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Top 10 Most Emotional Moments in "Lost"

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Top 10 Most Emotional Moments in "Lost."

Top 10 Most Emotional Moments in "Lost."


Lost ran from 2004 to 2010 and remains my favorite TV series of all time.

What started as a drama about plane crash survivors evolved into a rollercoaster of epic proportions. From hearing a monster, to finding other people on the island, to time travel, this show had everything and more.

One thing in particular that it had was a ton of emotional moments. In this article, I will list the top 10 most emotional moments from the show starting with number 10.

#10: Jack Forces Kate to Admit Her Past

In the season one episode titled "Whatever the Case May Be," Kate discovers a silver case that the Air Marshal had brought onto the plane. Sawyer of course takes it and her desperation to get it back has him asking questions. She enlists Jack to help her get it back. He agrees but on one condition: they have to open it together. After some impressive sleight of hand, Jack feels betrayed and now needs to know just what Kate is trying to hide. What was inside the case? A toy plane. While that may seem silly, the plane has a deeper meaning to Kate. It belonged to her childhood best friend and sweetheart who was killed in the line of fire while she was running from the cops. She wanted the plane back because that's all she had left of him. Kate obviously is carrying around a ton of guilt from her life and that pain can certainly be felt in this moment.

#9: Locke Finds Out His Father Conned Him to Get His Kidney

Toward the end of season one, in the episode titled "Deus Ex Machina," we get a glimpse into Locke's painful past. He's working at a toy store just like any other day, but notices a red-headed woman following him around. When he confronts her about it, she admits that she is his biological mother. Locke asks the police to investigate and, sure enough, she really is his mother. He also found his father, a man named Anthony Cooper. Locke visits him and the two seem to form a bond. Locke feels happy like never before. One day, Locke shows up early to Anthony's house and discovers he's on dialysis. Anthony needs a kidney transplant and, because they're father and son, Locke decides to give him one of his. Turns out, Anthony was pulling a con on Locke. He never cared nor was he interested in connecting with his son. He just made Locke feel like he cared long enough to get his kidney. What's truly sad is that Locke found this out from his own mother. "He said it had to be your idea or you wouldn't have given it to him." she tells him. Locke's happiness turns quickly to helplessness and loss and it's heartbreaking to watch unfold.

#8: Ethan Hangs Charlie

Hurley discovered that Ethan was not on the plane, meaning he was already living on the island before the survivors arrived. Out of desperation, Ethan kidnaps Charlie and a very pregnant Claire. Jack, Kate, Locke, and Boone venture into the jungle to try and find them. They come upon two trails so the team splits up. Locke and Boone take one trail while Jack and Kate take the other. Jack apparently picked the right one because Ethan beat him up and threatened to kill one of them if Jack and Kate didn't stop coming after him. Jack of course refused to stop and came across a horrific sight: Ethan had strung Charlie up by the neck and left him for dead. Kate cut him down and Jack commenced attempting CPR. It was a shocking moment that made the tears flow.

#7: Charlie Sacrifices Himself

The season 3 finale finds the survivors in a desperate race against time to contact a freighter floating 18 miles off shore. In order to do that, they need to turn off the transmission blocker in the underwater station and also reach the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's transmission so they can send out a distress call. Charlie and Desmond volunteer to go to the underwater station while the rest of the survivors try to escape Ben's grasp and get to the tower. While in the station, Charlie receives a transmission from Penny, who says she has no knowledge of any freighter and assures Charlie that it's definitely not her boat. The seemingly unkillable Mikhail sets off a grenade, causing the ocean waters to pour into the station. Charlie quickly closes the door to save Desmond's life. In the final seconds before he dies, he communicates to Desmond that the boat is not Penny's. The scene was a heartbreaking goodbye to one of the funniest, sweetest characters on the show.

#6: Desmond and Penny Reconnect After 8 Years

During season 4, Desmond and Sayid board the freighter in order to find out more about these mysterious people. Desmond attempts to contact Penny but the communications room was sabotaged. As Sayid works to fix the damage, we're shown a flashback of Desmond breaking off his engagement with Penny and, after discovering he regrets his decision, he tracks her down and asks for her number. She angrily tells him to leave her alone and Desmond makes her a deal. If she'll give him her number then he won't call her for 8 years. That 8 years is finally over and Desmond is able to call her but only for a few short minutes. It's a truly tearjerking moment finding out that Penny had been searching for him for 3 years after realizing she still loved him. You can feel the love radiate off the screen and it makes you wish everyone could have what those two have.

