The Best Romantic Movies Available on Netflix Instant Stream

Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

My previous two Netflix articles have covered the vast collection of horror movies and thriller films available for instant streaming. That being the case, it seems like a good time to show some versatility, and also, sometimes you just aren't in the mood for an action packed Hollywood thriller, or a blood bath, jump out of your seat, scary horror movie. So here is a list of the best romantic movies that Netflix offers to it's members. Enjoy the list!

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

David O Russel's romantic comedy-drama Silver Linings Playbook garnered 8 Oscar Nominations, and earned Jennifer Lawrence the Best Actress award. That's just an example of how well respected this film is. It stars Bradley Cooper as a man with some anger and psychological issues who has just been released from an institution, and is trying to settle into a normal life again. He meets a similarly troubled woman, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and the two form a strange and unlikely bond, which leads to potential romance. The romance is wonderful to watch, but this is much more than just a romantic comedy. It's a film about redemption, fitting in, depression, loss and family. If you haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook. get on Netflix and watch it while it's available.

Drinking Buddies (2013)

This low budget, part improvised indie stars Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde as two best friends who work at a brewery and drink beer together constantly, and seem like a perfect pair for each other. However, they each have significant others already, played by Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston, so things are not that simple. When the couples decide to go on a cabin vacation together, things get even more complicated, and the strength of their current relationships, and friendships is put into question. The charm of Drinking Buddies comes from it's simple, easy style, which apparently involved much of the dialogue being improvised based on rough story points. Jake Johnson of New Girl fame has remarkable chemistry with Olivia Wilde and the two light up the screen. It's not a film that follows the normal, formulaic romantic comedy rules though, so don't be surprised if you're surprised a little along the way.

Fiennes and Paltrow
Fiennes and Paltrow

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

An Oscar winner for Best Picture certainly deserves a spot on this list, and John Madden's film starring Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow was just that. In the film, Fiennes plays the famous William Shakespeare, at a time when he has hit a case of writers block, largely due to the lack of a suitable and inspiring muse. Simultaneously, a young noble lady (Paltrow) with a love of the stage that is certainly not approved of by her family and influential friends, disguises herself as a boy in order to play her part. Her and Shakespeare begin a passionate and intense relationship, which faces one obstacle after another, all combined with the simultaneous creation of Shakespeare's most famous play, one 'Romeo And Juliet.' The film is charming, funny, sad and romantic all at the same time, and in the category of period romantic movies, you won't find one better.

Annie Hall

The great Woody Allen has made many, many movies over the years. He's generally one of the busiest directors around. Of all of them though, Annie Hall is perhaps his masterpiece. It starred Woody Allen himself, alongside Diane Keaton and ended up winning Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actress for Keaton. Allen plays a TV writer with a bit of a strange outlook on life, who falls for a Midwestern woman. They date, but it doesn't work out and this leads Allen's character, Alvy down a path of questioning and a need for understanding, when none may be available. It's a unique, intelligent, funny and poignant look at the ups and downs of a relationship, as well as it's effects on people. It's greatness likely comes from it's realism, which in turn likely comes from personal experiences. Allen's most popular, and probably most remarkable movie.

Sleepless in Seattle
Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

One of the all time modern classics of the Romantic genre, Sleepless in Seattle stars a very young Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in early roles that helped their careers get a kick start. Hanks stars as a man named Sam who's wife has just passed away and is grieving for her, while Ryan plays a woman called Annie who is already engaged. Sam's son wants him to find a new wife almost 2 years later, and he has Sam talk about his wife's passing on the radio. This leads to a lot of women hearing the story and writing to Sam, one of whom is Annie, who inadvertently has a letter mailed to him suggesting they meet. The film is extremely charming and funny in it's portrayal of to people who are reluctant but know deep down that they need something in life. One of the films that sparked the modern Romantic Comedy film as we know it, this is a must see.


Ondine (2009)

This is a film that many of you may never have heard of, and was not a big name movie by any means. It is a personal favorite of mine however, and is a fantastic 'adult' family film. The film is about a fisherman named Syracuse, played by Colin Farrell, who has a young daughter that is wheelchair bound due to her kidney failures. One day he finds, and manages to resuscitate a young woman who he catches in his fishing net, and she begins to become a regular in he and Annie's lives. What ensues is a film that is part fairy tale, but with a twist, as during the experience you never know exactly what to think. What you do see though, is a romantic movie that is also a family drama, a story about people, relationships, passion and faith. Combine this with fantastic scenery, and a wonderful score of Irish folk music that eases the soul, I couldn't help but be drawn into this movie.

