Top 10 Dancing With the Stars Pros

Updated on October 3, 2019
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Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars | Source

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is an ABC reality series where professional ballroom dancers team up with celebrities in a dancing competition. Dancers are scored by both the judges in the ballroom and the viewers at home. Each week the couple with the lowest score is sent home. At the end of the season one professional and celebrity reign supreme and win the coveted mirror ball trophy.

The pros have to work with whatever talent and drive the celebrities they are given have. Some pros shine more than others using choreography and their own dancing skills to show off their celebrity in the best light possible. Below is my list – starting with #10 and working to #1 – of the best current Dancing with the Stars pros.

10. Artem Chigvintsev

Artem Chigvintsev
Artem Chigvintsev | Source

Artem is a Russian-American dancer who specializes in Latin dancing. His television career got started on the British show, Strictly Come Dancing. Dancing with the Stars, is Strictly's spinoff. He also performed in the Broadway version of Burn the Floor.

Artem and Nancy Kerrigan Dance Jazz

Artem was on series 8-11 of Strictly Come Dancing, winning series 8 with partner Kara Tointon. Artem then moved to America and joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars starting in season 19. Artem has tied for his best results in America so far in season 19 with his partner, Lea Thompson and in season 24 with ice skater Nancy Kerrigan. Both pairs came in 6th in their seasons.

9. Peta Murgatroyd

Peta Murgatroyd
Peta Murgatroyd | Source

9. Peta Murgatroyd

Peta Murgatroyd was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. She trained as a ballerina while growing up – long before she took up ballroom dancing. In fact, only months after she took up ballroom, Peta was crowned the Australian State Champion. In 2004 she joined the cast of the ballroom show Burn the Floor. When the show hit Broadway, Peta was in the role of leading lady.

Peta became a troupe dancer on Dancing with the Stars in season 12. She became a pro on season 13 where she teamed up with celebrity Metta World Peace. They were the first team eliminated. However, the following season Peta teamed with Donald Driver and they took home the mirror ball.

Peta and Nyle DiMarco's Winning Freestyle Routine

Strict and exacting, Peta has a sophisticated style. Her routines are classic and sexy and she keeps a firm hand with her celebrities expecting the most out of them every week.

Peta is married to fellow Dancing with the Stars pro, Maxim Chmerkovskiy. They have one child.

8. Alan Bersten

Alan Bersten of Dancing with the Stars
Alan Bersten of Dancing with the Stars | Source

8. Alan Bersten

Alan first broke through on American TV when he finished in sixth place on the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance. Alan first joined Dancing with the Stars as a member of the troupe in season 20. He has been a pro on the show since season 25. Alan's best finishes were on season 26 and 27 when he finished in 4th place with partners Olympic ice Mirai Nagasu and social media personality and model Alexis Ren.

Alexis and Alan's Freestyle

Alan has a very earnest and heartfelt attitude when working with his partners. Alexis Ren and Alan even developed a mutual crush in season 27. In addition to his regular partners, Alan has served as a fill in partner when other male pros - including Mark Ballas and Maksim Chmerkovskiy - have gotten injured.

7. Sasha Farber

Sasha Farber
Sasha Farber | Source

7. Sasha Farber

This Russian born dancer moved to Australia when he was only a toddler. As a teenager, Sasha took up dance. He won the Australian Latin Youth Championships twice before dancing for Australia at the World Latin Championships.

Farber appeared on Australian Dancing with the Stars before joining the Dancing with the Stars troupe in season 14. In season 17 Sasha was promoted to a pro on the show. Although lasting seven weeks with partner Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in that season, Sasha was relegated to the troupe again until season 22. Sasha has since made the semi-finals twice and finished third in season 26 with partner Tonya Harding.

Simone Biles' and Sasha's Jive

Sasha is the definition of a ball of energy. He loves a good practical joke and his positive attitude shows in his choreography too. Sasha met fellow pro and member of this list, Emma Slater, on this show. The two have since gotten married.

6. Emma Slater

Emma Slater
Emma Slater | Source

6. Emma Slater

Emma is a British dancer who had a lot of success in her home country before coming to America to join Dancing with the Stars. She appeared in numerous plays and music videos including George Micheal's "Round Here," the West End's Burn the Floor, and the movie musical Mamma Mia!

Moving to America, Emma joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars in season 17, partnering wth comedian Bill Engvall. Emma's best finish was in season 24 when she won the coveted mirror ball trophy with partner Rashad Jennings.

