The 30 Best CSI: NY Episodes Ever

Updated on March 11, 2013

I attempted to make this a Top 25 list, but I could not cut the list down to that number. So this is my Top 30 favorite episodes of the CBS crime drama, CSI: NY. The series starring Gary Sinise (of Forrest Gump fame) as Mac Taylor, the head of the NYC crime lab is the third installment of the CSI franchise. Mac along with the rest of the crime lab team solve crimes in New York City. While the crimes take center stage the personal lives of the team round out the great stories of this series. After 9 seasons and 197 episode have aired as of this article. The show's chances for renewal are unknown at this time. There is a movement on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter trying to get the show renewed. To take part in the movement visit: AND

This Top 30 is in order of air date. I think all 30 episodes are so good I could not put them on here in countdown forum. If you only watch these 30 you will see the best episodes of this amazing series.

Season 1 Cast Photo
Season 1 Cast Photo | Source

Season 1

Episode 1: Blink- The series begins with Mac Taylor, the head of the NYC crime lab dealing with the loss of his wife a few years earlier during the 9/11 attacks. Mac and the team are also on the hunt for a serial killer . This episode introduces the viewer to the team and all the baggage they bring to the job of forensic science.

Episode 3: American Dreamer- The team must deal with a skeleton on a double decker bus in Time Square. The decades old skeleton is not who the evidence says he is. Secrets of the past turn out to haunt more than the victim.

Episode 23: What You See Is What You Get- Mac witnesses a shootout in his regular coffee shop. One patron dies and the waitress is injured. Mac decides to save the waitress and let the gunman get away. Mac and the team's investigation soon reveals that the crime is not a robbery, but something much bigger.

Cast Photo For Season 2
Cast Photo For Season 2 | Source
Season 3 Cast Photo
Season 3 Cast Photo | Source

Season 2

Episode 17: Necrophilia Americana- A woman is found dead in a museum diorama covered in beetles. The team soon learns the victim is a wealthy museum patron. The only witness to the crime is a young boy who will not talk. On the other side of town a man is found dead at a construction site. The victim died with foam insulation in his mouth.

Season 3

Episode 11: Raising Shane- CSI Sheldon Hawkes is arrested for the murder of a bartender leaving the team to try to clear his name. Soon another case involving an overdose makes the team consider if the troubles might be caused by escaped serial killer Shane Casey.

Episode 24: Snow Day- New York's biggest drug bust ever puts the lab at risk. While most of the team is dealing with off site calls, Mac, Stella Bonasera and Hawkes are trapped trying to save the lab. The high drama and an explosion make this episode an edge of your seat viewing.

Season 4 Still Shot From "Boo"
Season 4 Still Shot From "Boo" | Source

Season 4

Episode 6: Boo- The team is split up while Lindsay Monroe and Danny Messer head to Amityville, New York to solve the homicide of a family. The family is found in a house considered haunted in local circles. Meanwhile, in NYC Mac and Stella deal with the walking dead aka zombies.

Episode 9: One Wedding and a Funeral- The death of a groom keeps the team busy while puzzle pieces found on Stella's car sends Mac on biggest mystery of his life. Mac heads to his hometown of Chicago to figure out why he is being stalked by a killer.

Episode 10: The Thing About Heroes- Mac continues to follow the trail of the "333" stalker. How is he and Stella connected to to the stalker. Also, a team member is held hostage.

Episode 18: Admissions- Mac is torn between the new case of a guidance counselor's murder at a fancy private school and solving the mystery of the Cabbie Killer. The city begins to suffer as the cab drivers find people not wanting to use their services and all other public transportation is overwhelmed.

Episode 20: Taxi- While a suspect in the case of the Cabbie Killer is found dead, Mac is not sure the trouble is over. Is the city safe or is the Big Apple in for more trouble?

Cool cast shot of the whole team around season 5
Cool cast shot of the whole team around season 5 | Source

Season 5

Episode 3: Turbulence- While traveling on a flight to Washington, D.C. Mac must solved the murder of an air marshal on board. Before the passengers are released the team must figure out who is a killer with limited evidence.

Episode 8: My Name Is Mac Taylor- Two people named Mac Taylor are found dead in a two week time frame and the team begins to worry about Mac's safety. Mac and the team round up all the Mac Taylor's in the area in the hope of preventing another murder and finding the killer. The 100th episode is full of guest stars including: rapper Nelly, singer Chris Daughtry, young actress Rumer Willis and actress Julia Ormond.

Episode 15: The Party's Over- Stella finds herself in the middle of a crime scene when the deputy mayor dies during a fund-raiser. The investigation reveals the victim was up to no good. Meanwhile, thousands of NYPD (including Danny) decide they have the "Blue Flu" in order to protest pay cuts. These actions of the department put Mac in the cross hairs of a newspaper man who is writing negative stories about the department.