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#5: Hurley Is Ready to Jump Off a Cliff but Libby Stops Him

Everyone loves Hurley except for Hurley. In the season two episode titled Dave, he hallucinates a man named Dave who informs him that nothing was real. Dave tried to convince Hurley that he was still stuck in the mental hospital and that nothing was real. Turns out Dave was actually a manifestation of Hurley's hatred of himself for being weighty. Hurley's ready to jump off a cliff but Libby shows up in time to talk to him. This scene was particularly heavily emotional for me. As someone who has considered suicide because of weight, seeing Libby express such care and concern for Hurley gave me hope that maybe somewhere there is a Libby for everyone

#4: Claire Apologizes to Her Brain-Dead Mother

In a flashback, we see Claire and her mother being involved in a car accident. Her mother is put on a ventilator and is unresponsive. Months later, Claire returns to visit her mother and releases all the stored up guilt and regret that she's been holding in for all that time. It's a tearful reminder that we should always respect the ones we love, cherish our time with them, and let them know you love them even when you're mad. Did Claire ever find peace? I'd like to think so. We don't know what happened to them between the time they left the island and the time they died. I'd like to think Claire reunited with her son, made amends with her mom, and raised her son like she was meant to from the start. We'll never know for sure, but we can hope.

#3: Juliet Dies in Sawyer's Arms

Early in the series, we learn that Desmond missed a code punch which nearly led to an electromagnetic disaster which in turn caused Oceanic 815 to crash on the island. At the end of season 5, the survivors are stuck in 1977 when construction on the hatch began. Jack becomes convinced that setting off a 50-year-old H-bomb will prevent the station from ever being built, prevent the disaster from ever happening, reset time, and put them back on the plane like nothing ever happened. Sawyer's not convinced but Juliet holds onto the hope that Jack's right and talks Sawyer into helping. The plan doesn't work, however. It reset time but not in the way they were hoping. It threw the group back into the present, but didn't prevent anything from happening. During the electromagnetic reaction, Juliet became trapped. After the event is all over, Sawyer finds and tunnels his way to Juliet. He holds her in his arms as she spends her last moments with him.

#2: Sun and Jin Die Together

After being in separate time periods, then continually separated by continuous existential threats, the two are finally reunited, and Jin vows to never leave her again. A small group of the survivors steal Charles Widmore's sub and attempt to leave the island. But the nefarious Man in Black has other plans. He put a bomb on the sub. He counted on them to revolt and try to leave so he prepared and planned to kill the traitors. After the bomb blows, Sun becomes trapped and can't get out. She pleads for Jin to save himself but he holds her hands and tells her that he promised to never leave her again. They hold each other tight as the water fills the sub. Jin and Sun were centerpieces throughout the show and it was truly heartbreaking to see them die, but it was also beautiful to see Jin's everlasting love for his wife.

#1: Vincent Lays Beside Jack as Jack Dies

I know, I know, it's cheesy to say the final scene of the final season is the most emotional part but it honestly was. Between the flash-afterlife scenes and Jack succeeding in saving the island (and the world), it was a build-up of emotional proportions that beat every other emotional scene in the entire series. Vincent laying down beside Jack to comfort him as he dies just added to it all and broke the tear duct dam one final time.


Lost is still revered as one of the greatest sci-fi mystery shows of all time. Whether or not you liked the final season, you have to admit Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse knew how to keep you coming back for more every week. The stories, the relatable characters, and the emotional moments gave us all something to hold onto. It was hard to say goodbye, but it sure is fun to revisit every now and then.

© 2018 Nathan Jasper


Shaukat ali from Urmar miana Peshawar on January 10, 2018:

nice hub buddy keep it up

Nathan Jasper (author) from Sylva, NC on January 10, 2018:

Ian - Same here! I'm a Lost fanatic even to this day. My favorite episode would probably have to be "Greatest Hits"

Ian Rideout from Alberta, Canada on January 10, 2018:

Thanks for posting. I was a huge Lost fan back in the day, and this brought back a lot of great memories of the show. "Through the Looking Glass" is my favourite episode. Sawyer & Juliet were my favourite couple; kind of a shame we didn't get more scenes of them together.

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