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Updated on April 23, 2016
Smallville Logo
Smallville Logo

For 10 years we witnessed the journey of Clark Kent on his way to becoming Superman. Smallville starts off with Clark Kent as a Freshman in high school and takes us to him working at the Daily Planet, where he eventually fulfills his destiny to become The Man of Steel. We witness him struggle with many of the same problems we all faced growing up compounded with the difficulties of being a powerful alien stranded on a planet that is not his own.

As in any journey, it is filled with people we meet along the way. They help shape us into the person we will become. In Smallville, Clark Kent meets other DC heroes who help him along his journey. Here are the list of heroes he meets during his adventures.

* Characters in more than 10 episodes will not have individual episodes listed.

*Only episodes where the actors playing the role were on screen are listed. References or extras used to give the illusion of their presence will not be listed.

Alan Ritchson as Aquaman
Alan Ritchson as Aquaman

Aquaman / Arthur Curry

Actor: Alan Ritchson
Episode 93: Aqua
Episode 122: Justice
Episode 154: Odyssey
Episode 205: Patriot

As is the case when many superheroes meet for the first time, Arthur Curry and Clark Kent did not get along. Arthur was unaware of his true origins when he first emerged from Crater Lake and into the Smallville storyline. He was aware of his powers and had a strong connection to defending the ocean. He used his abilities to breath underwater, swim at super speeds and other super strength to fight injustice. It was Lex Luthor’s Leviathan project and its killing of sea life that brought A.C. to Smallville in the first place. Aquaman was captured by Lex and his weakness of drying out was exposed. Clark rescues A.C. and together they are able to save the day. At the end of the episode A.C. makes a joke about forming the Junior Lifeguard Association. Of course this is the story of Superman. The JLA will have to come at another time.

Aquaman appears in several more episodes throughout the series. Usually as a returning member of Green Arrow’s super team. They are called into action when a threat becomes to big for one hero to handle. The most notable of these dangers was when Lex Luthor attempted to create super soldiers in a project called 33.1 and when prisons were being built for super heroes after the Vigilante Registration Act was passed into law.

In the final season Aquaman is married to his wife Mera and conscious of his people and his role as their future king.

Alaina Huffman as Black Canary
Alaina Huffman as Black Canary

Black Canary / Dinah Lance

Actress: Alaina Huffman
Episode 144: Siren
Episode 154: Odyssey
Episode 175: Doomsday
Episode 196: Salvation
Episode 207: Icarus
Episode 208: Collateral

Dinah Lance worked at the Daily Planet with Lois and Clark. Always wanting to do good she was tricked into believing the Green Arrow was a terrorist by Lex Luthor. As the Black Canary, she hunted down Oliver Queen after deducing his secret identity. With her sonic scream, super dexterity and fighting skills she proved to be a formidable adversary. She was able to capture both Oliver and Lois. When growing suspicious of Lex she decided to confront him. Lex not being one to hesitate shot her. Luckily, she was saved by Clark. Out of her disguise she apologized for her actions and assured them she was giving up her identity as the Black Canary. Oliver had other ideas and asked if she would join his team. She agreed and became a key member of the league. Black Canary is the most active member who is not a series regular on the show. She was there for key decisions for how the team was to proceed in dealing with the threats of both Doomsday and the Kandorians. When Hawkman died she was there to grieve and support with the rest of them.

Jaren Brandt Bartlet as Blue Beetle
Jaren Brandt Bartlet as Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes

Actor: Jaren Brandt Bartlet
Episode 214: Booster

Jaime Reyes was almost hit by a Kork Industires vehicle but Booster Gold comes to his rescue damaging the car and saving the young teenager’s life. A blue scarab escaped the wreckage and went into Jaime’s backpack. After being teased by a group of his peers Jaime runs away and into an alley. It is here that the blue scarab first takes over Jaime’s body. Later, he runs to Booster Gold for help only to be turned away. The blue scarab takes control again and now as the armored Blue Beetle begins to attack Booster with its superior strength, speed and firepower, Jamie is trapped inside with no control over the machine encasing him. Booster is able to encourage Jaime to believe in himself and take control of the Blue Beetle. Jaime takes full control of the suit and when offered the chance to have it removed, refuses. He wants to become a hero like Booster Gold. In the end the Blue Beetle becomes the apprentice of Booster Gold.

Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold
Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold

Booster Gold / Micheal Jon Carter

Actor: Eric Martsolf
Episode 214: Booster

Booster Gold is a washed up sports star from the future who uses a stolen Legion Ring, a tech suit, and Skeets to try to become a rich and famous superhero. (Skeets is an artificial intelligent computer with vast amounts of information to help Booster fight crime and know where to go for events that have not happened yet.) Booster attempts to accomplish his goal by following in what would have been Superman’s footsteps by getting to crimes before Clark Kent. However, he soon alters history and his timeline is no longer accurate. When battling the Blue Beetle, Booster is over matched but is able to inspire Jaime Reyes to have confidence in himself and control the Blue Beetle body armor. In the process of this battle Booster learns what being a true hero is about and overcomes his own arrogance and desire for recognition.

Lee Thompson Young as Cyborg
Lee Thompson Young as Cyborg

Cyborg / Victor Stone

Actor: Lee Thompson Young
Episode 104: Cyborg
Episode 122: Justice
Episode 196: Salvation

Metropolis High School football star Victor Stone and his family were in a horrible car accident. While the rest of his family perished, Victor was pulled to safety and a company by the name of Syn Technics experimentally replaced parts of his body with bionic ones. With his augmentations Victor has super strength, stamina and durability.

Dr. Hong allowed Victor to escape the laboratory and gave him a picture of his former girlfriend Katherine. On the run he is hit by Lana Lang’s car. While he is uninjured, Lana is not and he quickly rushes her to the hospital. Clark and Victor meet and they work together to reclaim Victor’s life. In the process we learn Syn Technics is a part of Luther Corp and Lex wants his robot back. With Clark and Lana’s help Victor is able to find Katherine and restart his life before the accident.

A year later his life has fallen apart. Victor has broken up with Katherine and is living on the streets. Oliver Queen finds Victor and takes him in. It is Oliver who is able to give Victor hope and recruits him to his team of superheroes. Queen Industries upgraded Victor and he now has the ability to hack into computers and shoot energy from his hands. Taking on the name Cyborg, Victor was there for the team’s first mission of destroying Lex Luther’s project 33.1 and stopped him from forming an army of super soldiers. Cyborg was also involved with the battle plans for fighting the Kandorians and attended Hawkman’s funeral.

Brent Stait as Dr. Fate
Brent Stait as Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate / Kent Nelson

Actor: Brent Stait
Episode 186: Absolute Justice
Episode 196: Salvation

Kent Nelson is introduced as a crazy, old homeless man. Using the Helmet of Nabu over the years has taken a toll on his mortal mind. With the death of his former team members he must don the helmet and become Dr. Fate one last time to bring their killer to justice. His investigation begins with drawing knowledge from the original Icicle, who is in a coma at Metropolis General Hospital. There he meets Clark Kent who touches him. Upon contact he instantly foresees Clark’s destiny and transports them both to the original Justice Society of America’s headquarters. While there Dr. Fate explains that Clark will not only lead a new silver age of heroes but when he reveals himself to the world, society will finally be able to accept heroes as a part of it.

Dr. Fate and the Martian Manhunter go off in search of the new Icicle, who has been killing heroes. Sacrificing himself, Dr Fate saves the Martian Manhunter and restores his powers. After killing Dr. Fate, Icicle steals the Helmet of Nabu. When Icicle is finally defeated by the combined might of the JSA and Green Arrow’s team the helmet is recovered and awaiting the next person to be called on to take the role of Dr. Fate.

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow
Justin Hartley as Green Arrow

Green Arrow / Oliver Queen

Actor: Justin Hartley
72 episodes 2006-2011

The Green Arrow has been a series regular on Smallville since season 6. Oliver Queen and Clark Kent are good friends but often differ in their opinions of right and wrong. Oliver has proven multiple times that he is willing to kill or let a villain die for the greater good. He attempted to kill Lex Luther several times and eventually succeeded. This is a line Clark will never cross.

Green Arrow started out his superhero career as a modern day Robin Hood. He would steal valuables that the rich had attained through questionable circumstances and then donated the money to charities. His resume grew quickly beyond saving civilians from everyday criminals too also fighting it out with heavy hitter super villains. Oliver is responsible for assembling and financing a team of superheroes who would eventually become the Justice League.

