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The Top 20 "Charmed" Episodes Breakdown

I've been watching "Charmed" since its inception and have observed its influence on pop culture.

"Charmed" originally aired from October 7, 1998 until May 21, 2006.

"Charmed" originally aired from October 7, 1998 until May 21, 2006.

Charmed made quite an impression on me. As a younger child, some of the elements of the show seemed a bit creepy and weird, but I was mature and soaked in the show's complex storylines and off the wall jokes. Today, Charmed is still in syndication on TNT and streaming on Netflix. Thanks to fans around the world, the show's post-run airings have remained on the air more than ten years after the show's finale.

I wanted to do this for the fans of Charmed by compiling my own personal list of Top 20 Episodes of Charmed. These are all based upon my opinion and you have the right to refute any of my opinions.

Because there are so many episodes of Charmed to choose from, I have excluded every finale and premiere to make room for the episodes in between. I know you're upset, but maybe I'll make a separate article for those? We'll see. Alright, so take a look at the list and tell me your opinions in the comments and the polls below. Thanks for reading!

The Charmed Ones

The Charmed Ones

20. "Sense and Sense Ability"

Written By: Brian Krause, Krista Vernoff, Daniel Cerone, and Ed Bokinskie

Released: April 27, 2004

Sense and Sense Ability is an episode that no one will forget. By the name of this episode, you probably can assume it has something to do with senses. Remember this episode? It seemed a bit comical at first, but it got serious when The Crone used a Monkey Totem to rid Piper of her sight, Paige of her voice, and Phoebe of her ability to hear. With great difficulty, the three of them had no choice but to adjust in hopes of defeating The Crone who has used this as a distraction to steal baby Wyatt from the sisters. In this episode The Crone is near to completing her mission, but Leo intervenes and slows her down. On her second attempt, the sisters are ready for her and able to use their connection to pull Wyatt away from the old witch who has tricked him. Before her death, she foresaw the powerful magical being that Wyatt would become. That's "Sense and Sense Ability" in a nutshell. What makes the ending awesome is that Wyatt orbs Piper to his father. Sensing and Orbing for the first time!

19. "Kill Billie Vol. 2"

Written By: Brad Kern

Released: May 14, 2006

"Kill Billie Vol. 2" is a great episode and deserves a spot on this list. It's the penultimate episode of the series."Kill Billie Vol. 2" takes place quite a while from "Kill Billie Vol.1" which is a part of the story arch involving Billie's search for her sister Christi. This episode encompasses events that involve Christi and Billie attempting to become all powerful to eradicate The Charmed Ones. They use the magic of the hollow to absorb Wyatt's powers and use their new magic to vanquish The Charmed Ones. However, the The Charmed Ones have also summoned the Hollow's magic. In the heated battle, however, Phoebe, Paige, and Christi are killed leaving Piper with Leo (who was returned by the Angel of Destiny) and Billie who regrets the decisions she has made. This episode has one of the best battles ever to grace Charmed.

18. "The Seven Year Witch"

Written By: Jeannine Renshaw

Released: April 10, 2005

This episode carries the significance of love and family. "The Seven Year Witch" is an amazingly complex episode. It takes place after the whole avatar mess. The Elders have turned Leo mortal in order to give him a chance to become human or remain an elder indefinitely. He will forget about Piper and the family and continue contributing to the life of an elder. Meanwhile, Piper is in a coma, hovering between life and death. It is "Ghostly Plane" Cole, actually, who is trying to keep her from giving up on love. While Paige and Phoebe search, they eventually find Leo just as the elders have manipulated him into joining the elders once again. There is no hope, but Leo falls from grace, feeling the love in his heart for Piper. It is Wyatt that heals her body, and Leo that heals her soul. It is essentially more powerful than anything. It is in this episode that Leo is made permanently human in order to live his life with Piper. It's a very emotional episode. When you watch it, you will fall in love with Piper and Leo's relationship all over again.

17. "Vaya Con Leos"

Written By: Cameron Litvack

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Released: November 27, 2005

"Vaya Con Leos" is the first time when we learn that a great battle is to occur. Since season eight has only just begun, we are seeing a great deal of foreshadowing coming about. In this episode, Piper is warned by the Angel of Death that Leo is to be taken. Frightened, Piper asks Elders and Avatars to help answer her questions, though she is then told that there is a higher power. In this instance, she calls upon the Angel of Destiny to help give light to the events that are to occur. She discovers that a major battle will occur and that Leo must not be around for it. Leo is nearly killed in a car accident, but saved by discovering a technique that can keep Leo frozen for the time being. The Angel of Destiny whisks away with Leo. The Charmed Ones and the family are devastated. This episode is probably one of the most emotional episodes in the show. Saying goodbye to Leo was extraordinarily difficult for the fans. And then we're forced to wait... when will Leo return?