Punch Drunk Love (2002)

It's surprising to see an Adam Sandler film on a list like this, but Punch Drunk Love is certainly one of the best romantic movies on Netflix instant. It's about a man who struggles socially, works at a small toilet plunger business and has hit the bottom of the barrel. However, at his most desperate, he finds a woman who he can actually relate to, and who seems to like him somewhat. However, his lack of social ability makes it extremely difficult for him to act in a way conducive to romantic success, in fact he acts in almost every way possible to do just the opposite. The film has some of Sandler's textbook comedy, but in a slightly less absurd manner, but adds the charm that many of Sandler's films lack which allows us to relate to it on a more touching level. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

Take This Waltz
Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz (2011)

A movie I saw very recently, 'Take This Waltz' was a huge and pleasant surprise for me. The film stars Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams as a couple who appear happily married, but have fallen into the 'same old same old' routine, and lack that spark and excitement of new love. Williams falls for an artist who lives across the street, and we watch as her relationship with him develops and she gets closer and closer to caving under the pressure of her temptations. What is so great about this film is it's humor and charm, but also the almost unwatchable cruelty that the camera utilizes as it shows us the lack of passion that perhaps the characters themselves don't actually see from one another. The film also presents us with what we think are clear outcomes to root for, but by the end we just aren't so sure. Also, with one of the cleverest endings I remember seeing, I was greatly impressed with this indie romance!

The Quiet Man (1952)

The oldest film on this list, is an under appreciated classic from legendary director John Ford, which earned him the Oscar for Best Picture, as well as Cinematography. It stars the great John Wayne, as an Irish-American boxer named Sean who has come back to his native Ireland, after accidentally killing a man during a boxing match. He takes up a home in Ireland, and falls in love with a beautiful young woman (played by Maureen O'Hara), but her traditional views cause problems for them when her brother, who already has it out for Sean, refuses to get behind the idea of them getting married. The film is beautifully shot, with some incredible scenery, and is full of wonderful fun and humor. It also culminates in one of the finest, and funniest epic fight sequences in all of film history. Give this old classic a chance next time you're looking for a romantic movie on Netflix.

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My Cook Book profile image

My Cook Book 3 years ago from India

Good movies. Unfortunately i have not seen any of them. However, thanks for the list will see them all.

Beth37 3 years ago

I just saw Blue Valentine the other night. I loved it... kinda heavy on the rated R side for sure. The ending was... you know. Anyway... Eternal Sunshine, one of my favorites, Shakespeare, great one. Like crazy, Ill have to look that up, thanks for the recommendation. Sleepless, classic. Ondine, didn't like it at all, way too slow for me. African Queen, classic. Take this waltz, I loved it, but SO sad. I felt she chose wrong, big time. No strings, Id like to see it, but it reminded me of Love and Other Drugs, which I hated so I never saw. Ill check it out. Thanks!

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 3 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

Thanks for reading Beth, much appreciated. B.V. definitely didn't pull any punches!

Take this waltz was very sad yeah, I agree about the end, although it was incredibly clever.

I didn't like Love and Other Drugs either -it was like two different movies, one minute it was silly funny, the next super real life drama - the two are supposed to blend together in the great movies.

Thanks for reading!!

jlongrc profile image

jlongrc 3 years ago from Memphis, TN

This is why it is so irritating when people say that there is nothing on Netflix.

Beth37 3 years ago

Here are my favorite TV shows on Netflix that Im too lazy to write a hub about. :)

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 3 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

I agree!! There is a lot of good stuff on there.

Thanks for reading!

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 3 years ago from Austin, TX

"Eternal Sunshine..." is so unique. My favorite film on the list, tho your selections are pretty darn good too and look like they're worth checkin' out. :)

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 3 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

Thanks iguide. I agree, it is a fantastic film!

peanuthead21 profile image

peanuthead21 3 years ago from FT, Florida

Blue valentine, what a sad, sad movie but true to life. Eternal sunshine is in my top ten of all time, GREAT LIST!!!!

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 3 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

Thanks peanuthead - Blue Valentine is definitely VERY sad and depressing, but in an effective way. Thanks for reading!

Wakerra profile image

Wakerra 3 years ago

Personally I loved Yobi the Five Tailed Fox. Everything about it was beautiful!

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 3 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

I haven't seen that one Wakerra, but it appears to be really popular! I love checking out films from different cultures and in different styles - I'll check it out! Thanks!

azzzy profile image

azzzy 3 years ago from Delhi

Great list . Can't wait to watch. You guys can watch these on which allows users to demand their favorite latest movies

jimmyglaughlin profile image

jimmyglaughlin 2 years ago from Colorado

Great list! Not just a list of good romantic movies, but a list of good movies. Guys would like most of these too.

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 2 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

Thanks jimmyglaughin! Appreciate you reading, and I agree - all really good films for anyone!

Hugo Furst profile image

Hugo Furst 2 years ago from Australia

BLUE VALENTINE! Michell Williams sure knows how to break hearts. Thanks for this list, pal. Voted up :)

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 2 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

Thanks Hugo, I agree! Thanks for reading!!

letstalkabouteduc profile image

letstalkabouteduc 18 months ago from Bend, OR

You have a couple of my favorites on the list (Annie Hall and Silver Linings Playbook) so I trust your taste and will check out the others!

jmartin1344 profile image

jmartin1344 17 months ago from Royal Oak, Michigan Author

Thanks letstalk, hope you enjoy them all!

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