As a rich, playboy Oliver fit the role nicely. He was good looking, personable and a ladies’ man. He dated several of the women in the Smallville universe including Lois Lane but eventually ends up marrying Chloe Sullivan. His personal story is strongly tied to the Luthers. Oliver and Lex have known each other almost their entire lives. Their parents were part of a secret society called Veritas and they went to boarding school together. Oliver was much more popular than a young, bald Lex and to say they were friends would be a stretch. It was Lex’s father, Lionel Luther, who had Oliver’s parents killed.

There were several points within his story arc where Oliver gave up being the Green Arrow. After the tragic battle with Doomsday, Oliver went into a deep depression and spiraled out of control. Not only did he give up being the Green Arrow but he also gave up on his personal life. Trying to abandon all responsibilities, Oliver uses alcohol and even attempts suicide. With his friends help, especially Chloe, Oliver was able to regain his bearing and rise up to become the Green Arrow once again.

Michael Shanks as Hawkman
Michael Shanks as Hawkman

Hawkman / Carter Hall

Actor: Michael Shanks
Episode 186: Absolute Justice
Episode 196: Salvation
Episode 198: Shield
Episode 207: Icarus

Carter Hall and his wife Shayera were cursed thousands of years ago. They are doomed to continually be reborn only to watch the other die. In their current incarnations, they were members of the Justice Society of America. When we come across Carter, the original Icicle has already killed Hawkgirl. We find the former leader of the JSA still carrying a strong sense of justice but he is blunt, critical, and uptight. With the JSA disbanded he sticks around to take care of his old teammate and friend Kent Nelson.

Icicle’s son takes on his father’s persona and begins killing former JSA members, forcing Carter out of retirement. Becoming Hawkman once again, Carter helps Clark and the next generation of superheroes defeat Icicle and in the process finds himself. He and Stargirl will be reforming the JSA for a new age of heroes.

With Hawkman’s super strength, speed, durability, and flying he is a formidable opponent. Although, not as powerful as Superman he was able to hold his own in the battle with Zod and the Kandorians.

Clark later enlists Carter’s help to keep Lois Lane safe. Dealing with Lois may have been one of his greatest challenges. In the final season Slade Wilson attempts to convince the public that superheroes were nothing more than vigilantes and terrorists. This is reminiscent of the 1970s when Hawkman’s team was rounded up and arrested after years of being the protectors of society. Slade Wilson and Hawkman were locked in battle, when Carter sacrificed his life to save Lois. He was buried next to his wife Shayera and will once again be reunited with his one true love in their next life.

Kyle Gallner as Impulse
Kyle Gallner as Impulse

Impulse / Bart Allen

Actor: Kyle Gallner
Episode 72: Run
Episode 122: Justice
Episode 175: Doomsday

When Bart first races on screen he is a mystery. He has a good heart but has been supporting himself with a life a crime. Using his super speed, Bart is able to easily pick somebody’s pocket or steal valuable artifacts. After taking Jonathan Kent’s wallet, Clark tracks him down and discovers various fake IDs. Bart has been using the names Jay Garrik, Barry Allen and Wally West. He told Clark his name is Bart and receive his powers from an accident involving a huge flash of light.

Bart and Clark bonded quickly, Bart is excited to find somebody else with superpowers and Clark is happy to find somebody with powers, who was not first infected with meteor rock. Upon meeting Chloe he develops a crush and does a lot of unsuccessful flirting. Despite these friendships, Bart is still stealing for a man named Hanison. When he steals an ancient Russian manuscript from Lex Luther it almost gets Bart killed. Luckily, Clark comes to the rescue and uses the experience as an example of how Bart’s actions do have consequences and he should use his gift for good.

A few years later Oliver Queen catches Bart stealing food in Star City. Understanding that Bart wasn’t a bad kid he offers him a job. Bart joins Oliver’s teams of superheroes and is given the name Impulse. He is captured during the team’s mission of taking down Lex Luther’s project 33.1 and we witness Impulse’s limits. After his rescue, he and the rest of the Green Arrows team continue the mission to stop Lex from building an army of super soldiers.

Impulse was vital in the search for Clark when he went missing, instrumental in helping Chloe bring Oliver back from the brink to become the Green Arrow once again, and was a key player in the battle against Doomsday. He has also been present for many of the tragedies the league has faced. He attended both Jimmy Olsen and Hawkman’s funeral.

