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Top 12 Most Satisfying TV Kisses

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This is a list of some of the greatest and most satisfying kisses to grace our TV screens.

This is a list of some of the greatest and most satisfying kisses to grace our TV screens.

Most Satisfying Kisses on TV

The infamous "will they/won't they" dynamic is a common theme in many television shows, and is a sure-fire way to drive viewers crazy with anticipation. Sometimes it can take multiple seasons for our favorite couples to get together, but when they do, it's almost always worth the wait. This is a list of some of the greatest and most satisfying kisses to grace our TV screens. Take a look at the thumbnails and see these epic moments come to life.

Lorelai & Luke (Gilmore Girls)

From the very beginning, fans could see the chemistry between Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls. Their constant bantering and salty and sweet dynamic made viewers everywhere hope and pray for a romantic relationship. We got what we were asking for at the end of Season 4 when Luke finally made the big move and kissed Lorelai in front of her newly completed inn. While the perfect moment was interrupted by a naked Kirk, audiences everywhere couldn't get enough of the passionate smooch between the two. It was one of the most highly anticipated kisses in TV history and did not disappoint. Though their relationship had its ups and downs (I'm looking at you, April), Luke and Lorelai remain an iconic couple.

Damon & Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

From the moment The Vampire Diaries premiered, viewers knew that a love triangle was brewing between Elena and the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon. While the first three seasons were all about the sweet and steady relationship between Elena and Stefan, fans everywhere were rooting for an epic Elena and Damon kiss. They were not disappointed; the explosive and steamy kiss between the two happened outside a motel and left viewers fanning themselves. Though it wasn't the first official on-screen kiss between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder (who dated in real life), it was by far the most satisfying and set up their iconic love story.

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

Before the infamous "we were on a break!" debate, Ross and Rachel were the TV couple audiences everywhere were rooting for. The romantic yearning built up throughout the first season, with Ross pining for an often clueless Rachel. During the early episodes of Season 2, fans rejoiced when the duo finally had their epic, official first kiss outside the iconic Central Perk. Though Ross and Rachel faced many romantic hurdles throughout the course of the series (They're each other's lobster! She got off the plane!), their big kiss has gone down in television history and the couple ultimately got their happy ending.

Joey & Pacey (Dawson's Creek)

Another iconic love triangle comes from the angsty teen drama Dawson's Creek, and featured Joey as she is torn between Dawson and his best friend, Pacey. Pacey is arguably one of the greatest TV boyfriends of all time, and the chemistry between Joey and Pacey was amazing. After picking Joey up from a disastrous weekend with a potential beau, Pacey struggled with his feelings for the brunette beauty and finally gave in to his heart. Their kiss on the side of the road was swift and heated, and began an iconic TV love triangle. Not only did Pacey buy Joey a wall, he named his boat True Love after her. At the end of the third season, Joey accepted her feelings and sailed off into the sunset with Pacey.

Buffy & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

In an episode that gave fans exactly what they were wanting, Season 6's "Once More With Feeling" brought Buffy and reformed bad-boy Spike together. The down-on-his-luck vampire finally got to kiss the slayer in a passionate and climactic moment at the end of the musical episode. While the romantic pairing was often toxic, this epic kiss was a culmination of deep longing from Spike, and sent viewers into a frenzy. James Marsters did an excellent job portraying the yearning Spike felt towards Buffy, and their first official kiss was definitely one to be remembered.

Ben & Leslie (Parks and Recreation)

The sweet and gentle chemistry between Amy Poehler and Adam Scott made us root for their characters that much more on Parks and Recreation. Many hurdles were thrown at Ben and Leslie's relationship, including the pair having to choose between jobs they love and their love for one another. When Ben finally kissed Leslie, it started one of the greatest and purest romances to grace our televisions. Together, the duo would have a magical office wedding, multiple career opportunities that only strengthened their love, and surprise triplets. Ben and Leslie remain one of the greatest on-screen relationships.

Castle & Beckett (Castle)

One of the biggest will they/won't they couples on this list, Castle and Beckett's continuous banter and obvious sexual tension finally came to a head when the two shared a passionate kiss. Over the course of 4 seasons, the writer and detective, affectionately nicknamed "Caskett," teased fans with a possible romance, and the show delivered during the fourth season finale. After a heavy rainstorm, Beckett showed up at Castle's doorstep asking for forgiveness, and a steamy, emotional kiss ensued. Audiences everywhere couldn't get enough, and the two eventually married on the show, cementing "Caskett" as a fan-favorite couple.

Sookie & Eric (True Blood)

The sizzling pent-up sexual energy between True Blood's Sookie and Eric drove fans wild, and had audiences begging for a romance between the two. As the show progressed, the Viking vampire began to display a deep affection and desire for the blonde telepath. Eric is extremely protective of Sookie and was often willing to put her safety before his own. Their unspoken feelings came to a head in Season 3, when the pair shared a passionate and sizzling first kiss that left viewers in a sweat. Their obvious chemistry carried over into the fourth season, when Eric lost his memory and had Sookie develop a relationship with the vampire sheriff.

Jake & Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

From the very first episode, fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine knew that Jake and Amy were destined to have a romantic relationship. Their constant teasing and gags ("Title of Amy's Sex Tape") and hilarious dynamic made viewers fall in love with the playful duo. What started out as a competitive relationship blossomed into romantic interest that boiled over at the end of the second season. Jake and Amy shared an impressive three kisses in the finale episode, giving fans what they'd been begging for. The pair's development and sweet relationship were natural and created the adorable couple we all know and love.

Rory & Jess (Gilmore Girls)

After nearly an agonizing season of secret stares and thinly-veiled flirting, Gilmore Girls' Rory and Jess finally put fans out of their misery in the season two finale. When Jess showed up at Sookie's wedding, having returned from New York to quaint Stars Hollow, Rory finally admitted her feelings and planted a butterfly worthy kiss on the resident bad-boy. Jess and audiences everywhere were shocked by the Gilmore Girl's forwardness, and fans were pleased by the chemistry between the two (Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia even dated during this time). Though Rory was still with Dean at the time, the fast and sweet smooch set up her relationship with Jess in the next season.

Ian & Mickey (Shameless)

The love between Ian and Mickey on Shameless started out violent and toxic, but turned into something deep and meaningful. The two had a secret relationship, mainly due to Mickey's anxiety and hesitance to come out to his family and friends. Their love grew throughout the series, and the two shared a deeply-moving, very public kiss in Season 4. It was a beautiful episode because Mickey was able to embrace his sexuality and openly be with Ian. Throughout the show, Mickey demonstrated his love for Gallagher in many ways, including helping him cope with his bipolar disorder. Fans everywhere continue to hope for a reunion between the two.

Chuck & Blair (Gossip Girl)

Resident bad boy Chuck and Queen B Blair couldn't stand each other throughout the start of Gossip Girl, but a Season one episode brought the pair together. After breaking up with Nate barely an hour prior (who happened to be Chuck's best friend), Blair and Chuck share a steamy first kiss in the back of a limo as it zips through the streets of Manhattan. Their chemistry was electric and they would eventually go on to have a deep and complex relationship on the show. The two became fan favorites and viewers were happy to see the couple find a happy ending.

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