16. "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father"

Written By: Brad Kern

Released: February 22, 2004

"The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" is just plain awesome. Anyone remember this episode? It was by far one of the most exciting episodes for me. While attempting to vanquish a darklighter, Piper and Leo are trapped in the ghostly plane. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Paige stress out over Chris's conception date. If Piper and Leo don't "do it", he will never have existed. It was Gideon's doing in fact. He is attempting desperately to rid himself of Leo in hopes to prevent him from trying to save Wyatt. Thanks to Phoebe's empathy powers, Piper and Leo are saved by the sisters. Chris is conceived on this night and Piper learns soon thereafter that she and Leo are Chris's parents. Also, Leo returns to the elders for his safety after hearing Gideon's prudent advice. We grit our teeth in hopes that Gideon will be discovered soon. We also wonder how Piper will treat Chris after almost sending him back to his time.

15. "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors"

Written By: Henry Alonso Meyers

Released: Aprile 24, 2004

This seems to be the first episode that shows the consequences of using magic for personal gain. Since the beginning, we are taught this. "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors" occurs around the time that Phoebe sees a vision of her child in the future. She is worried that she may not find the right one and so she continues to use her premonition power to discover the right one. By doing this, she receives a premonition to save a person. She is then caught by agent Sheridan who video-taped the entire incident of her and Darryl fighting a phantasm. The Cleaners intervene by implicating Darryl as the murderer of the phantasm's minion. The Charmed Ones summon the Cleaners in response and ask them to change it. Though, they say, things have been decided by a Tribunal of Elders and Demons who protect magic. Barbas argues about their ability to hide magic in an attempts to escape the Wasteland. In the end, Phoebe is faulted for using her powers for personal gain and seeing visions she wasn't supposed to see. Barbas is freed and Phoebe is stripped of her active powers.

14. "Spin City"

Written By: Andy Reaser and Doug E Jones

Released: April 18, 2004

This episode is very emotional at the heart of all things. "Spin City" takes place before "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors" and the after "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father". In this episode, Chris is bitten by the Spider Demon and she plans to use him to lure The Charmed Ones and feast on their magic. Despite Piper's wishes, Phoebe and Paige call for Leo's help. After being with the elders for some time, he is calm and collected, but when he learns that Piper is in a cocoon of web and that Chris is changing, he begins to offer pertinent advice. With help from the magical community, Paige and Phoebe are able to get into the cave in order to save Piper from the Spider Demon. Once the Spider Demon is vanquished and Piper is safe, Chris must be subdued in order to take an antidote the Spider Demon's poison. Leo takes this challenge and must fight off Chris who beats into him, angry at his father. "You don't know me," he kept saying. We see Chris's pain. When he is healed thanks to Piper, he still attacks Leo. Piper must then pry Chris off of him. Leo has no idea why, but at the end, Phoebe reveals to Leo that he is his son. This is the episode that Leo tries to reach out for his son while Piper prepares for the end of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Gideon worries about what knowledge Chris may possess.

13. "There's Something About Leo"

Written By: Natalie Antoci and Scott Lipsey

Released: November 21, 2004

The Avatar storyline is a bit weird, but it seemed to really come together around this episode. Season seven was really strange for the fans. It wasn't bad, just different, really. It's the first season that has discernible story arcs. I love the show, but this episode is one of the best from season seven as Leo fights desperately to express himself. He hopes to tell his wife and family that he has chosen to become an Avatar. The Avatars don't agree with his decision, but he tells them anyway. With this, things spiral out of control and Leo faces death. Though, with a great deal of power, Leo is saved by the Avatars by reversing time. It weakens the collective powers and convinces Leo that it's not the right time. It's pretty action-packed and dramatic. It was a triumphant episode within season seven. I think what makes this episode so great was Agent Brody's attempt to kill Leo and Piper's inability to understand it all. It definitely caused a great deal of conflict between the characters. It was an amazing thing to watch.