Legion Of Superheroes

Episode 164: Legion

Using the Legion rings Rokk Krinn, Imra Ardeen and Garth Ranzz travel back from the 31st century to save Clark Kent from the Persuader. The Legion of Superheroes quickly succeed and send the Persuader back to the future. GREAT SCOTT! They saved Clark’s life but the device he was going to destroy Brainiac with later that day was destroyed. Since their time line has now been altered they stay to help Clark defeat Brainiac, who has taken control of Chloe Sullivan’s body.

With the device destroyed the Legion believes the only way to stop Brainiac is to kill the host, thus killing Chloe. Clark will not stand for the taking of a life and unable to convince them otherwise goes off to handle the situation alone. Using their powers the Legion are able to subdue Brainiac but before they can kill Chloe, Clark arrives and intervenes. He convinces them to work together, defeat Brainiac and save Chloe’s life. In the end they see the hero that in their time not only inspired earth but the entire galaxy. Clark was able to show the Legion the importance of never killing and Rokk made it one of the Legion’s core values.

Before returning to the 31st century they leave Clark a Legion Ring so he can travel to the future if the need should ever arise. They slightly modify it, by disabling the flying function.

Imra (Saturn Girl), Garth (Lightning Lad), Rokk, (Cosmic Boy)
Imra (Saturn Girl), Garth (Lightning Lad), Rokk, (Cosmic Boy)

Cosmic Boy / Rokk Krinn

Actor: Ryan Kennedy
Episode 164: Legion
Episode 175: Doomsday

Rokk Krinn is an alien from another planet who has the ability to control metal objects through magnetic manipulation. He is the leader of the Legion team that goes back in time to save Clark and help destroy Brainiac. Rokk is very serious in his leadership and is willing to make the hard decisions to succeed but after working with Clark he develops a moral code more in line with his idol, Superman.

He returns one more time alone to warn Clark that because they saved Chloe, in the new timeline Clark Kent dies when he fights Doomsday. He offers to transport Doomsday to the future so the Legion can fight him. Clark refuses stating it is his responsibility and he will face it even if that means his death.

Lighting Lad / Garth Ranzz

Actor: Calum Worthy
Episode 164: Legion

Garth Ranzz is an alien from the planet Winath. He has the power to control electricity and is a member of the Legion of Superheroes. When around Clark he becomes a giddy fan and is easily distracted when coming across items like Clark’s letterman jacket. Meeting Clark before he has become the Superman everyone knows did put his ideas into question but after witnessing Clark’s resolve Garth was in awe once again.

Saturn Girl / Imra Ardeen

Actress: Alexz Johnson
Episode 164: Legion

An alien from another planet, who has the power of telepathy, she appears to be the most compassionate of the Legion and is able to help other understand what is motivating people to act a certain way. She does have the bad habit of reading people’s minds readily and without permission. It is through Imra that we learn Lana Lang’s life will go down in history beyond her relationship with Clark Kent.

Phil Morris as Martian Manhunter
Phil Morris as Martian Manhunter | Source

Martian Manhunter / John Jones

Actor: Phil Morris
11 episodes 2006-2010

Although the Martian Manhunter’s first appears is in season six, he has been a part of Clark’s life since before he came to earth. As a bounty hunter he worked with Jor-El in 28 galaxies capturing criminals. Shortly before Krypton exploded, Jor-El asked the Manhunter to watch over Clark so that he may fulfill his destiny but not interfere unless it was absolutely necessary. It wasn’t’ until prisoners escaped the Phantom Zone that the Martain Manhunter revealed himself to Clark.

He is the perfect guardian for Clark. He is the last of his Martian race and can sympathize with Clark’s situation of losing his home planet. His physical powers seem almost limitless, making him more than capable in dealing with Clark’s enemies. He has super strength, speed, durability, heat vision, shape shifting, telepathy, memory manipulation, invisibility, intangibility and flight. In order to heal from major wounds he must leave earth’s atmosphere and his only real weakness is fire.

In season 8, when Clark was mortally wounded, the Martian Manhunter flew Clark toward the sun so that he could heal and regain his powers. Unfortunately this stripped the Martian of his powers and he could no longer act as Clark’s protector. He does not stay out of Clark’s life forever. He returns to Metropolis and goes by the name of John Jones. He still helps Clark in whatever capacity he can and is an excellent source for advice.

