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Top 7 Spellbinding Shows like Dynasty

Rahul is a TV addict who can't get enough of twisted, gasp-inducing shows like "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Black Mirror."


What TV Series Are Like Dynasty?

A reboot of the 1980 series of the same name, Dynasty revolves around two prominent American families of the '80s: the Carringtons and the Colbys. The rivalry between the two is portrayed in painstaking detail, with a little exaggeration to spice things up.

Things aren’t going great within the Carrington family, so they have to find a way to resolve their personal issues, while still managing their company. After Fallon Carrington discovers that her father intends on marrying an employee named Krystle, she grows suspicious of her intentions. With the help of her brother, Steven, she wants to make sure that their new “stepmother” doesn’t disturb the already strained family.

Dynasty exhibits the lives of wealthy people and the sacrifices necessary to maintain that lifestyle. Money may buy comforts necessary to make life easier, but it’s also a burden. There's an old saying, “You can buy a bed, but you can’t buy sleep.” The more you watch these people fight over power and money, the more that saying makes sense.

The only thing wrong with Dynasty is that there isn't enough of it. While we wait for another season to air, here are seven shows like Dynasty to keep you occupied.


1. The Royals

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of being a ruler of our own country at least once? The Royals shows you the ugly side of this alluring lifestyle. King Simon and Queen Helena present themselves as true nobles during public appearances. They’ve managed to maintain this persona for a long time, but their grown children present a threat to this fake image. The media is constantly updating the world with Princess Eleanor’s scandals, while Prince Liam is busy being a ladies' man. This is not good news for the family, especially considering the ever-increasing talks of abolishing monarchy altogether.

In this age of information, nothing can be kept hidden for long. The truth will eventually come out. There’s no doubt the aristocrats have been abusing their power for a long time, but with cameras constantly following them these days, it’s harder to keep it under wraps. Can the crown save these powerful people once again, or will democracy finally be their downfall? Watch The Royals as it answers this question in four wonderful seasons.


2. Devious Maids

If there’s someone who knows you more than your closest friends and family, it’s the people who clean up after you. People allow maids to enter their homes and and that gives them access to everything. Devious Maids follows a group of ladies working for rich families who collect personal information about their employers.

However, after the mysterious death of a fellow maid, everyone is under suspicion. Was it a jealous friend or the master who thought she knew too much? In this age, information is power, and these maids really know how to use it as leverage against someone. We often forget that people who help us out with the housework in exchange for money probably have dreams of their own. When these maids see no other way of achieving their goals, they start collecting secrets for a sense of authority.


3. Empire

Empire is one of the most content-rich shows available right now. After being diagnosed with a serious illness, hip-hop artist and music producer, Lucious Lyon, is forced to choose a successor. He has three talented sons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s not going to be an easy choice. He has to make sure the family doesn’t tear apart as a result of his decision.

Lucious has ruled over the music industry for a long time, but this might be the thing that cements his legacy. Maybe he’ll make the right decision or perhaps the pressure will make him do something rash. You’ll just have to watch this Fox production to find out.

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4. Gossip Girl

Created and produced by Josh Schwartz, one of the writers for Dynasty, Gossip Girl follows a mysterious individual who constantly updates fellow prep school students on the latest scandals. Even the viewers are kept in the dark regarding the identity of this “gossip girl”, so we’re just as oblivious as the characters. The narrator (gossip girl) is voiced by lovable actress, Kristen Bell, who does a great job at building suspense.

Nobody takes these texts too seriously, but things take a sinister turn when the scandalous texts keep coming after graduation. Gossip soon becomes a headache for students wanting to start a new life. This leads them to speculate on the puzzling figure who poses a threat to all of them. Is it a group trying to bully people or someone in the circle of friends? Even if you haven'tdone anything wrong, having to watch your back at all times can be bothersome.

If you love shows with twists, backstabbings, and mysteries, Gossip Girl will entertain you. Even when the plot takes a tumble in its last few seasons, it still stays strong enough to be worth your time.


5. Life Sentence

“Live life like there’s no tomorrow” is a philosophy many people believe in, but Stella Abbott (Lucy Hale) has been living like this for the past eight years. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, she decides to cross as many names off her bucket list as she can, before the disease can take over. However, the doctor has some good news/bad news for her. Her cancer has miraculously been cured.

At first, it looks as though God has taken a liking to her, but maybe he’s just playing a silly joke. Stella has never had to worry about the future before, but now that her vitals have improved, things are going to be different. Most of her life has been a lie as people were nice to her just to avoid hurting her feelings. To make things worse, she has no practical skills to survive in the modern capitalistic landscape.

This comedy series poses an interesting question: would you want to know the exact time of your death? The answer might scare some and make them paranoid. Or, maybe it would give you enough determination to make each moment count. Unfortunately, Life Sentence was canceled after just one season. Too bad. This series deserved better.


6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Another CW show on the list, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend revolves around a woman who changes her perspective on life after running into an ex-boyfriend. Rebecca Bunch has a successful career, but she feels like something’s missing, which becomes apparent after this accidental encounter. Her journey to find true love begins as she believes that’s where true happiness lies.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comprises four seasons, each taking you through a passionate journey on the quest for love. The show has a lot of hilarious moments, thanks to its awkward style of humor, with a little bit of dark comedy thrown into the mix.

Thanks to technological advancements, we’re more connected to each other than ever before, but we’re also lonelier. Can you blame Rebecca for stalking her ex? Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to see our protagonist fumbling and dancing her way to true love.


7. Insatiable

High school is a nightmare for many people as is, but bullies can make it worse. This divisive American show follows a victim of constant bullying who seeks to exact revenge on her wrongdoers. Everyone made fun of Patty when she was overweight, but the tides have turned after her miraculous transformation.

The people who used to mock her are suddenly jealous of her newfound popularity, something Patty plans to use to her advantage. Vengeance might not be a viable solution in the long run, but sometimes it’s the only way to feel better. Watch as Patty demolishes her bullies in her own style.

Insatiable lasted two seasons (2018-19), so grab some snacks and start binge-watching with your friends.

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