Top 5 Non-Binary Characters on TV

Updated on December 30, 2019
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LGBT characters on television are still controversial, and we're still in further desperate need for visibility. Trans and non-binary characters are depicted even less often, and often in ways that many feel don't represent the community well. The following list is of canonically non-binary characters that are treated respectfully, and that many relate to.

Please note that this list is in no particular order, and is the opinion of myself only. I do not speak for the whole community.


Syd (One Day at a Time)

Syd is a character introduced in the second season as main character Elena's love interest. While they are used as a discussion point for issues surrounding the LGBT community, they're always treated as human and have a strong personality outside of being non-binary. Seeing a transgender character in a positive romantic relationship is also so important to see, as many who identify with the label feel as if their gender is a barrier for love.

If you're a fan of sitcoms and wholesome family shows, you'll enjoy One Day at a Time. If you just want to watch episodes with Syd, you can start at "To Zir, With Love".

The first three seasons can be found on Netflix.


Stevonnie (Steven Universe)

This character is a fusion between Steven and Connie (The main character and his best friend), and is canonically non-binary and intersex. Their identity as non-binary and pronouns are never questioned throughout the show, only greeted with enthusiastic support and acceptance.

Stevonnie isn’t the only non-binary character in the show either. Gems, while they present femininely and use she/her pronouns, are all non-binary women. Steven Universe: Future also introduces Shep, a non-binary human.

Rebecca Sugar—creator of the show—is also non-binary, which means these characters comes from a very real place.

If you want good representation from a wholesome TV show with tons of LGBT characters, this is an excellent choice. Their first appearance is on "Alone Together" in the second season.

You can watch Steven Universe on Cartoon Network.


Yael - Degrassi: Next Class

The Degrassi franchise is well known for its diverse range of characters, exploring all kinds of minorities and issues in the setting of a high school. Degrassi: Next Generation saw the not-so-positive representation of a trans male character, who was killed as a PSA about texting and driving. However, the writers do a good job making up for it with Yael.

Watchers go on a journey with Yael as they discover their identity and navigate life as a non-conforming teenager.

Sadly, their non-binary story arc doesn't begin until the fourth season, which is the show's last as it was cancelled. It's still worth watching if you're a fan of high school dramas.

You can watch Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix.

Double Trouble
Double Trouble

Double Trouble (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power)

She-Ra is a cartoon with plenty of canon and blatant LGBT representation, and with season four's release, the first transgender character was introduced, becoming an important part of the show's plot.

Double Trouble is a shape-shifting reptilian person with a passion for acting and trouble making. They're a lot of fun, although morally questionable.

Their identity is never questioned, and their pronouns are always respected immediately, even by their enemies. They're also voice acted by Jacob Tobia, an out non-binary person and activist for the community.

For Double Trouble content, watch She-Ra season 4 on Netflix.


LaFontaine (Carmilla)

LaFontaine is a main character of the Carmilla series, a story that started out as a budget web-series on YouTube, then grew to amass a large enough following to call for three more seasons and a film.

For the most part, their identity is respected, although there is a character arc in which their best friend learns to understand that they're still the same person. Their own character arcs tend to come from the weird paranormal stuff the group of friends have to deal with, rather than focusing on their gender.

You can watch Carmilla on Youtube.

The non-binary flag
The non-binary flag

Right now there isn't a ton of representation for non-binary people out there, but thankfully most of what is available is pretty awesome. If you have an opinion about any of these characters or shows, or feel as if something has been missed out, please leave a comment.

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