When Icicle was killing the old members of the Justice Society of America John joined in the hunt for their killer. He and Dr. Fate went to search a nitrogen storage facility, where Dr. Fate sacrifices his life to save the Manhunter, by quickly transporting John to Mars and back, which restored his powers. With his powers restored, the Martian Manhunter was back in action and none too soon since they soon would be battling general Zod and the Kandorians. Despite gaining his powers back, John kept his new identity and stayed with the police force.

Elena Satine as Mera
Elena Satine as Mera


Actress: Elena Satine
Episode 205: Patriot

Mera was introduced already married to Aquaman. Her and Arthur are destroying secret prisons designed to hold individuals with super powers. Slade Wilson was building these prisons soon after the government passed the Vigilante Registration Act. We assume she has the same powers as Arthur when we see her and Aquaman swimming at super speed to the first prison. Soon, we discover she also has the power of hydrokinesis when she attacks Clark with water. She uses this power again to rescue Green Arrow from a tank of water. Through a conversation with Lois Lane she reveals that Arthur Curry will be the future king of an underwater kingdom.

Ken Lawson as Sandman
Ken Lawson as Sandman

Sandman / Wesley Dodds

Actor: Ken Lawson
Episode 186: Absolute Justice

With the shortest scene of all the superheroes to appear on Smallville, we first meet Dodds while he is having a dream of the Star Spangled Kid’s fight to the death. After seeing his old teammate from the Justice Society of American die he wakes up realizing his own death will soon be at hand. He dons the Sandman costume one last time to meet his fate.

Brittney Irvin as Star Girl
Brittney Irvin as Star Girl

Star Girl / Courtney Whitmore

Actress: Brittney Irvin
Episode 186: Absolute Justice
Episode 196: Salvation
Episode 207: Icarus
Episode 216: Prophecy

Courtney Whitmore is a normal teenage girl, with the exception of being the apprentice of the Star Spangled Kid. She is being trained because Sylvester Pemperton is trying to reform The Justice Society Of American with a new generation of superheroes. She has no powers of her own but when the Star Spangled Kid is killed she inherits his Cosmic Control Staff. While in possession of the staff Stargirl can fly, teleport and shoot energy from the staff itself.

We meet Whitney after the Star Spangled Kid’s death. She and the golden age JSA members hunt down Icicle who is killing their original members. They join Green Arrow’s team and battle this threat together. After the battle is won, Stargirl joins Clark Kent and his friends and Sylvester’s dream of a new silver age of heroes is realized.

Stargirl continues to be a vital member of the Justice League. She has fought with them in their battle with the Kandorians and saved Oliver from a mob of angry citizens. She has also been there for more than just physical battles. Stargirl has shared laughs and tears with the rest of the team. She was there when Clark Kent decided to shut down Watchtower and for Hawkman’s funeral.

Jim Shield as Star-Spangled Kid
Jim Shield as Star-Spangled Kid

Star-Spangled Kid / Sylvester Pemperton

Actor: Jim Shield
Episode 186: Absolute Justice

Sylvester Pemperton was a member of The Justice Society of America. He never had the chance to meet Clark Kent but he does contact Chloe Sullivan in an alley. He gives some hints about forming a team and danger but before more can be revealed he throws Chloe in a dumpster saving her life as he fights and is ultimately killed by Icicle. When we meet the Star Spangled Kid he is a middle-aged man, who has taken on Stargirl as an apprentice. After his death Stargirl takes possession of the Cosmic Control Staff.

Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent / Superboy
Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent / Superboy

Superboy / Conner Kent

Actor: Jakob Davies
Episode 197: Lazarus
Episode 201: Isis
Actor: Connor Stanhope
Episode 202: Harvest
Actor: Lucas Grabeel
Episode 209: Beacon
Episode 212: Scion

Season 10 of Smallville starts with Tess Mercer/Luther waking up in a facility used by Lex Luther to clone himself. It is filled with failed clones along with one cloned child who goes by the name of Alexander. He is not the perfect clone. He suffers from the same genetic fault as the others and ages at an accelerated rate. As Alexander grows more discoveries are made. Not only does he have a superior intelligence but he is also filled with the original Lex’s memories. With these fragmented memories come Lex’s obsession over Clark Kent and the House of El mystery. He soon begins to try and fill the original Lex’s role and kill Clark Kent. Never one to give up hope, Clark and Tess are able to convince Alexander that he does not have to take on the role of the original Lex. He can be his own person.