12. "Someone To Witch Over Me"

Written By: Rob Wright

Released: October 31, 2004

"Someone To Witch Over Me" is tantamount to Leo's love of his family. He's been lost for time since Gideon tried to kill his son. He is asked to go on a Vision Quest to sort out his thoughts. The leader of this vision quest is Chris himself. It's the first time we see Chris after his death in season six. Piper hopes it keeps Leo from obsessing over Barbas who had helped Gideon in the past. Agent Brody introduces the demons in this episode. They are celerity demons who can move at super speed. Guardians Angels are being stolen by one of them and so Paige helps Brody with the case. Meanwhile, Leo's quest is intervened by the Avatars. At their last attempt to gain his favor, they talk to him about the endless battle of Good Vs. Evil as well as what may become of the world at the end of it. With their great powers of persuasion, Leo considers joining them. Leo wakes from his quest to find that Piper and Phoebe have been killed by the celerity demon. It is when he decides to join the Avatars that he is able to save them. Hello, Avatar Leo.

11. "Sympathy For The Demon"

Written By: Henry Alonso Meyers

Released: November 3, 2002

It's a great Barbas episode. It's one where Barbas really puts the fear into the Charmed Ones. "Sympathy For The Demon" is one of the cross-double cross episodes. In an attempt to make a foothold in the Underworld, Barbas learns to project his powers of Fear up onto the surface. He uses his powers to make Cole afraid of himself. With the dangers of Cole's many powers, the sisters hear his plea to strip his powers. Though, what they don't know, is Barbas is waiting to receive those powers and in turn, wreaks havoc on the Charmed Ones. He also attempts to become the new source. After facing their fears, The Charmes Ones are able strip Barbas's powers and give Cole his power's back. He's the only one who can control them. Cole vanquishes Barbas. Though, we all know, Fear can't be vanquished. A very memorable episode.

10. "Blinded By The Whitelighter"

Written By: Nell Scovell

Released: January 25, 2001

This episode has a lot of action in it. It's funny, it's got a great plot twist and it really shows a bit more about the whitelighter culture. "Blinded By The Whitelighter" is probably one of my favorite episodes. In this episode, a warlock named Ames is attempting to steal a great deal of powers. With the help of another whitelighter, named Natalie, the sisters must strategically vanquish this warlock before he can eradicate the whitelighter race. Natalie believes that Leo cares too much about the sisters and inevitably relieves him of his duties. Also, Natalie is supposed to judge whether Leo and Piper can be married and not allow that to affect their work relationship. She is killed in action after a plan goes awry. Ames gathers Natalie's powers and head upwards to where the whitelighters live. The sisters are waiting, having discovered his plan all along. They vanquish him up there and save the whitelighters. After Ames is defeated with the help of Leo, the Elders proclaim that Leo and Piper have permission to marry. This was a joyous thing to see and we were all thinking "It's about time".

9. "Is There A Woogy In The House?"

Written By: Zack Estrin and Chris Levinson

Released: February 24, 1999

"I am light. I am one too strong to fight. Return from dark where shadows dwell. You cannot have this Halliwell. Go away and leave my sight. And take with you, this endless night." Who doesn't remember this spell? "Is There A Woogy In The House" is one of my favorite episodes. I remember the first time I saw it and remember thinking, "that was just cool." It's the first episode where Phoebe is really the focus. Facing her fears and her vulnerabilities was a huge part of this episode. The Woogyman uses that vulnerability to turn her evil and against her sisters. The Woogyman was released after an earthquake and the girls didn't know what was happening until Phoebe was possessed by it. They were thrown out of the house, but soon came back when they discovered the nexus or "The Shadow" that the house stands over. They eventually head back home and convince Phoebe to remember the story that grams told them. It is when Phoebe sees a premonition of the past (for the first time) of Grams defeating the shadow. With the spell, she vanquishes it and saves her sister. It's a shining moment for Phoebe.

8. "Styx Feet Under"

Written By: Henry Alonso Meyers

Released: October 10, 2004

"Styx Feet Under" is one of those crazy episodes where a lot of stuff is happening at the same time. Chris seeks out threats to baby Wyatt and the sisters protect a human who is next on the kill list for a human making his way up to become a demon. Paige casts a protection spell that prevents the man from dying, but stops all death in the process. The Angel of Death shows up and recruits Piper to help collect the souls he was unable to collect while the spell was active. Paige is forced to annul her magic, of course. It's probably one of the most interesting episodes of Charmed. Phoebe also earns back her power of premonition in this episode. Also one thing to note was Adam Brody and his discovery. Piper was forced to hear him out. This is how Agent Brody learned about the Charmed Ones. A great thing to see in this season!

