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Sookie Stackhouse's Top 10 Outfits on "True Blood"

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Sookie's Outfits in True Blood

True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse is the epitome of southern style and charm; with her impressive collection of sundresses, she never fails to serve up major fashion looks. She also isn't afraid to go bold and try something new. Her effortless style and beauty has often been a major focal point on the show; fans couldn't get enough of the leading lady's impressive closet. Her style, taste and fashion sense have inspired many who love the show. Let's take a closer look at some of Sookie Stackhouse's most iconic fashion looks throughout the series.

10. Cardigans Galore

Sookie absolutely loves rocking a good cardigan, and many of her outfits are paired with a wide array of them. Whether she's wearing a simple t-shirt, a cute summer dress or a pair of denim shorts, the blonde beauty absolutely adores her cardigan collection. A nice cardigan only seems to enhance her style and gives Sookie an extra air of elegance to her looks. The clothing choice definitely adds to her chic southern charm, and it is one of her looks that is constantly present throughout the course of the series.

9. White Floral Halter Sundress

At the beginning of the series, Sookie was seen in many different colorful sundresses. She effortlessly gave off that country girl vibe that was synonymous with the character, and truly helped develop her into a style icon. Sookie's innocence in the beginning paired perfectly with her wholesome appearance, which definitely enticed her suitor Bill Compton. She often kept her makeup minimal and very natural during this time, which would eventually be amped up throughout the show's run.

8. Red & White Floral Dress

Sookie looked absolutely stunning when she accompanied Bill to Fangtasia, and she even captured the attention of the Viking vamp Eric himself. The red and white floral pattern paired beautifully with the halter silhouette, and her signature blonde hair was worn in loose curls that she wore with a headband. Sookie's style has a way of looking so effortless and lovely, and everything she seems to wear is a knock-out look. There is no one who can rock a sundress quite like Sookie Stackhouse.

7. Baby Blue Peasant Dress

Sookie definitely knows what colors work great for her complexion; she always has a gorgeous glow and this baby blue tone highlighted that fact. The soft shade also complimented her blonde tresses, which she wore in relaxed curls. The peasant-style cut gave the look a perfect balance of sweet and sensual, and she accessorized with a simple blue butterfly necklace. This was also the outfit she met the sexy werewolf Alcide in, and it was obvious the blonde bombshell made quite the impression on him.

6. Bold Yellow Dress & Floral Cardigan

This bold canary yellow dress was definitely one of Sookie's standout looks in Season 2, which she paired with a lovely grey and yellow cardigan. The silhouette of the dress was very classy and sophisticated, and it looked like she stepped right out of the 1950s with the ensemble. She wore her hair pulled partly back in refined curls, and her makeup was darker than she normally wore. Sookie had on a deeper eye shadow and bolder lip that only further complimented the look. There is no doubt that she knew exactly how to serve up major fashion moments.

5. Ethereal Fairy Gown

Sookie looked every bit the fairy she was when she rocked this light and airy ethereal gown. The flowy tulle paired beautifully with the floral embellishments, and it was just the right amount of accent to make the outfit pop. She looked effortless in the gown, with her hair cascading freely over her shoulders. Her makeup contrasted nicely with the softness of the dress; she wore dark and dramatic eye shadow and a deep red lip, finishing the look with bold, dangly earrings. Sookie definitely embraced her fairy side with this ethereal gown.

4. Yellow & White Sundress

It's no surprise that another sundress is on this list; Sookie is known for her giant collection of sundresses and she looks gorgeous in all of them. This yellow and white number with a knotted front and back was definitely a knock-out look for the beauty. With some of her hair pulled back showing off her soft and minimal makeup, she complimented the look with simple earrings and an elegant locket necklace. Sookie is certainly a fashionista with a closet that most women would envy.

3. Chic White Trench Coat

Sookie shook things up in Season 2 when she wore this super chic and sophisticated white trench coat. The outfit was out of the ordinary for the blonde beauty, but she rocked it with such casual ease. The white made her tan pop and worked perfectly with her complexion. Her hair was styled in messy waves and her makeup was soft and understated. This ensemble was something very different than the looks she usually sported, and once again Sookie was able to completely rock it. The white trench coat is definitely a fashion moment to remember from the show.

2. Lavender Spaghetti Strap Dress

Sookie looked like an absolute vision when she wore this lavender spaghetti strap dress on a romantic date with Bill. Though the night didn't end well, her outfit was still a major home run. The lavender shade was the perfect choice for her complexion and complimented her tone beautifully. Instead of wearing her hair down, Sookie opted for an elegant up-do that gently framed her face. She paired the dress with a delicate set of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace that helped make this look truly unforgettable.

1. Sookie's Waitress Uniform

Of course Sookie's iconic Merlotte's uniform had to be No. 1; after all, it was the outfit that she was first introduced in. Somehow the character is able to make a simple white t-shirt and green apron look absolutely amazing. Sookie was never afraid to play around with her style and hair either; she went to work in every hairstyle under the sun. Whether she rocked braids, curls, a ponytail, or kept it long and loose, her blonde tresses were always on full display with the ensemble. The uniform has since been turned into a Halloween costume and the outfit is indeed a staple for the character.

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