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Top 5 Most Emotional Moments in "Castle"

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Hilarious, dramatic, emotional, and still relevant today, Castle remains one of my favorite cop dramedies out there. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion had strong chemistry and both carried some truly heartbreaking scenes. In case you don't know the story, Richard Castle is a mystery writer who finds inspiration in the NYPD's top detective Kate Beckett. What starts out as a simple, fun plot turned into 8 years of incredible stories, great mysteries, and some truly cry-worthy moments. In this article, I will list my picks for the top 5 most emotional moments in Castle.


#5: Castle Reunited with Beckett and Alexis

In season 4 episode 7, Castle and his mother Martha are caught in the middle of a bank robbery. The cops do all they can from the outside to get the hostages released while Castle does what he can on the inside. Minute by minute, the robbers lose patience with both. After Castle's suave tactics and negotiating skills fail, the bank is blown and the cops rush in. Castle and Beckett's reunion after the heart-racing struggle is emotional enough, but when Castle's daughter Alexis sees her dad and grandma walk out of the bank alive, that's when the viewers' hearts truly melted.

This scene made the list because of how expertly the tension was built throughout the episode and no relief came until Beckett stormed inside the bank to save Castle and the other hostages.

#4: Beckett Shot at Montgomery's Funeral

The season 3 finale was a rollercoaster of emotions. Kate discovered new information about her mother's killer and Captain Montgomery revealed a long-hidden secret. Months away from retirement, Montgomery decides to do the right thing and make his final stand against corruption. Sadly, Montgomery is killed but he manages to take down an entire gang with him to protect Kate. As if that's not heartbreaking enough, tragedy falls during Montgomery's funeral.

This scene makes the list because of how it breaks the heart, makes you hold your breath as Kate hits the ground, then breaks your heart all over again as Castle professes his love while Kate presumably dies. I remember the sadness and frustration I felt when this episode aired on television. It ended after the shooting and forced me to wait all summer to find out what happened.

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#3: "Four Years, I've Been Right Here!"

Kate's obsession with her mother's murder led to the shocking discovery that everything was tied to Senator Bracken, now running for re-election. She poured her heart, blood, sweat, and tears into figuring out how to take Bracken down. Castle was visited by an ominous figure, warning that Kate would be killed should she continue with her investigation. When Castle goes to her apartment to try and talk her down by explaining moving parts behind the scenes of the investigation that she was unaware of, they share an intense and emotional dialogue where Kate feels betrayed and Caste states he's done with her if she doesn't heed his warning. The scene stands out as one of the most important and heartbreaking moments in the show's history because of how much we've seen these characters go through and how far they've come only to see them fall apart in a single moment.

#2: Kate's PTSD

Kate thought she was fine after her shooting. She continued to see a psychiatrist and she seemed to be getting somewhat back to normal. But when a case involving a sniper lands on Kate's desk, she begins exhibiting signs of PTSD. The most tearjerking moment is shown here, when she talks with a hysterical survivor who doesn't understand why she's being targeted or what she did wrong to deserve a death sentence. This in turn destroys Kate's progress, plunging her back into the emotional wreck she once was.

#1: Castle Fears Alexis Is Dead

Season 5 episodes 15 and 16 were the most tense, pulse-pounding two-parter episodes in the series. In the right place at the wrong time, Castle's daughter Alexis is kidnapped just because she was hanging out with the intended target. Castle tries to stay calm instead of panicking and Kate seems to help him keep his cool. When the van the kidnappers used is found, Castle isn't called. He finds out and rushes to the scene. This is the most emotional moment in the entire series, for me at least. The thought of your kid being kidnapped is one thing but the sheer panic and fear that your daughter may possibly be dead is unimaginable. Nathan's performance is beyond spectacular, bringing me to tears every time I see it.


In conclusion, Castle is still highly respected and well-loved with millions of fans wishing for a revival and a proper ending to the series. The show certainly had its humorous moments but it also delivered some powerful material that still breaks the tear-duct-dams every time. Revisiting the show every now and then is still a delight for me and it'll be a fun trip even 10 years from now.

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