7. "Long Live The Queen"

Written By: Krista Vernoff

Released: May 2, 2002

Season four of Charmed was so dark. It was depressing and really hard for me to watch sometimes. With the whole Phoebe-Cole dynamic, it seemed that things were going downhill. Though, as we learn, Phoebe is always willing to make sacrifices for her sister. In this episode, Phoebe has now begun living her life as the queen of the Underworld. Though when she has a premonition, she asks her sisters to save an innocence. This causes a great deal of friction between she and Cole. Ultimately, she discovers she can't have it both ways. She has to make a choice. In the end, she choices her sisters and vanquishes the Source of All Evil, her husband, her lover, Cole Turner. It's one of the most depressing episodes to watch, but also very powerful. Now the question is, how will Phoebe raise her demon baby? What will the Seer do to her?

6. "Brain Drain"

Written By: Curtis Kheel

Released: November 8, 2001

Another season four episode shows just how desperate the original Source was to vanquish the Charmed Ones. This is before he harnessed the power of the Hollow and before he plotted other things. The Source, with the help of the Oracle, forces Piper into a deep coma, contorting her perceptions. Within this reality, the girls are not sisters and they live in a mental hospital that is the mansion. Things get freaky and Piper is then convinced that she is actually crazy and that being a witch has been some sort of alternate reality. This episode features an old spell of relinquishing the powers of the Charmed Ones. The source is wounded ultimately by Cole and Leo who go down into the Underworld to save Piper while Phoebe and Paige enter her mind and stop her before the spell can be completed. It's also a funny episode where Cole is screaming about how he's a demon (while receiving electroshock therapy, Phoebe fakes premonitions, and Paige is really cookoo. Remember: From whence they came, return them now. Vanish the words, vanish our powers.

5. "Morality Bites"

Written By: Chris Levinson and Zack Estrin

Released: October 7, 1999

No one has forgotten this episode! It's one of the most unique episodes of the series's run. "Morality Bites" involves Phoebe's premonition of the future where she is burning at the stake. The girls are convinced to head into the future in order to determine how to stop it (It's ultimately Leo who turned the pages of the book to the spell). What they don't know, is that they're going into their future selves. Piper is living at the house with one daughter, divorced, and able to freeze nearly everything around her. Prue is single and works at Buckland's. Her power is dangerous, now. Phoebe is in prison after the murder of a baseball player. She uses her crazy powers to kill the man. Apparently in the future, Phoebe's friend was killed by the baseball player and she wanted revenge. It's a dramatic scene when Phoebe uses her powers to kill a human. This episode was about learning lessons... To gain the understanding that they are protectors of the innocent and not meant to punish the guilty. In the end, the sisters learn this lesson and must change their ways.

4. "Love Hurts"

Written By: Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin, and Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Released: May 19, 1999

This is one of the most hurtful episodes of all. A darklighter is after one of Leo's charges and he asks the sisters to help him out. This is when Piper finally discovers that Leo is, in fact, a whitelighter. She's angry inside and doesn't know what to do, but she eventually accepts it all. When Leo is injured in battle, Piper and the others switch powers so that Piper can save him. As a viewer, it was gut wrenching. At nearly his last breath, Leo is saved by Piper who learns the trigger of Leo's magic. It is then that Piper discovers that she loves Leo. Unfortunately, they can never be together. The ending is bittersweet and we hope that Leo and Piper will one day meet again. One of the most memorable episodes.

3. "A Witch In Time"

Written By: Daniel Cerone

Released: November 10, 2002

This episode is pretty awesome and it's one of my favorites. When Phoebe saves the life of her boyfriend, it seems all fine and dandy. Though after the third or fourth time, Piper suggests that the Angel of Death is after Phoebe's boyfriend. He was, in fact, meant to die in a police shootout. It is only by chance that Phoebe and Piper were able to save him. Cole receives a visit from a demon in the future who was sent by him in the future. He says that Cole was the source and Phoebe died saving her boyfriend one too many times. The demon then sets to kill the boyfriend in attempts to save Phoebe from herself. Also, with future knowledge, meets himself and the two of them set to become the new rulers of the Underworld. With their new powers, they steal the Book of Shadows, strip the witches of their powers and kill all of The Charmed Ones save for Piper who is rescued by Leo. They discover the portal that the demon had come in from and Piper goes back in time. She now has to stop herself from saving the young man and present day Phoebe must say goodbye to her boyfriend. It's sad in the end, but it was supposed to happen.