Although the battle for Alexanders soul is won his genetic condition is still deteriorating. Not only is he aging but his memories and those of Lex are beginning to fade away. In an attempt to humanely end his suffering, Tess tries to euthanize him with a shot of poison. The needle breaks and we begin to see that Alexander is more than just a clone of Lex Luther.

We see Alexander again when the accelerated aging process has been stopped but he has lost all his memories and he is developing superpowers. It turns out Alexander was actually created from both Lex and Clark’s DNA. He takes on the name Connor because his doctors kept calling him a Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant (CNR). Clark brings Connor in and helps him with controlling his powers. Connor has the same strengths and weaknesses as Clark, although none of his powers are at the same level of an older Clark Kent. Lionel Luther gets involved and gives Connor a red kryptonite ring, bringing out Connor’s rebellious teenage side. Clark destroys the red kryptonite ring and Connor destroys the green kryptonite Lionel was using to kill Clark. The good guys prevail, Clark takes Connor into his family and Connor Kent is created. Before leaving for Washington D.C. we see Connor put a red House of El symbol onto a black t-shirt.

Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl
Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl | Source

Super Girl / Kara

Actress: Laura Vandervoort
23 episodes 2007-2011

Kara was sent to earth to look after her baby cousin Kal-El but when she landed in the Smallville reservoir she was kept in suspended animation for 18 years. When waking up, Clark Kent/Kal-El was older than her and their roles were reversed. It was Clark who had to take care of Kara, teaching her to control her powers and fit in on Earth.

As the last members of their family Clark and Kara have a very special bond but there relationship has been very rocky at times, especially in the beginning. The Martian Manhunter informs Clark that Kara’s father, Zor-El, was a traitor who attempted to assassinate Jor-El. When the blue crystal her father asked her to protect was lost she and Clark looked for it separately. When Clark eventually found it, he did not tell Kara. Later, Clark hears his mothers voice in the crystal and releases her and a clone of Zor-El, who wants to conquer Earth. When Kara discovers his plans she stands up to her father and is almost killed. Clark is able to save her and destroy the crystal. But Kara is transported to Detroit with no memories or powers. She gets a job as a waitress and goes by the name Linda.

Lex Luther is able to track her down and offers to help her. Without her memories, she does not fully trust Clark who just saved her from an obsessed stalker and goes to live with Lex. While staying in the mansion Kara and Lex become very close. It is only when Lana and Chloe kidnap Kara and take her to the Fortress of Solitude that Jor-El is able to restore Kara’s memories and powers.

It wasn’t long before her and Clark had to fight Brainiac. During the battle Kara was sent to the Phantom Zone and Brainiac impersonates her here on Earth. Kara is stuck in the Phantom Zone for months, until Clark and Lois are accidentally sent there by the Crystal of Knowledge. The three of them are then able to escape together.

Kara leaves yet again to find Kandor, the capitol city of Krypton. There are rumors that the city survives out in space and with it more Kryptonians. She believes it is her destiny to find them.

Kara returns to Earth when Darkseid begins to bring the “Darkness”. Clark is not ready to take on Darkseid because of the darkness in his own heart, so it is up to Kara to be Earth’s protector. During the “Darkness”, Slade Wilson was enforcing the Vigilante Registration Act and trying to round up super powered individuals. It was at this time that Kara is officially called Supergirl. Eventually, Clark is able to become the Superman the world needs and Kara leaves to pursue her own destiny by putting on a Legion ring and traveling to the future.

Wonder Twins: David Gallagher (Zan) & Allison Scagliotti (Jayna)
Wonder Twins: David Gallagher (Zan) & Allison Scagliotti (Jayna)

Wonder Twins / Zan & Jayna

Actor: David Gallagher
Actress: Allison Scagliotti
Episode 183: Idol

Zan and Jayna are twins with the power to shape shift. In order to transform they must touch each other but can revert back whenever they wish. They prefer to bump fist and say “Powers Activate”. Zan can turn into any of the three stages of water (solid, liquid, gas) and Jayna can take the form of any animal or insect.