Season 6 Still Shot From "Point Of View"
Season 6 Still Shot From "Point Of View" | Source

Season 6

Episode 2: Blacklist- A case turns personal of Mac when a serial killer starts calling him and mentions his father who died two decades earlier. What do the murders of high ranked health care workers have to do with Mac's father?

Episode 3: LAT 40 Degrees 47'N/LONG 73 Degrees 58'W- A killer strikes at Ellis Island when a janitor is found dead with an antique compass. Soon another compass is mailed to Mac at the lab leading him to another victim at the opposite end of the city. What does this killer want and where will he send the team next?

Episode 8: Cuckoo's Nest- When a body falls from the 59th Street Bridge Mac and the team soon learn the body is the third tied to the Compass Killer. While trying to catch this elusive killer Mac must also help Don Flack. Flack goes AWOL while still dealing with the loss of his former partner and Mac must keep him from losing everything.

Episode 10: Death House- The team responds to a 911 call in a vacant penthouse, but all that is found on the first sweep is a corpse who has been dead since 1923. Who made the call in the sealed apartment? Soon the residence starts to reveal booby traps putting the team at risk. Who is the dead guy and why is this place rigged?

Episode 22: Point Of View- Home recuperating from an on the job injury, Mac is witness to a neighbor and a creepy exchange of a briefcase. When this leads to murder Mac is more disturbed to learn his former girlfriend (and former NYC medical examiner) Peyton Driscoll is staying with the suspect. With his injury Mac must enlist Peyton to try to stop the suspect from possible taking part in a terrorist attack.

Episode 23: Vacation Getaway- Serial killer Shane Casey returns and he has his sights set on CSI, Danny Messer. While Danny vacations with his wife, (and fellow CSI) Lindsay and their daughter, Lucy the team must try to save them. Will they stop the killer in time?

Sela Ward as Jo Danville in the season opener of Season 7
Sela Ward as Jo Danville in the season opener of Season 7 | Source

Season 7

Episode 1: The 34th Floor- The crime lab welcomes a new face with the arrival of former FBI agent, Jo Danville. Jo arrives while most of the lab staff is attending a ceremony honoring Lindsay and finds a body in the lab. While getting to know the team Jo assists in solving the case and mystery of how she entered the secure lab. Meanwhile, Lindsay has a hard time dealing with her heroic actions that saved her family.

Episode 2: Unfriendly Chat- Lab Tech Adam Ross witnesses a murder while chatting online with a beautiful woman. Was it real? Who was the victim? And where did the murder take place? These are all questions that Jo uses her profiling skills to solve. The team must also try to save Adam from the killer who might have seen him too.

Episode 22: Exit Strategy- Mac has a near death experience and he decides he wants to solve his only unsolved case before it is too late. The 2002 double murder at a grocery mart might be more than it seems. Was a child a witness to the crime and still missing? Can the team find her and solve the case?

Season 8 Still Shot From "Indelible"
Season 8 Still Shot From "Indelible" | Source

Season 8

Episode 1: Indelible- This very special episode finds that team remembering the events of 9/11. The 10th anniversary of the tragedy shows the viewers how the events of that day changed the lives of the team causing them to be part of the lab today.

Episode 6: Get Me Out of Here- The team spends Halloween investigating a fraternity prank gone wrong. When a pledge master is found dead in an open grave the team must find a killer and hope he is the only victim.

Episode 14: Flash Pop- The death of a lab tech makes the team wonder what is going on in the shadows of the lab. When the team notices the similarities of the the current case and a cold case from the 1950s they wonder if they could be connected.

Episode 18: Near Death- Mac finds himself fighting for his life after being shot. Mac dreams about the people in his life while the team tries to catch the shooter.

Promotional Shot For Season 9
Promotional Shot For Season 9 | Source

Season 9

Episode 13: Nine Thirteen- The team investigates the death of a masked man found at the bottom of a notorious skyscraper. Is he just the latest victim of the building or was it murder? Meanwhile, Jo meets a stranger on her day off that connects to her past in a way she never expected.

Episode 16: Blood Actually- The CSI's investigate three murders on Valentine's Day. Will the crimes of passion keep the team from celebrating the holiday with their significant others?

Episode 17: Today Is Life- A police precinct is taken over by protesters while the team tries to figure out if a cop shot an unarmed man. Will Mac and Flack survive the chaos? Also, Mac considers a future with Christine.

Make Sure To Check It Out

I hope you have the chance to view this fantastic show. The amazing cast and wonderful episodes are not to be missed. I am hoping that the campaign to have a 10th season of CSI:NY works. Thanks for reading and have a great time with your TV viewing!


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