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Top 5 Most Emotional Moments in 'Euphoria' (Season One)

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Great TV in this day and age seems harder and harder to come by, so when something as brilliant as Euphoria comes along, it can't and shouldn't be ignored. Is it for everyone? Definitely not. Not everyone can handle the thematic material and the nudity or the adult language. What it is, however, is necessary and life-changing and eye-opening. This show is by far the most realistic depiction of mental illness, drug use, and drug dependency that I have ever seen. What's more, this show focuses on teens and young adults. Let's face it, that's the age group that most often deals with these issues on a daily basis. From a son discovering his father is a pervert to a teen girl with bipolar disorder who is also a drug addict, Euphoria covers it all. While very adult, this is a show that teens need to see because they need to know that they are not alone. In this article, I will list the top 5 most emotional moments in season one. Spoiler warning is now in effect and also be aware of the strong language in these clips below.

#1: Rue Begs Fez for Drugs

Being dependent and being addicted are two totally different things. Dependency means you literally can't live without something. Addiction means your mind only thinks that you can't live without it. Addiction is highly more dangerous, considering that the possibility of relapse is always one bad day away.

In this scene, Fez decides to cut Rue off from drugs and refuses to give her any more. Rue's addiction swings into full-on panic mode as she proceeds to bang on his door and demand drugs from him.

What makes this scene emotional is Rue's accusation "You did this to me! You ruined my life!" She didn't have to take the drugs in the first place, but she decided to. Shifting the blame on Fez, while equally at fault, is heartbreaking to see. This is Rue's rock bottom, at least what we think is her rock bottom.

#2: Rue's Break-up, Memories, and Relapse

Once again, spoiler warning in effect here. This clip is the final scene in the final episode of season one. Rue had the idea that she and Jules should just run away together. Rue's anxiety begins to kick in at the subway station, remembering that her meds are at home and that her snap decision was really a bad one. Jules tries to get her to carry through with their plan, but Rue stays and Jules leaves on her own. Walking back home, panicked and crying from her (possible) break-up, Rue begins remembering the negativity she had caused in her life. Anxiety is a literal killer of a disease, forcing you to have these thoughts and there's nothing you can do to stop it, especially when you have a case of it as bad as Rue. This leads to her inevitable relapse into drugs and one cliffhanger of a finale.

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#3: Rue's Summer

I always hated being forced to stand in front of my classmates and give an oral presentation, especially when it's on the spot and you have no idea it's coming, kind of like if pop quizzes were spoken rather than written.

Rue is asked by her teacher to stand up and tell everyone what she did that summer. The thing is, she didn't want people to know. She had been released from rehab during the summer after her sister found her overdosed and lying catatonic on the floor. What follows is Rue remembering both the good and bad during the summer and an emotional breakdown that makes us feel sorry for her for the first time.

Rue's Overdose

Getting drug tests for job applications is awkward enough, so imagine having to be tested by your mom. Ever since Rue was released from rehab, her mother had been having Rue take drug tests to ensure she was staying clean. In this particular scene, Rue's mother reminds her that Gia practically worships her. Rue acknowledges this and has a memory of Gia finding her overdosed in her room. I can't imagine how scared Gia must have felt in that moment, but it brought a tear to Rue's eye and ours as well.

#5: Nate's Fight

Nate might have been a jerk, but he also had more of a reason than most to become the way he did. Nate discovered at a young age that his father Cal was a big-ol' pervert. He met up with teens (both genders) to have sex with them. It was never coerced but he was forceful after getting going. Nate had to grow up knowing this about his hero. As if that's not enough, Nate falls for Jules who he finds out was one of the girls that his dad had been with. Nate's attitude and all-around forceful nature came from his father. Like the old saying states: like father like son.

Nate finally has a stand-off with Cal and all of Nate's hatred and feelings of anguish come pouring out of him. This scene is the culmination of Nate's arc and it's an emotional one.



I absolutely fell in love with this show and I personally am anticipating season two. What will happen to Rue, or Nate, or Jules, or Cat? It may be bleak now, but there's always a chance to turn things around. But will they figure that out before it's too late? That's what makes Euphoria so edifying: the realism and relatability to the characters, villains and heroes alike.

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