The (Hair)volution of Rachel Green From Friends

Updated on August 6, 2018
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Friends was a mega hit television show that resonated with millions, and has since become a beloved staple in many households. The character of Rachel Green, portrayed by the lovely Jennifer Aniston, constantly inspired the fashion and hairstyle choices of women across America. Her evolution over the course of ten seasons is fun to watch, and she continues to influence many with her style, taste, and fashion sense.

Let's take a closer look at just how much Rachel evolved over the series' run.

Seasons One & Two: "The Rachel"

Throughout the first two seasons of the show, Jennifer Aniston rocked "The Rachel." The hairdo became an overnight sensation that sent thousands of women running to the nearest salon, hoping to get the Rachel Green styled locks. However, in 2011 Aniston herself expressed disdain over the haircut. She told Allure Magazine, "I think it was the ugliest haircut I'd ever seen. How did that thing have legs?"

While Jennifer might cringe at memories of the hairstyle, there's no doubt she knew how to rock the cut.

Did You Know? Jennifer worked as a waitress before hitting it big (just like her character Rachel.) In fact, she is known for portraying waitresses in many of her roles, including Along Came Polly, Office Space and The Iron Giant.


Season 3: Long Layers with a Chestnut Tint

By season 3, Rachel's hair began to grow out and was styled with long layers, and even had a chestnut tint. It contrasted beautifully with her skin tone, and she was on her way to adopting her long, blonde hairstyle she was known for.

Did You Know? Jennifer initially auditioned for the role of Monica, but later persuaded producers she was a better fit for Rachel. In contrast, Courteney Cox (Monica) was asked to play Rachel but felt more connected to Monica.


Seasons 4 and 5: Back to Blonde Basics

By the time season 4 rolls around, Rachel has gone back to her dirty blonde hair color, and has grown out her locks. She will rock this look for the duration of season 5 as well.

Did You Know? Aniston was said to be considered for the role of Rose in Titanic.


Season 6: Boho Chic

Throughout season 6, Rachel has grown her hair out the longest it has ever been, and opted for a more relaxed and boho style and feel. The sleek, long blonde tresses had become a staple for Jennifer Aniston's character.

Did You Know? Both Aniston and Lisa Kudrow had previously auditioned to be cast members on Saturday Night Live, before hitting it big with Friends.


Season 7: The Sleek Bob

In perhaps her biggest hair shake-up, Rachel's exchanges her long tresses for a sleek bob. This is arguably the most daring style Jennifer Aniston adopted on the show, but she knew how to handle the blunt cut.

Did You Know? Jennifer is the godmother to Courteney Cox's daughter, Coco.


Season 8: The Tousled Lob

With season 8 came Rachel's bob growing out, and becoming a wavy, tousled lob. This is one of my favorite looks by Jennifer, and the effortless vibe looks stunning throughout the season.

Did You Know? Aniston once offered to help Matthew Perry lose weight by being his personal trainer.


Season 9: Long Hair Has Returned

Rachel's long hair is back in full swing by season 9, along with her signature layers. Her coloring fluctuates from light to a bit darker, but the length remains intact.

Did You Know? Jennifer and Paul Rudd (Mike) have been friends since they were 21 years old.


Season 10: Bangs Galore

With the final season came a sexy, sophisticated cut and style. Rachel adopted bangs and layers, and I even feel her styling took on a more French-inspired feel. This is a perfect tie-in to her story line, in which she must choose between Paris or staying with Ross. Jennifer Aniston looked absolutely stunning with this hairdo.

Did You Know? Before the announcement of the 10th season, Jennifer had told the press the 9th would be her last. She wanted to leave audience's wanting more. However, she agreed to do a final season with fewer episodes that accommodated her busy work schedule.


Which season had your favorite Rachel hairstyle?

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