The Most Gorgeous Waitresses in Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares"

Updated on July 27, 2020
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Jan is a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay and enjoys watching all of his shows.

Jessica Marotta

Joseph Cerniglia was the boss that every young restaurant worker would want. He treated the business as one big frat party and he treated his workers as his friends instead of being his subordinates.

Despite the joyous and fun environment created by Joseph's happy-go-lucky attitude, the business was struggling. What was once one of the more popular restaurants in the area, the Campania has fallen on hard times. Joe needed to succeed in this business as he had a wife and kids to support.

Jessica was a pretty waitress who is a self-confessed flirt.

Eventually, Jessica and Joe ended up in a relationship.

Joe improved a lot as a chef and it seemed like he would be able to turn his fortunes around. Alas, his problems and debt made him decide to end it all by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

Jessica ended up as a successful pastry chef for Ooh La La Catering. She could conjure up the freshest breads and pizzas as well as tempting creamsicle cups and mallowmar bars.

She has even appeared in the second season of Food Network’s Sweet Genius.

This was yet another feather in the cap for the successful pastry chef.

Tiffany Trobiano

Despite Trobiano's carrying Anthony's surname, it was Tiffany's parents who bankrolled the restaurant.

Trobiano's became quite popular in the area, especially among the local elderly residents because of its cheap "early bird" special. When you live on a pension, you tend to go for cheap eats and not fine dining.

While the promotion was keeping the restaurant relevant, it was not a profitable venture as the huge portions gave clients the chance to bring home a lot of food. This deprived the restaurant of revenue the next day or during dinner service.

Anthony made the critical mistake of not gaining enough experience before going on his own. He was so arrogant and full of himself that he never thought of paying his dues first.

Gordon did his usual help and revised the menu and interiors. But alas, it was not enough to keep the doors open.

The restaurant closed shortly after the episode aired.

The episode ended on a high note, however, as Tiffany and Anthony finally wed after three years of being together.

The nightmare for a fleeting moment was a wonderful dream.

Bruna Oliveira

Bruna is perhaps the best looking waitress in the entire run of Kitchen Nightmares. She had an Eastern European look and accent.

Bruna worked for the restaurant for a year and a half during the time of filming. She was struggling to use the POS system as it was antiquated. It looked like a relic from the 1980s.

Bruna was also not happy about how things were run as she felt that Lisa lacked the experience and expertise to run things. She was not a believer in Lisa's leadership skills.

It wasn't that Lido was the the worst looking restaurant. Compared to many restaurants on the show, it was one of the better looking restaurants and even had a nice location. It was just that the restaurant had some food quality and sanitary issues.

As in all episodes of the show, Gordon would institute changes to the restaurant to help make it viable. One big change was the POS system. Gordon whacked it with a baseball bat and urged Lisa to do the same. Bruna was shocked at what had just happened and was delighted to get a better and newer system. It was as if she won the lottery!

Hana Hatae

Hana was one of the many child stars that passed through Hollywood. She was beloved by Trekkies everywhere as Molly O' Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

She also appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Renegades, Monster School Animation, Family Matters, The 7th Rule, 5th Passenger and From the Mouths of Babes.

She served as a waitress in her father's Sushi Ko restaurant. Initially, the restaurant was successful, but it fell on hard times when they switched locations. Her father lowered the restaurant's standards and they ended up serving substandard food and ended up using barbecue sticks—an unhygienic practice.

The troubles of the restaurant eventually led to marital troubles as her parents ended up squabbling.

Gordon worked his magic on the restaurant but this did not save Sushi Ko.

Lexi Farber

Mike and Nellie's was once a thriving restaurant with the father and son tandem of Mike and Nellie Farber. However, once Nellie died, Mike lost his mojo and could not cook to save his life. Mike became an alcoholic and the restaurant was on a downward spiral.

The restaurant opened in 1996, but nothing much has changed since.

Mike's daughter, Lexi, greeted Gordon. He brought to her attention the sad state of the restaurant.

Gordon saw how bad things were and decided to visit Mike's home and talk to him and his daughters, Samantha and Lexi. They had a little family therapy session if you will. Here is Gordon Ramsay doing his best Dr. Phil impersonation.

Gordon tried to inspire Mike and get him back on his groove. He revamped the place and menu, but it was not enough. The restaurant, which had been around for a decade and a half, shuttered its doors.

Mike went on to work at a few places before settling and working at his own outfit—Blue Basil Catering.

Tariya Avgoustiou

Peter Avgoustiou was the chef and owner of Yanni's Greek Cuisine. His daughter Alyse was his assistant chef and his daughter Tariya was the waitress.

Things were going well for the restaurant, but when Peter took over from his dad, things went downhill.

The restaurant was no longer profitable and standards had fallen off a cliff.

What was noticeable was Tariya kept crying over the smallest of things. Her sister Alyse was annoyed and told her to stop crying.

Gordon tried to revamp the menu and introduce a POS system to modernize things. This pleased Tariya and she was no longer crying.

Tariya now is now a certified medical assistant in Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington.

Celestina Crespin

The once successful Pantaleone's restaurant had fallen on hard times. The once successful pizza restaurant barely had any customers and the food quality was bad. Pete's wife and son tried to tell him how to improve his food, but he did not listen to feedback.

The interiors were also bad and this was accentuated by a horrible clown hologram on the wall.

Despite the dreary place and food, Celestina was perky and joyful. She was a breath of fresh air in the dying restaurant. She was cheerful in serving Gordon and gave him valuable feedback as to what customers were saying about the restaurant. She also gave some feedback about the food quality.

Through a pizza contest sponsored by Gordon, Pete realized that his pizza was not as good as he thought it was.

Celestina can clearly be seen overjoyed at the revamped restaurant, complete with delivery. Not only does she no longer get embarrassed over having to serve horrible food, but she also gets to work in a modern restaurant.

Most Beautiful Waitress

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