Emma and Rashad's Rhumba

Emma is a steady partner who always cheers on her stars. Emma is married to fellow Dancing with the Stars pro, Sasha Farber.

5. Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess
Sharna Burgess | Source

5. Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess is an Australian ballroom dancer born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. She has trained in many styles of dance as well as gymnastics. At age 15 she danced for Australia in the Standard and Latin World Ballroom championships.

Sharna first appeared on Dancing with the Stars on season 13 as a member of the troupe and stayed there through season 15. On season 16 Sharna was promoted to a pro on the show and has been one ever since. She has come close to winning the mirror ball trophy twice. Once when she and her partner, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, were the runner ups in season 21 and again in season 23 when she and partner James Hinchcliffe were also runner ups.

In the shortened Athletes season 26, Sharna and football player Josh Norman came in second place. Sharna also had great success when she came from behind in season 27 with a surprise win with her partner, radio DJ Bobby Bones.

Bobby and Sharna's Freestyle Dance

Sharna is a compassionate partner. She is tough, but encouraging, and a creative choreographer. She works well with the limitations of her partner and tries to show them off in their best light.

4. Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars
Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars | Source

4. Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke has been on Dancing with the Stars since season 2. She won both season 2 (with Draw Lachey) and season 3 (with Emmitt Smith), becoming the show's first back-to-back champion. Cheryl has been a finalist or semi-finalist on Dancing with the Stars over a dozen times.

Cheryl is a very well-balanced pro being equally skilled in performing and choreographing both Latin and ballroom dances. This versatility spreads to the other styles of dance the show sometimes demands. Her winning freestyle routine with Drew Lachey to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” is considered one of the best routines the show has ever seen.

Cheryl Burke and Drew Lachey

Cheryl took a long break from the ballroom, but rejoined the cast in season 23. Cheryl was one of the favorites to win season 27 with partner Juan Pablo Di Pace after some spectacularly choreographed and danced routines, but they fell short finishing in fourth place.

3. Valentin "Val" Chmerkovskiy

Val Chmerkovskiy
Val Chmerkovskiy | Source

3. Valentin "Val" Chmerkovskiy

Val is a Ukranian born dancer who specializes in the Latin dances. He is the brother of fellow pro dancer, Maxim Chmerkovskiy. Val is the 14-time U.S. National Latin Dance Champion.

Val made several guest appearances on Dancing with the Stars before joining the cast as a pro on season 13. Since then, Val has won the mirror ball trophy twice, first in season 20 with Rumer Willis. His second win was in season 23 with gymnast Laurie Hernandez.

Val and Laurie's Tango

As a dancer and teacher, Val is extremely energetic and driven. He is a strict coach, but he also shows a very caring side towards the stars he mentors.

2. Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold
Lindsay Arnold | Source

2. Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold is a professional Latin and ballroom dancer. She first came to national attention on the show So You Think You Can Dance, where she finished in the top 8 on the ninth season.

After So You Think You Can Dance, Lindsay joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars on season 16 as a pro. At the time she joined, she was the second youngest pro in the show's history (after Julianne Hough). She and her partner, boxer Victor Ortiz, finished eighth that season. Lindsay then spent the next four seasons in the troupe. In 2017 Lindsay won the mirror ball trophy with her partner, Jordan Fisher.

Lindsay and Jordan's Jive

In season 21 Lindsay again joined the pro dancers. From season 21-25 Lindsay and her partners never finished lower than fourth place. Lindsay won her first mirror ball in season 25 with partner Jordan Fisher.

1. Witney Carson

Witney Carson of Dancing with the Stars
Witney Carson of Dancing with the Stars | Source

1. Witney Carson

Witney Carson is the most junior dancer to make the list. She first caught my eye when she appeared on So You Think You Can Dance in 2012. After finishing 6th that season, Witney joined the Dancing with the Stars troupe for seasons 16 and 17. In season 18 she was promoted to Pro and partnered singer Cody Simpson. Witney finally won the mirror ball for the first time in season 19 with partner Alfonso Ribeiro. In season 25 Witney came in third with actor (and Dancing with the Stars Junior co-host) Frankie Munitz, while in season 27 she came in second with her partner, Disney channel star Milo Manheim.

Witney and Frankie's Salsa

Witney brings an infectious, bright energy to the ballroom. She keeps things positive with her celebrities and seems full of encouragement. Witney's choreography is inventive and fresh. Her choreography along with her all-American good looks is likely what got her promoted from troupe dancer to pro so quickly.

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