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Updated on May 18, 2017
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Joseph (24) grew up in the New York area and is a recent college grad in Film Studies. He is a huge film/TV buff and enjoys discussing them.

5. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project featuring Mindy Lahiri.
The Mindy Project featuring Mindy Lahiri.

Coming in at number five is the romantic comedy, The Mindy Project. The Mindy Project was taken in by Hulu after its depature from Fox and since then has done nothing but grow its already massive following. The show focuses on OB/GYN and hopeless romantic, Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) and her single lifestyle in New York City. Her impenitence about her promiscuous behavior is what ultimately makes the show hilarious. However, that's where my love-hate relationship for this show stems from. After five seasons, the novelty that everyone is attracted to (and wants to have sex with) Mindy wears off.

4. Casual

Casual featuring Michaela Watkins, Tara Lynne Bar, and Tommy Dewey.
Casual featuring Michaela Watkins, Tara Lynne Bar, and Tommy Dewey.

Next, in the number four spot is the comedy-drama Casual. The show follows divorced and single mom Valerie (Michaela Watkins) and her teenage daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Bar)—who lives together with her brother Alex (Tommy Dewey). It's hard to explain what makes this show funny because it's not ha-ha funny. Being part drama, the series is very dramatic and serious. The hilarity of the show hangs on its dry humor and awkward situations. Fortunately, the dry humor goes really well with its dramatic nature. I will admit that the show isn't for everyone because not everyone will gets its humor.

3. Difficult People

Difficult People featuring Julie Klausner and Billie Eichner.
Difficult People featuring Julie Klausner and Billie Eichner.

Difficult People is a comedy series featuring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner. The show focuses on two struggling comedians living in New York City. The humor in the show is less dry than Casual and more accessible to casual viewers. There are scenes in which is clearly meant to make you laugh. I ranked this show at number three because since it almost never takes itself seriously. The show's dry, blunt dialogue combined with its unusual situations allows it to reach extreme amount of hysterics.

2. Harlots

Number two on the list is newcomer Harlots. Harlots is a British period drama which portrays the life of ladies of the night in the 18th century. The plot focuses on brothel owner Margaret Wells and her chaotic household. What makes this show remarkable is its unapologetic portrayal of prostitutes and their sexual practices. Compelling, is also the show's theme of family. The girls regard themselves as sisters even if they're not blood related. Overall, the show's familial narrative contrasts well with its raunchy attitude. The show is historically accurate and given its name there is much fucking to go around. The sexual encounters are raw (no pun intended) and shown in its entirety—which is honestly why I love this show.

1. The Path

The Path is a drama featuring Aaron Paul, Hugh Dancy, and Michelle Monaghan. The show depicts the lives of members inside a religious community. I saved the number 1 spot for this show for two reasons: the show itself and its acting. With respect to the show's cast and its writing, I can't vocalize enough what a godsend Aaron Paul is for this series. This show is very dramatic and intense. And his ability to convey raw emotion adds fuel to the fire. Michelle, Hugh, and the other supporting cast members are believable as well in their roles. Every episode (especially in its second season) feels like a mental roller coaster ride. It is not the "typical" cult narrative since the religious group isn't represented in that fashion. The show treats the religion with dignity and respect. It wants you to figure out whether or not if there is a "light" or "ladder" to climb to a higher plane.

That's it for this edition of Top 5. Do you have any favorite Hulu Originals? Comment below! As more Hulu Originals television series are released (and I watch more) I'll mostly likely make a second part or a top 10 to accommodate. Thanks for reading!


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    • Joseph Lawrence profile image

      Joseph Lawrence 8 months ago from New York, New York

      This list was created before Handmaid's Tale was released and I am kind of bummed I did not get to include it. Rather than create an updated version, I will note that the show is socially horrifying and a great watch for anyone whether they are or are not into women's activism. Definitely, give it a go.

      P.S. - It would have most likely been number 1 or 2.