5 Crazy Moments in Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen

Updated on April 13, 2020
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Aaron Song Cries

Chef Aaron Song buckles under the tremendous pressure of Hell's Kitchen.
Chef Aaron Song buckles under the tremendous pressure of Hell's Kitchen.

Aaron Song Cries

Aaron Song was able to show some flashes of brilliance in the kitchen. Gordon liked the dimsum he concocted. Gordon even noticed his rather unusual getup. He was dressed as an Asian cowboy. Gordon then called him a "chunky monkey."

However, Aaron was not able to show what he was fully capable of due to his failing health. He felt ill most of the time during his short stint in Hell's Kitchen and even collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Once in the hospital, he was not permitted to return to Hell's Kitchen due to health reasons.

One of the most memorable things Aaron did was cry for no apparent reason. He was not scolded by Gordon nor chastised by his teammates. He simply cried due to the pressure of Hell's Kitchen.

Aaron sadly died in 2010 due to complications from diabetes.

Aaron Song Cries

Gordon is a Contestant

Gordon blends in with the contestants and nobody is suspicious of his real identitiy.
Gordon blends in with the contestants and nobody is suspicious of his real identitiy.

Gordon is a Contestant

If Gordon was actually a contestant in his own show, he would surely be a favorite to win it all. After all, the world's greatest restaurateur and winner of sixteen Michelin stars is no culinary lightweight. Gordon can do it all. He can cook, he can teach people how to cook and he can lead a brigade.

Of course, Gordon would not actually join the fray in a contestant capacity. It would simply be unfair. This would be more for laughs and giggles. Gordon disguised himself as a contestant in Season 4 of Hell's Kitchen. Instead of looking like the world's greatest chef, he had long locks and had had a hippie-like vibe.

In order to further conceal his identity, he did not interact with the other contestants and just stayed in a corner quietly observing.

When the contestants finally got to Hell's Kitchen, Jean-Philippe welcomed them and proceeded to do his best Gordon Ramsay imitation. He then encourages the contestants to do the same thing. Then Jean-Philippe encourages the then disguised Gordon to do his best imitation and he is unsurprisingly spot on. Gordon then ends the charade and reveals himself by removing his wig and prosthetics.

The contestants are surprised that the guy who sat with them in the bus was actually the great Gordon Ramsay himself. Rosann is especially surprised since she was the one who sat right beside Gordon himself and was none the wiser.

Gordon is a Contestant

The Hell's Kitchen Puppet Show

The Hell's Kitchen Puppet Show

Gordon Ramsay is a creative whiz in the kitchen. He is able to create masterful dishes out of almost any set of ingredients. He is also the puppet master in Hell's Kitchen. He directs everything that goes on in the show from the challenges to dinner service.

In Hell's Kitchen you would expect fine dining, a lot of drama and a lot of screaming. You would not however expect a puppet show. Gina Aloise is one of the contestants in season 11 and she brought along a puppet named Alfredo Al Dente.

While the other female chefs were in their quarters, Gina went around an played with Alfredo. This annoyed the girls as they viewed it as crazy and juvenile.

While Gina had a forgettable stint in Hell's Kitchen performance-wise since she failed to impress with her signature dish and dinner service, she is one of the more memorable chefs on the show because of her puppet Alfredo.

The Hell's Kitchen Puppet Show

Gordon Ramsay Punches the Salmon

Gordon Ramsay Punches the Salmon

Gordon is known for being very loud and animated in the kitchen. He is a harsh taskmaster who screams and criticizes the contestants a lot. He, however, has never physically assaulted any contestant in the show no matter how crazy things went. He would reprimand them , call them names or simply banish them from the kitchen.

This was not the case when Koop served undercooked salmon in season 16. Gordon got so frustrated that he decimated the salmon in one punch. His fist was a weapon of mass destruction that pulverized the popular fish.

What made Gordon more frustrated is that the people who were going to be served were pregnant women. Not only is raw food possibly dangerous for them and their unborn child, but it caused undue delay in terms of them receiving their food.

The fiery Scot shows that there are no limits to his fury inside the halls of Hell's Kitchen. He may be very personable in real life but inside Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay is the Devil himself.

Gordon Ramsay and Tana

This meek looking contestant turned out to be Gordon's wife Tana.
This meek looking contestant turned out to be Gordon's wife Tana.

Gordon Ramsay and Tana

There have been many beautiful women who have graced the halls of Hell's Kitchen from Dana Cohen to Heather West to Virginia Dalbeck. However, as beautiful as they may have been, Gordon never seemed to have any interest in them.

This changed when a rather ordinary looking bespectacled female seemed to catch Gordon Ramsay's eye. Gordon tried to interview her a bit to know more about her. He then seemed amazed at her cooking and even passionately lip-locked with her. This surprised the other contestants and it was later revealed that the mystery woman was actually Tana, Gordon's wife, in disguise.

Gordon and Tana have been married since December 21, 1996. Tana was a Montessori-trained former schoolteacher who has starred or appeared in many of Gordon Ramsay's shows. Together they have four beautiful children - Matilda, Jack, Holly and Megan.They unfortunately lost their fifth child to a miscarriage.

Gordon and Tana are still married after all these years despite all of the rumors and controversy.

Gordon Ramsay and Tana

Crazy Moments

Which Hell's Kitchen moment is the craziest?

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      Hi Margie thank you for appreciating my article. I try to make my articles as engaging as possible.

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      Gordon Ramsay could make me cry! Enjoyed your hub!


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