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The Top 10 "Hannah Montana" Episodes

"Hannah Montana" starred Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, and more

"Hannah Montana" starred Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, and more

Hannah Montana captured little girls' hearts and it didn't take long for Miley Cyrus to become an international celebrity—just like her character's alter ego.

Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel original series about a girl named Miley Stewart who lives a double life as a world-famous pop star named Hannah Montana. Miley herself is a normal teenage girl who lives with her father, Robby Ray, who used to be a famous country singer (played by her real-life father Billy Ray Cyrus, who used to be a famous country singer). Her older brother Jackson was played by Jason Earles, who was really in his late 20s despite playing a teenager on TV and is not related to Miley Cyrus.

Very few people actually know that Miley is really Hannah Montana. Only her father, brother, best friend Lilly, best friend Oliver, bodyguard Roxy, on-again-off-again boyfriend Jake Ryan, and close family members know. Hannah Montana reigns as the leading Disney Channel show, and I can see why. The show is hilarious, and even if it is meant for tween girls, anyone can enjoy it.

10. "When You Wish You Were the Star"

Miley wishes upon a star that she could be Hannah all the time—and she gets what she wishes. But, it's not as fun as she thinks. Her dad is married to an evil woman who uses him for his money. Also, Jackson gets tired of people only being his friend to get close to Hannah, so he becomes a crazy guy who lives by the sea and talks with a weird voice. Oliver acts just like Rico, and worst of all, Lilly is best friends with the bratty Ashley and Amber!

This episode guest stars Jesse McCartney.


9. "Ache-y Jake-y Heart" (Part 2)

Miley tells her movie star boyfriend Jake Ryan she is secretly Hannah Montana. So, Jake puts on a disguise so that he can be a normal teenager too. But, when Jake can't handle a normal life and steals a little girl's water, Miley must figure out a way to break up with Jake. But, Miley is afraid Jake will tell everyone her secret...

8. "New Kid in School"

Teen movie star Jake Ryan attends Sea View Middle School. Everyone is star-struck—well, except Miley. After getting in trouble for things Jake does all the time, Miley gets tired of everyone treating Jake like he's special, and decides to tell a reporter she is really Hannah Montana. Then, after regretting the decision, Miley has to come up with something—and fast. So, she throws on a ratty blond wig and sings really badly, followed by Jackson wearing an Elvis Presley get-up, and Mr. Stewart dressed like Billy Ray Cyrus.


7. "We're All In This Date Together"

Miley's longtime crush, Johnny, wins a date with Hannah Montana—but he also ties with Rico. So, Hannah must attend a date with them both. Miley is upset that she must spend her special date with Johnny with Rico, too. After being a jerk to Rico the entire night, Johnny gets upset with Hannah, claiming she is just a jerk celebrity.

6. "My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble"

Jackson locks Hannah outside, and a sneaky paparazzi snaps a picture of them. Everyone thinks Jackson is Hannah's new man-nah! Now, Hannah must pretend like Jackson is her boyfriend to keep her secret. But, Jackson doesn't want to break up with Hannah because of all the neat stuff he gets while being a celebrity's boyfriend.


5. "Miley Get Your Gum"

Miley's friend Oliver is in love with Hannah Montana, but Miley doesn't feel the same. Oliver goes to extreme lengths to confess his love to Hannah. He even goes as far as jumping through Hannah's limo's sunroof and almost discovers that Miley is Hannah. Lilly comes up with a plan to get Oliver to stop loving Hannah, but it goes all wrong—and Miley finally reveals to Oliver that she is really Hannah.

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4. "Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?"

In the pilot episode, Lilly has no idea her best friend Miley is really the world-famous pop star Hannah Montana. So, Lilly has two tickets to the sold-out Hannah Montana show and wants Miley to go with her. Miley insists she doesn't want to go because she doesn't like Hannah Montana. Lilly sneaks into Hannah's dressing room and Miley is forced to shove her face into a pie so Lilly doesn't find out the truth, but she fails because Lilly sees her good luck bracelet on Hannah's wrist.


3. "Honestly I Love You (No, Not You)"

Miley is hurt in a skiing accident, and she falls into a coma. However, she can still hear everything that's going on around her. Oliver says "I love you" to Miley while she's in her comatose state, and she hears this. Miley decides not to tell Lilly, but after Lilly tells Miley that she loves Oliver, Miley feels as though she has no choice but to tell her. Miley comes up with a plan to get Lilly over Oliver, but it doesn't work. Miley is causing more damage than good. Because little does she know, Oliver was actually practicing saying "I love you" to Lilly.


2. "The Way We Almost Weren't"

Miley is nearly struck by lightning and sent back in time to the moment when her parents first met. Miley and Jackson must force their parents to meet and fall in love—or they will both cease to exist, and Jackson is already starting to disappear.


1. "Miley Says Goodbye (Part 2)"

Miley wants to move back to Tennessee—but she doesn't want to leave Lilly. Miley doesn't know what to do. Finally, she tells her father how she feels. He then starts looking for a house in Tennessee, making Miley feel as though everything has already been decided.

Miley finally decides to tell Lilly, who is devastated. Also, if she moves to Tennessee, then she can't date Oliver anymore. However, if she stays, she has to live with her dad in his small apartment four hours away from Malibu. Robby comes up with a wonderful plan—he buys a ranch an hour outside Malibu, so that Miley can be with Bluejeans and Lilly, and this way Jackson can move back home.


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