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The Hair(volution) of Phoebe Halliwell From "Charmed"

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Phoebe Halliwell "Charmed" Hairstyles

Charmed is a beloved WB series that ran from 1998 to 2006 and focused on three sisters known as The Charmed ones, the most powerful good witches of all time. The show featured the sisters Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige over the course of the series. Phoebe Halliwell is initially introduced as the youngest sister, who is carefree and fun-loving. She possesses the power of premonition and gains the powers of levitation and empathy. Throughout the course of the show, Phoebe undergoes multiple style and hair transformations that were fun to watch for viewers and fans to watch.

Let's take a closer look at just how much Phoebe's hair evolved over the series' run.

Season 1: Short, Voluminous Bob

At the start of the series, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) wore her hair in a short, voluminous bob that was often pinned back. Her hair usually had a lot of body and waviness, and the soft brown complimented her skin tone and chocolate eyes. The cute cut highlighted her cheekbones and face shape, and first introduced us to the fun, carefree Phoebe.

Did You Know? The character of Phoebe was initially portrayed by a different actress in the pilot episode. Actress Lori Rom appeared in the unaired pilot but soon quit the series, allowing the phenomenal Alyssa Milano to take over the role she was born for.

Season 2: Shoulder-Length Lob

Season 2 had Phoebe's hair growing out to a shoulder-length lob that she often wore down and relaxed. Her hair also was lightened, going from a darker hue to a more golden brown. She often straightened her locks, and her overall style of the season had a bohemian vibe and was laid back.

Did You Know? Creator Aaron Spelling reached out to Alyssa Milano once the role of Phoebe needed to be recast. She had previously worked with him on another one of his television series, Melrose Place.

Season 3: Going Blonde

By Season 3, Phoebe began to experiment with her hair, going blonde and leaving her brown tresses behind her. The color change-up was fun and flirty on Phoebe, and the tone accented her skin tone and brought an overall warmth to her appearance. It was during this season that Cole (arguably Phoebe's greatest love of all) joined the show, and the sparks flew between the two characters. Phoebe's style was often sexy and daring during this season; perhaps blondes really do have more fun.

Did You Know? Alyssa Milano absolutely loved filming scenes with Julian McMahon (Cole). The actress once gushed in an interview with E!, "He is so delicious. There's something very brooding and sexy about him...and his body is just, like...please! I'm sweating just talking about Julian." That explains their intense chemistry on-screen!

Season 4: Short Cut & Wispy Bangs

During the middle to latter part of Season 4, Phoebe once again experimented with her hairstyle and opted for something different. She chopped off her long honey blonde locks, in exchange for a short cut with wispy bangs. The fringed style was both sophisticated and cute, and the richer brown hue highlighted her complexion well. Phoebe often styled the haircut with curls, which really brought out her lovely features.

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Did You Know? While it is well-known that Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty (Prue) didn't get along on the show, during the early days the women shared a close bond. Doherty was even a bridesmaid in Milano's wedding to Cinjun Tate. Holly Marie Combs (Piper) was also a bridesmaid.

Season 5: Short & Choppy Layers

Throughout Season 5, Phoebe maintained her shorter length but ended up with a shaggy chic hairdo. With choppy layers and bangs that beautifully framed her face, the edgy cut was different than anything she had rocked before. The rich chocolate shade looked sleek and shiny, and her grown out bangs added a sexy element. Phoebe definitely knows how to work any hairstyle, and this edgier style is no exception.

Did You Know? Milano loved the artwork in the Book of Shadows so much she hired an artist to paint murals on her walls at home just like them.

Season 6: Pixie Cut

At the beginning of Season 6, fans were introduced to Phoebe's most dramatic hairstyle change yet: the pixie cut. The character decided to chop off her locks and start fresh again (a much-needed change after her heart-wrenching final break-up with Cole). The very-short haircut is extremely flattering on Phoebe, as the slightly curved fringe balances out her face and brings out her best features: her bright, expressive eyes and stunning smile. Phoebe manages to make the pixie cut look feminine and daring at the same time.

Did You Know? During the last five seasons of the show, Milano and Holly Marie Combs (Piper) were on-set producers.

Season 7: Black & Chin Length

By Season 7, Phoebe's pixie cut is no more. She is in the process of growing out her once short hairdo, as her hair is chin-length and cropped close to her face. Her color also changed, going from a deep brown to raven black. During this season her hair is in the transition stage, with her bangs growing out and being styled to the side. She often wore the cut curly and the raven hue contrasted beautifully with her skin tone.

Did You Know? Though he had an epic romance with Piper on the show, Brian Krause (Leo) actually dated Milano from 2001 to 2003.

Season 8: Back To Basics (Long and Deep Brown)

By the final season, Phoebe went back to basics and once again rocked her deep brown locks. She grew out her hair that cascaded in curls over her shoulders, and added volume to her hairstyle. The simple yet stunning hairdo looked lovely on Phoebe, and was effortlessly sophisticated.

Did You Know? In 2017, Milano re-launched what is known as the #MeToo movement (which was started in 2006 by Tarana Burke). The actress wanted to encourage survivors of sexual harassment and assault to post #MeToo as a status update.

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