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Top 10 Funniest TV Moments


I have played games for 25+ years and have been watching movies and television for as long. I hope you find these articles interesting.

Television has entertained people for decades and is likely to do so in some shape and form for centuries to come. In my 35 years of life, I've been graced with growing up without reality shows and newspaper fodder rubbish and have witnessed some of the greatest shows come and go.

Here are my top 10 funniest television moments.


10. South Park: Wheel of Fortune

South Park. It’s dumb and offensive but when you really get down to it, it’s bloody funny. This is no more apparent than with the Wheel of Fortune episode. The brilliance behind this one is that the writers actually found a puzzle solution that worked within the scope of the Wheel of Fortune show and when the reveal was done, we all sat back and went “Oh yeah!”, leaving us with the lasting feeling that we were bad people. Just those few opening minutes made it one of the most memorable among many other candidates. The sheer disappointment and shame on everybody's faces is priceless.

No prize for you Randy.

No prize for you Randy.

9. Red Dwarf: Ace Rimmer Rides An Alligator

As a Red Dwarf fan myself, it hurts to say but there are very few truly great moments in the later series of the show. This moment however, is Ace!

Ace Rimmer is trying to take down the Third Reich. The head Nazi has jumped out of the plane with the only working parachute and left Ace at the mercy of his pet alligator. Ace, being the supremely gifted man he is, straps himself to the alligator and surfs it to safety. I remember watching this the first time and I was in tears. It still creases me up to this day.

8. IT Crowd: Moss Kisses Roy / Windows Vista

This scene, in the always brilliant IT Crowd, stands out simply due to its excellent positioning within the episode. Roy has unwittingly got himself involved with a group of bank robbers and manages to call in the police just as himself and Moss make their escape. Unfortunately, they are accomplices and therefore have to evade the coppers as well. Moss’ solution? To kiss Roy for almost 2 solid minutes while the police storm the building. The final punchline is that there were bins 2 feet away which they could have hidden behind. Brilliant! Add to this the Vista bomb-robot gag from a later episode and you’ll be laughing your buns off.

The Jackass guys are always good for a laugh.

The Jackass guys are always good for a laugh.

7. Jackass: The Wall Boxing Glove

The first time I watched Jackass: The Movie, I was nearly asphyxiated by my own laughter. I know these shows are stupid, but it doesn’t matter, it’s funny. This one in particular killed me. The lads are in a hotel corridor. They’ve cut a hole out of the wall with a gas propelled boxing glove behind it and covered the hole with a fictional “Fan-Message”. Although a few of them are socked beforehand, the funniest moment is when Wee-Man gets taken out and Bam cannot stop laughing, squealing “Why would they even put a chair in the corridor?!”.

6. Angel: Smile Time

If anyone can turn a gritty show into a laugh-a-minute comedy, it’s Joss Whedon. This episode sees Angel cursed by a daytime TV show and turned into a puppet. Just the sight alone is rib-tickling but the reactions Spike’s and the rest of the gang makes this the stand out funny episode of both Buffy and Angel. Sure there are others like “Pangs” and “Spin the Bottle”, but this is the most unique and imaginative one so it gets the mention.

5. Friends: Ross’ Tan / Teeth

Poor Ross. Always the victim, never the bride. This one’s a twofer as frankly can’t decide which makes me laugh the most. In the first instance, Ross’ weirdness results in him getting spray-tanned multiple times on one side. In the second, Ross chooses to leave his teeth-whitening gel on longer than it should be. It’s the other character’s reactions to this that really generate the laughs, but seeing Ross suffer is always funny.

4. Dave Gorman: Googlewhack

Dave Gorman is not as famous as he should be. His current show “Dave Gorman’s: Modern Life is Goodish” is absolutely brilliant, but his earlier work “Googlewhack” is pure genius. You may know him as “that guy that found other people with his name”, but in Googlewhack, Gorman tries to get a certain amount of Googlewhacks in a row. A Googlewhack is a two-word combination put into Google that results in a single find. His documentation of this monumental effort, use of graphs and the way in which he pours his emotions into this are outstanding.

3. Men Behaving Badly: Tony’s Tooth / Tony’s New Glasses

Men Behaving Badly was the 90’s way of giving us Only Fools and Horses, but a bit more blokey. It was often hilarious but this episode in particular was a standout highlight. Tony, played by Neil Morrisey, has a bad tooth, but hates the dentist. So, being the clever lad he is, he ties string around his tooth and tries to pull it out. This leads to wacky hi-jinx which is belly-laugh funny today.

As for his glasses, well this is just priceless. Tony, ever the lad, has to succumb to wearing glasses. Unfortunately for him, he lives with a cretin called Gary who thinks glasses are for nerds. The entire performance is made unbearable with Martin Clunes’ Gary trying desperately to stifle his laughter.

2. New Girl: Schmidt

Everything and anything Schmidt does ever. I love this character. The actor plays him to perfection and trying to pick a single moment out of the rest is almost impossible. I’m going with “I just cried on my p****s whilst I was peeing, that happened”.

Michael's hatred of Toby runs deep.

Michael's hatred of Toby runs deep.

1. The US Office – Parkour and Michael Scott’s Hatred of Toby

The US Office is better than the UK one. There, I said it. It is. It just is. The first season however is dreadful, desperately trying to imitate episodes from the UK version and failing miserably. But then, they let Carrell do what HE wanted with the character and the rest is history. This show is so funny in so many places that singling one out would do it no justice, so here are two. The entire parkour episode is ridiculous and brilliant as a stand-alone, but as an over-arching, constant joke, Scott’s hatred of Toby has to be #1. The hatred seems entirely based on how “lame” Toby is, rather than anything he actually does. The hatred has no foundation and yet, we side with Michael because--- we hate Toby! He makes us hate Toby! This all leads to the greatest, meme-able video of all time.

Honourable Mentions

Friends: My Sandwich!

Red Dwarf: Rimmer and Lister’s Series 1 and 2 bunkmate bickering

Blackadder: Baldrick’s Personalised Bullet

Frasier: The Brothers Crane open a restaurant

Bottom: The Ferris Wheel episode

Stargate: The “Groundhog Day” Episode

Father Ted: Small and far away cows

The US Office: Dwight and his First Aid Doll psychosis / That’s What She Said

House: Just House in general

Supernatural: Sam’s bad luck leads to him losing his shoe / Spoof parody Intro / Dean’s cat scream

QI: Docking points from contestants many series later

Not the Nine O’Clock News: Gerald the “Wild” Gorilla

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Carlton Dance

Archer: LANA!

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