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The Many Hunks of "Charmed:" Who Was Your Favorite Leading Man?

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"Charmed" featured some really great leading men.

"Charmed" featured some really great leading men.

The beloved WB series Charmed ran for an impressive 8 seasons, from 1998 to 2006. During this time fans were introduced to an array of handsome hunks that swept the Charmed Ones off their feet. From warlocks to demons, whitelighters to businessmen, the Halliwell sisters had their fair share of romance. Here is my ranking of the leading men of Charmed.

Note: I know there are many more handsome men from the show (I'm looking at you Daryl, Chris, Wyatt, etc.) but I am including the ones who had a romantic relationship with the Halliwell sisters for a decent amount of time.

12. Jack Sheridan (Lochlyn Sheridan)

Romance Rating: 4/10

Jack Sheridan worked at Buckland's Auction House with Prue, and the two share a competitive love/hate relationship. Prue initially thought Jack could be a warlock when she saw two Jacks in different places. It only turned out that he had a twin brother. Eventually, Jack wears Prue down and they begin dating, though their romance is brief. Prue breaks things off with him when she resigns from Bucklands.

My Verdict: Jack was a fun character that provided lightheartedness when Prue truly needed it. He was thereafter Andy was killed and though their relationship didn't last long, it was exactly what Prue needed at that time.

Richard Montana

Richard Montana

11. Richard Montana (Balthazar Getty)

Romance Rating: 4.5/10

Richard is apart of a magical family who has an ongoing feud with another magical family, the Callaways. He had fallen in love with and became engaged to Olivia Callaway despite this feud; until she was killed during a battle between the families. Paige and her sisters are able to help Olivia find peace, and Paige and Richard begin a relationship. She even moves in with him for a period of time, but Richard becomes too addicted to magic. In order to help cleanse him, Paige makes a power-stripping potion and ends their relationship so he can truly be free of magic's temptation.

My Verdict: Richard was a compelling character and it was nice seeing Paige be in a comfortable relationship with a fellow witch. Unfortunately, the power was too much for him, and Paige had to selflessly end the relationship in order to protect Richard.

10. Dex Lawson (Jason Lewis)

Romance Ranking: 5/10

Dex was an artist who works upstairs in the Bay Mirror. After the sisters fake their deaths, he begins a relationship with Phoebe (who is posing as her "cousin" Julie Bennett). The two marry due to a spell and when the Halliwells decide to return to their old, magical lives Phoebe apologizes to Dex. After glamouring back to Julie in front of him, Dex faints. Their relationship becomes strained as he has a hard time accepting the news. They eventually go their separate ways.

My Verdict: It was nice to see Phoebe have a "normal" relationship and life, but it was quite clear that it wouldn't last. Dex was not equipped to handle all the revelations Phoebe expressed, and though they had chemistry it was obvious they weren't meant to be.

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9. Agent Kyle Brody (Kerr Smith)

Romance Rating: 5.5/10

Kyle Brody was an FBI agent with Homeland Security, under the guise that he wanted to bust the Halliwell sisters; he actually wanted to help them stop a group of Avatars he believed killed his parents. He offered to keep their secret in exchange for the Charmed Ones' help. Eventually, Paige and Kyle fall in love, despite his growing obsession with the Avatars. Kyle was killed while destroying the Avatar Beta, and was then made a Whitelighter. He was able to say goodbye to Paige and embrace his new destiny.

My Verdict: Kyle Brody was an interesting character and I enjoyed seeing him and Paige interact, especially when they were sucked into the black-and-white world of a magical book. Unfortunately, it was clear his desire for revenge against the Avatars would be his undoing.

8. Dan Gordon (Greg Vaughn)

Romance Rating: 6/10

Dan was an ex-baseball player and moved in next door to the sisters. Piper and Dan begin dating and their romance was very sweet, although during this time she was battling her feelings for Leo. The two had broken up due to his whitelighter duties and that opened the door for a love triangle between Piper/Dan/Leo. Dan was very protective of Piper and her sisters, and was a caring boyfriend. Ultimately, Piper ended things with Dan and reconciled with Leo.

My Verdict: Dan was a good character and had hair you just wanted to run your fingers through (which Piper surely did). However, he was simply a roadblock before Piper could end up with her one true love, Leo.

7. Jason Dean (Eric Dane)

Romance rating: 7/10

Jason Dean was the new owner of The Bay Mirror, the magazine that Phoebe works at as an advice columnist. The two were instantly attracted to each other, though he was her boss. After falling for each other online they begin a relationship, one that lasted 15 months and involved Phoebe moving to Hong Kong with him. When it was revealed that Phoebe was a witch, Jason was angry it took her so long to reveal her secret. The two would eventually part ways on good terms.

My Verdict: They were a very fun and sexy couple, and it was refreshing to see Phoebe in a solid relationship (until of course he learned the big secret). It was also nice that their relationship ended on a positive note.

