number One: Number Five

Number Five should be number one. He's the Umbrella Academy’s oldest and most experienced sibling; the glue holding the Academy together. Still, him being technically nameless makes it weird to designate him another number.

He’s the wisest and most ruthless character on The Umbrella Academy. Although he’s a bit crazy and is generally on edge, Number Five is the one everyone else looks to when things goes sideways. He's also the only one with any knowledge as to what is happening.

We’ve seen him save his family time and time again. Only he could gather them together and give them a proper lecturing—as a leader does. His ability to jump through time and space might make him the strongest of his siblings.

Elliot Page as Klaus in The Umbrella Academy

Elliot Page as Klaus in The Umbrella Academy

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