2. "Centennial Charmed"

Written By: Brad Kern

Released: January 19, 2003

The One Hundredth episode of Charmed is awesome. I say this because it is. With Cole almost at the point of giving up, he is convinced by the Avatars to join them. He accepts their offer only if they can help him get Phoebe back. The Avatars reverse time in order for Cole to kill Paige before she is discovered and to live his life as Balthazor with Phoebe. Unfortunately when arrives in that past, things aren't as wonderful as he would have thought. Also, little does his know, that Paige sneezed and orbed just as the realities changed. When she returned she discovered that Piper wasn't pregnant, or married, and still trying to hunt down Shax. In the true reality, the new Power of Three vanquished him. With Piper's help, Paige is able to find Cole and Phoebe and convince Phoebe to vanquish Cole once and for all. The alternate Phoebe realizes that she must do it in order to save her sisters and her family. When she vanquishes Balthazor/Cole, the reality reverses and Paige heads home. There she discovers that all has returned to normal. Cole, unfortunately is gone forever, vanquished on his birthday.

1. "Chris-Crossed"

Written By: Cameron Litvack

Released: November 23, 2003

This episode reaches number one because of writing and because it was the highest rated non-finale or premiere episode EVER. This episode features Chris as he faces his lover from the future, a Phoenix. She is a demon who can reconstitute herself. Bianca, his girl, attempts to snatch him from the future after poisoning him upon meeting each other. This is the first time that we learn anything about Chris or the future he had come from. In fact, in the future, the manor had become a museum of the Charmed One's years as witches prior to their own deaths long ago. We learn that a dark force has gained control of it all. In fact, it seems to be that Wyatt himself is in charge of it all. He has control over the demons. We also come to discover that Chris is half whitelighter and half witch. All of this was crazy to watch and it definitely showed us a different side of Charmed. We never thought that Chris was that important. Oh... yeah... he is also back predominantly back to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. This episode was brilliantly done and I believe it deserves the number one spot on my list.

Total Number of Viewers By Episode

Episode TitleEpisode NumberViewers (in Millions)




Cenennial Charmed



A Witch in Time



Love Hurts



Morality Bites



Brain Drain



Long Live The Queen



Styx Feet Under



Is There A Woogy in The House?



Blinded By The Whitelighter



Sympathy For The Demon



Someone To Witch Over Me



There's Something About Leo



Spin City



Crimes and Witch-Demeanors



The Courtship of Wyatt's Father



Vaya Con Leos



The Seven Year Witch



Kill Billie Vol. 2



Sense and Sensibility



Paige, Phoebe, and Piper

Paige, Phoebe, and Piper

Charmed's Impact On Pop Culture

Charmed was the first show of its kind. There had been no other shows on network television portraying practitioners of magic in the way that Charmed has done. It was the first to ever use witchcraft as a focal point of developing the relationship of its characters. Within its eight year run, Charmed helped pave the way for other such shows featuring witches to come forth. The latest of those efforts was The CW's The Secret Circle which focused on a teenage coven of witches. It used magic as the focal point of the show much like Charmed had long ago. The characters were shaped by their power and constantly seeking a normal life.

This is a common theme within Charmed as the three sisters attempt to find normalcy within their supernatural prowess. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige all made sacrifices throughout the show's run to maintain their secret and to protect the innocents under their charge. Charmed has been referenced in many shows and has been reincarnated in other media such as Graphic Novels, Books, and even video games. Charmed has a devoted fanbase and to this day, they continue to support what a great show it was.

Thank you so much for reading today. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share my favorite episodes of Charmed with you. Even after all these years, I still watch Charmed on DVD and reminisce those days when every episode was fresh and I was freaking out, wondering how each episode would end. Charmed had an eight year run on The WB before saying goodbye to its fans with the final episode, "Forever Charmed". Since then, we haven't seen a show that can fill the void that Charmed left behind. Though we must accept that no other show can compare to the action, sexuality, comedy, and magical mischief that came out of that show.

So we fans are simply... Forever Charmed

© 2013 AE Williams


Tracey. on February 06, 2018:

my favourite episode of charmed of all time is: sight unseen. the episode about the invisible demon called troxa, & he gets vanquished by the triad for revealing that information. & something happens to prue by abbey the p3 bartender, who is no longer the p3 bartender, & that rachel has now taken over her job as the new bartender at piper's club p3! love that episode on a tuesday night, & also watching charmed the sixth season on a wednesday night. I love watching charmed on DVD! from tracey!

lamar82 from El Paso Texas on June 13, 2015:

Season three finale All hell breaks loose and

series finale Forever Charmed

AE Williams (author) from Atlanta, GA on August 28, 2013:

Thanks Edy. Appreciate it. :)

Eiddwen from Wales on August 28, 2013:

So very interesting and thank you for sharing.

Voted up.


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