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The Hair(volution) of Paige Matthews From "Charmed"

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Charmed is a beloved WB series that ran from 1998 to 2006, and initially starred Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs as the Charmed Ones. In 2001, Doherty left the show and Rose McGowan filled the role of the third sister. Paige Matthews was introduced as the half-sister to Phoebe and Piper, and assumed her place within the Power of Three. Throughout the course of her five seasons on the show, Paige undergoes multiple style and hair transformations that made it exciting to watch.

Let's take a look at just how much Paige's hair evolved over the series.

Season 4: Dark, Shoulder-Length & Sleek

When the character of Paige was first introduced in Season 4, she wore her dark hair shoulder-length and often kept it sleek and straight. The deep brunette shade highlighted her porcelain skin beautifully. Paige would wear it smooth and flipped outwards, and would also sometimes pin it partially back. She would switch it up and add some curls and body to her hair during the season, but it was usually styled straight. The length and color complimented her facial shape and skin tone and really brought out Paige's beauty.

Did You Know? Before Rose McGowan nabbed the role of Paige, both Saved by the Bell alum Tiffani Thiessen and Jennifer Love Hewitt were considered to replace Shannen Doherty (Prue). Creators ultimately decided to introduce a fresh face to the show instead.

Season 5: Curly Red Lob

At the start of Season 5, Paige decided to completely change up her hairstyle and color and embrace a bold new shade: deep red. She stepped away from the brunette color the Halliwells were famous for in favor of a more daring hue. Paige cut her hair into a sexy lob, and often wore it in voluminous curls. The style really worked for the character, as she was fun and daring and the cut emphasized that fact. The color paired perfectly with her fair skin, and it looked great whether it was worn in curls or sleek and straight.

Did You Know? During her first few seasons on Charmed, McGowan earned $55,000 per episode, which was then increased to $102,000 per episode from Season 7 onwards.

Season 6: Long Strawberry Blonde

By Season 6, Paige's dark red lob had grown out and become a lovely shade of strawberry blonde. The character was never afraid to play around with her hairstyles and colors, and adopting this soft shade was a fabulous call. Her ever-changing locks went well with her evolving style, and each major hair transformation added to the uniqueness of the character. During the season, Paige would often leave her hair long and straight but would switch it up with some body and curls.

Did You Know? In order to play the role of Paige, McGowan wanted to "look super non-threatening" to win over audiences. She reportedly gained 10 pounds to do so. "People had to fall in love with my character as quickly as possible or Charmed would die. I thought about how big the crew was and how they would all be out of a job if I failed."

Season 7: Back to Brunette

Season 7 brought back Paige's natural brunette shade, and she often wore her shoulder-length locks in waves and curls. Once again the color accented her porcelain skin and more natural make-up, and her overall style seemed to get more chic and sophisticated. It seemed that during this season the character truly blossomed with her style and look. Paige would sometimes style it with a delicate, pin-back look that really brought out her stunning features.

Did You Know? One of Rose McGowan's favorite episodes from Charmed was Season 7's "Charmed Noir" because she loved anything from the 1940s time period and the episode revolved around that theme.

Season 8: Side Bangs, Dark & Voluminous

For the final season, Paige stuck with her dark tresses but embraced a sexy side bang and more voluminous style. Her long, wavy locks cascaded over her shoulders and really gave her a sensual and sophisticated feel. She experimented with bangs that she often kept side-swept, framing her face gorgeously. During this season Paige really embraced body in her hair, which was evident whether it was sleek, wavy or curled. She also wore it in ponytails and pinned back, and the bangs complemented these styles wonderfully.

Did You Know? In 2017, Time recognized McGowan as one of the Silence Breakers (the magazine's Person of the Year) for speaking out about harassment and sexual assault.

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