Top 5 Saddest “Coronation Street” Deaths

Updated on January 4, 2019
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Coronation Street is one of the most watched soap operas in the UK. It originally aired in 1960 and it was so popular that it continued to be aired and is still widely enjoyed today.

Coronation Street tackles many real-life issues and drama such as drug addiction, love affairs, abortion, domestic abuse, and terminal and debilitating illnesses. This incredibly popular show has touched the hearts of many with characters many can relate to, on-the-cobbles gossip, and storylines that finds people waiting for the next episode in anticipation.


As well as social issues appearing frequently in the show, there are also many deaths, ranging from natural causes to heart attacks to suicides to cold-blooded murder. Due to the fact that many characters appear in Coronation Street for years or even decades, we tend to get very attached to some of them and feel genuine grief when they pass away. Here are the top 5 saddest "Corrie" deaths since the year 2000.

5. Kal Nazir (25th May 2015)

Kal was a former soldier friend of Gary Windass and a fitness trainer. He first came to the show in December 2013 and made friends with Dev, where they later planned to open a fitness centre together.

Kal had an affair with Leanne Tilsley while her husband, Nick, was going through rehabilitation after a car accident. After her relationship with Nick dissolved, she got together will Kal and their relationship held despite Nick revealing Leanne's murky past.

Kal died in May 2015 after a fire broke out in the Victoria flats, accidentally started by Tracey Barlow. The fire brigade got Tracey's daughter, Amy, and Leanne to safety, but a gas canister exploded and killed Kal before he could escape.

This scene had a touching moment where Leanne, knowing Kal was planning to propose, smiled up at him from the ladder and said "Yes, I'll marry you," adding to the heartbreak of him dying in such a tragic way.

4. Ruairi McDonald (11th January 2017)

Michelle and Steve McDonald are one of my favourite couples on Coronation Street. They are both really nice and funny people and make a lovely couple, although Steve made a horrible mistake six months previously by getting Leanne pregnant on a drunken night. That's why it was so heartbreaking when their little boy, Ruairi, passed away after being born prematurely.

Michelle was first told by a nurse that her son might not make it since it was "the hospital's policy not to intervene if he isn't breathing". Michelle then feared for his life when she went into labour and their fears were confirmed when he was stillborn.

Some great acting went into this scene and I could feel the desperation and pain of both parents. Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, actually lost her baby in real life and was reluctant to play the part, but did it to raise awareness to the issue that babies who are lost prematurely do not get a birth or death certificate.

3. Jack Duckworth (7th November 2010)

Jack and Vera were one of Coronation Street's most beloved couples. Jack loved his dear wife with all his soul and was heartbroken when she died of a heart attack in 2008.

Jack himself was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and on his 74th birthday, he left his friends at the Rovers Return Inn and went home, where he died dreaming of his wife.

One thing that chokes me up every time about this scene is the conversation and dance with Vera's ghost. It was a truly beautiful scene that proves that true love never dies.

2. Kylie Platt (15th July 2016)

Kylie was a pain of a character for a long time. She was a money grabber and barely took care of her son, Max. When she got together with David Platt, everyone on Coronation Street rolled their eyes. However, the couple were perfect for each other and took great care of Max and their later daughter, Lily.

Kylie attempted to help her friend after she was assaulted by Clayton, where he stabbed her in the heart.

This death rocked Coronation Street and its viewers. Kylie and David were one of the street's favourite couples and she sadly died trying to help somebody else. The way she fades away in her husband's arms and with some great acting from Paula Lane and Jack P. Shepherd, this is definitely one of the saddest deaths that has occurred on the show.

1. Hayley Cropper (20th January 2014)

Hayley was an interesting character. She and her husband, Roy, were also one of the street's cutest couples. Roy was on his own for a long time and fell head over heels in love with Hayley, and stayed with her despite her confession that she was transsexual.

When she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, she started having confusing nightmares about being a man again and decided to die "on her own terms", namely, by committing suicide. Despite Roy's protests, she went through with her suicide, leaving Roy on his own again.

With the music, heartbreaking lines like "Please don't be afraid" and "I wouldn't swap the few years of what we had for a thousand years with anyone else," it was a sad and kind of scary scene. Definitely the saddest that the cobbles have seen so far.

At least one or two people die on Coronation Street every year, so really nobody is safe! Which of these deaths do you think was the saddest? Are there any that you thought of that weren't on this list?


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