They desperately want to be heroes and are huge fans of the Blur. They begin impersonating the Blur with the best of intentions but tend to make a mess of things along the way. They accidentally captured undercover agents and knocked out Metropolis’ power in their attempts to help. Clark finds them and along with Chloe they attempt to get the Wonder Twins to stop “helping”. In the end they are able to assist Clark and save the day without causing a catastrophe in the process. Clark expresses how proud he was of them and the responsibility that goes along with being a hero.

Serinda Swan as Zatanna
Serinda Swan as Zatanna

Zatanna Zatara

Actress: Serinda Swan
Episode 170: Hex
Episode 187: Warrior

Zatanna, daughter of the famous magician John Zatara, is searching for her father’s spell book. At first her powers are limited to granting other people’s wishes. Her wish granting causes problems and draws in Clark and the Green Arrow. We discover the reason she wants her father’s spell book is to bring him back from the dead but in order to do this she must sacrifice her own. When she comes into possession of the book her magical powers begin to grow. Before bringing her father back to life she realizes the errors of her ways. Not only does she apologize for her actions but she also offers her assistance if Oliver and his team should ever come across any supernatural foes.

We next meet Zatanna at Metropolis Wonder Con. She has been going around cleaning up hexes here father had conjured in his youth. The one she is currently looking for will turn the reader of a comic book into a superhero but the moment the reader feels betrayed they will become a super villain. Zatanna is able to lift this curse with Clark’s help.

Although Zatanna never makes another full appearance in the series there are plenty of references to let us know she is actively involved in the world. She is listed as an unregistered vigilante, attends Hawkman’s funeral, and gives Clark and Lois a bottle of champagne with a little magic touch for their joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party, so that Clark, despite his super abilities can get drunk. Of course, the whole party gets drunk and in typical “The Hangover” fashion they have an adventure/mystery when they wake up the next morning.

Episode 186: Absolute Justice

This story line has former members of The Justice Society of America being murdered. Investigating this rash of murders, Clark and Chloe find an old film clip that has a montage of former Super Heroes alter egos being arrested.

JSA Smallville Portrait
JSA Smallville Portrait

During this montage hints are given about their golden age origins. Ted Grant was a champion boxer and Jay Garrik was a research scientist. Some heroes had their backgrounds slightly changed. Scott Alan was made CEO of Broadcasting company rather than the founder of the golden age J.S.A. and Al Pratt was a physics professor at Calvin City College rather than being a student.

Wildcat / Ted Grant
Actor: Roger Haskett

Green Lantern / Scott Alan
Actor: Doug Pinton

Atom / Al Pratt
Actor: Glenn Hoffmann

Flash / Jay Garrick
Actor: Billy Mitchell

Red Tornado / Abigail 'Ma' Hunkel
Actress: Deborah Cole



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    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Glad you are enjoying my hubs! I was sad to see it go, but thought it had run its course. It was time for Superman. I wish Welling would have continued the franchise.

    • jupiter90 profile image


      6 years ago

      Another great Hub Geekdom. I enjoyed watching Smallville through the past decade. I really wanted the show to continue; it would have been nice if Diana or Batman appeared in the series. I'm glad the show was continued in a comic book series.

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      7 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it. I have not seen Arrow yet, but am looking forward to it. I like to watch shows all at once instead of waiting week to week. Thanks for commenting.

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      Serenity Queen 

      7 years ago from Rochester, NY

      It's funny because I've watched Smallville from the beginning and I just started watching the CW's new show Arrow - they are two completely different entities. There's a lot of the same characters (obviously) but you need to completely separate them from each other because they are so different (Both Oliver's for example).

      You'd think I would like one over the other but both are great shows.

      Nice list!

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I also thought the high school years were the best. Around college they started stretching it out a bit.

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      LaZeric Freeman 

      7 years ago from Hammond

      Nice hub. I watched it all 10 years, but preferred the early years when Ma and Pa Kent were guiding Clark.

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      Thanks! I made a note and will be looking into this oversight soon.

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      7 years ago

      You missed one. Vandena lady with the spanish tongue. She worked in the daily bugle. Ann cloie helped here with clark to get a new inentity I think season 6 or 7

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      It was a lot of fun. 10 years was a really good run.

    • KA Pederson profile image

      Kim Anne 

      7 years ago from Texas

      we LOVED smallville! We were so sad when it was over!


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