6. Inspector Andy Trudeau (Ted King)

Romance Rating: 7.5/10

Andy was Prue's high school sweetheart and he grew up alongside the Halliwell sisters. After time apart they were reunited at the beginning of the series, and it was clear he and Prue still had deep feelings for one another. Andy ended up getting put on almost all the cases involving the sisters, and tried to rekindle a romance with Prue. While he ultimately ended up sacrificing himself for the Charmed Ones at the end of the first season, the love he shared with the eldest Halliwell was felt throughout the show.

My Verdict: Though we weren't able to enjoy Prue and Andy's romance for long, seeing him make the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he always loved was absolutely touching. Their love and energy remained present during Prue's remaining time on the show.

5. Drake (Billy Zane)

Romance Ranking: 8/10

Drake is an ex-demon who made a deal with a sorcerer in order to become human for one year, but would then die at the end of it. He ends up teaching Phoebe to embrace love and life, and to never give up on finding it once more. In a heartbreaking twist, the two end up falling in love with one another but are unable to be together when he runs out of time. Drake was a fun character who encouraged Phoebe never to give up, and it was even revealed that Cole's spirit had been the one to send Drake to Phoebe.

My Verdict: Drake was important for Phoebe's development because she was able to mend her broken heart and open herself up back to love; though it was sad the two were unable to be together, Drake paved the way for her to find her true love.

4. Henry Mitchell (Ivan Sergei)

Romance Ranking: 8.5/10

Henry is a parole officer who meets Paige while she is trying to help a future whitelighter, who also happens to be his parolee. The two initially butted heads (as many great romances seem to begin) but they eventually found themselves attracted to each other. After they began dating, Paige revealed to Henry that she was a witch; a revelation that he actually took quite well. He never feared her and accepted who she truly was, an impressive feat for a human. They eventually wed and it was revealed that the couple went on to have three children, twin girls and a son.

My Verdict: Henry was perfect for Paige and it was wonderful how accepting he was to her confession that she was a witch. Seeing a human embrace magic and accept her for who she was made Henry that much more amazing.

3. Coop (Victor Webster)

Romance Ranking: 9/10

Who couldn't help but fall in love with a real-life Cupid? Coop was sent by the Elders to help Phoebe with her love life. He gives her advice and takes her to see her past loves, allowing Phoebe to open her heart once more. Coop falls in love with Phoebe first, though like with whitelighters it was forbidden for a Cupid to fall in love with humans. Fearful of her own feelings for Coop and the fact that it's a forbidden love, Phoebe tries to fight her emotions. It is revealed that Coop was actually sent to be with Phoebe, and the two end up marrying. After heartbreak left and right, it was wonderful to see Phoebe find the man of her dreams.

My Verdict: Coop became the one meant for Phoebe and together they finally found happiness, a gift that Phoebe truly did deserve after everything she went through.

2. Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause)

Romance Ranking: 10/10

Leo started on the show as the handyman for the Halliwell sisters, and managed to capture both Piper and Phoebe's attention. It was later revealed he was their whitelighter and was sent to watch over the Charmed Ones. After many obstacles being thrown in their way (Piper's neighbor/once boyfriend Dan, that pesky no whitelighter/charge romance), the two were finally married in Season 3. They went on to have two boys together and had even more hurdles thrown at them. Regardless, the pair came out stronger in the end and their love was truly one for the books. They became a fan favorite and remain a staple for epic romances.

My Verdict: Leo completely and selflessly loved Piper, and he was always there to guide and protect the sisters. Though the couple endured many hardships, they ultimately got their happy ending. It was truly a tear-jerking moment in the series finale when an old and still very much in love Leo and Piper walk upstairs past pictures of their family, lie in bed together and smile at the life they have together.

1. Cole Turner (Julian McMahon)

Romance Ranking: 10.5/10

Fronting as an ADA of San Francisco, Cole Turner came onto the canvas in Season 3 and managed to capture Phoebe's heart. Unbeknownst to her, he was actually a powerful demon named Belthazor who was out to destroy the Charmed Ones. Fans everywhere fell head-over-heels for the unlikely pair, and we swooned even more when he tried to reform himself and embrace being good. There was something absolutely alluring about the half-demon/half-human character, and you couldn't help but root for him. Though he managed to wed Phoebe (and make her Queen of the Underworld), he was ultimately vanquished not one but two times. Cole sure did make bad look oh so good.

My Verdict: He might have been evil but there was just something about Cole that I couldn't get enough of (and many fans agree). His and Phoebe's relationship was tumultuous but always passionate, and though he did many questionable things his love for Phoebe was always apparent. There is no denying the sparks the two shared, and the whole reformed-bad boy attitude made him the top hunk in my book (which gave him an extra 0.5!)

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