Top 9 Captivating Shows Like 'The Good Place' Everyone Should Watch

Updated on June 28, 2020
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all-time favorites are 'The Wire', 'Breaking Bad', and 'The Sopranos.'

What Shows Are Like The Good Place?

We've all seen more than a fair share of sitcoms. Many famous shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, among many others, have become synonymous with pop culture. However, there are plenty of comedy shows that aren't as famous as the ones mentioned above but are still a hoot.

One of them is the fantasy comedy The Good Place. The premise of this show is truly unique and contributes majorly towards laughs and gags. Eleanor heads to the afterlife to find that there is a special heaven-like utopia called The Good Place.

However, it becomes to clear that Eleanor is a misfit. In order to survive and thrive in this new place, she suppresses her immoral behavior and tries to act all good.

Kristen Bell is endearing as Eleanor and the rest of the cast is pretty stellar as well. If you enjoy offbeat comedy shows like The Good Place, you have come to the right place. Let's take a look at some similar series.

Series Similar to The Good Place

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  2. Veronica Mars
  3. Community
  4. Santa Clarita Diet
  5. Forever
  6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  7. Parks And Recreation
  8. Jane The Virgin
  9. Pushing Daisies
  10. Ash Vs Evil Dead

1. Brooklyn Nine - Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is quite famous in some circles but is still severely underrated when it comes to the mainstream world of TV shows. Set in the fictional 99th police precinct of Brooklyn, the show follows a multitude of characters as they solve crimes and get in trouble. There's some good amount of police work and crime presented in the show, which is equally balanced by some brilliant humor and quirky characters.

We got Peralta who's laidback but still manages to be in the good books of the department. His stern and uptight partner, Santiago, however disagrees with his methods. Along with these two, there are other enthralling leads who' hook you to this show instantly. They all work under the new police captain, Raymond Holt, who's serious and takes things literally.

Even though he seems to lack a sense of humour, some of the best comic punches come from the stoic police chief. With such an interesting influx of characters with widely different personalities, the show is a delight to watch. It's no wonder that it has already aired for six seasons. Do yourself a favor and watch this gem.

2. Veronica Mars

If you loved Kristen Bell in The Good Place, you need to check out one of her earlier works. The detective drama series Veronica Mars catapulted Bell to fame as she played a teenage Sherlock.

Initially a popular girl, her life takes a dark turn as she becomes a detective and solves some major crimes. Be warned; the show is much darker than most sitcoms, but certainly has plenty of light and funny moments to keep things fun.

She might look cute and innocent, but beneath the harmless facade, she's a hard-boiled detective who's tough as nails. Watching Kristen speaking like a tough, rugged veteran is a surreal experience. It also does not sugarcoat things and portrays high school accurately for the hell that it is. However, it's this overall grimness that elicits a chuckle and a laugh here and there.

Bell is supremely talented and she proves it well enough in this show. The series became pretty popular while it aired and went on to get a movie adaptation.

If you're looking for a show like The Good Place, Veronica Mars will not disappoint.

3. Community

They often say you should never lie on your resume and this series shows what happens when you do. Jeff Winger loses his job in a law firm when it comes to light that he has faked his college degree. Now he's forced to join a community college and get his undergraduate degree. Here, he gets attracted to a fellow classmate and starts a study group to get closer to her. However, things go for a toss when different, quirky characters join his group along with his love interest.

While the contrasting characters in the study group lead to a lot of funny situations, the team also has to deal with their unstable Spanish teacher, Ben Change, my personal favorite. Played by Ken Jeong of The Hangover fame, Chang is an absolute savage. He's unpredictable, mean spirited and his antics will often leave you laughing out loud. I've never seen a character this outrageous in a sitcom, and the show is all the better for it. Watch Community for the interesting premise and the enigmatic Ben Chang.

4. Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore is widely known in the comedy circuit. She has featured in many slapstick comedies as well as romcoms. Here, she takes on the niche genre of horror comedy. Her latest TV show, Santa Clarita Diet, should definitely sate your supernatural fix while delivering a few good laughs along the way.

Barrymore plays Sheila, a mother, a wife, and a real estate agent. Living a normal life in suburban America, her life takes a drastic turn when she suddenly starts craving flesh! What's causing this weird malady? How will the family help her in these trying times? Can they hide this monstrous secret from the neighbors and society? All these questions and a lot more are answered in this show.

Santa Clarita Diet is one series that closely resembles The Good Place. It has ridiculous, good-natured humour, and an overarching supernatural theme, much like the Kristen Bell starrer. If you're a fan of Drew Barrymore, you would definitely dig this strange show.

5. Forever

Dealing with the concept of the afterlife, just like The Good Place, is the comedy-drama Forever. The phrase 'till death do us part' is quite common in marriage ceremonies. Well, what if the marriage lasts beyond death and into the afterlife? That's exactly what happens with a middle-aged married couple named Oscar and June.

The couple reunites in the afterlife, but things are not hunky dory as they had expected. You see, their marriage had gone stale and was falling apart on Earth, a situation which has not changed even after death! Now, stuck with each other for eternity, the two must resolve their differences, for there is really no other option.

Forever a lot more melancholic and romantic than shows like The Good Place and Community, but it's a solid comedy show nevertheless. Veteran actors Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph bring all their acting expertise on the table and deliver some really well-earned laughs. So, great premise, multiple layers and brilliant actors, what's not to like?

6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you like your comedy with a heavy dose of reality here and there, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend should be your pick. The show really puts into focus what people consider to be important in their lives. Rebecca Bunch is a famous real estate lawyer in New York who, in spite of her flourishing career, is depressed. She soon leaves it all behind and follows her high school crush to his hometown, where she takes a job in a small law firm. What's the motive behind this drastic change and how she deals with her inner demons makes up for the rest of the tale.

Now, while the premise may seem rather serious and insightful, the treatment is really funny. Serious concepts are shown in the most lighthearted, breezy manner, with plenty of musical numbers thrown in between. In case you're a sucker for musicals, this is definitely an added bonus.

With plenty of drama, comedy and fantasy dance numbers, the show's almost as cool as a Bollywood movie. It's outlandish in some places and super relatable in others.

Those looking for a show like The Good Place will not be disappointed.

7. Parks and Recreation

Considered to be up there along with classics such as The Office, Parks and Recreation deserve to be on this list for its sheer brilliance. Following the story of Leslie Knope and her co-workers, the characters all work together in the Parks and Recreation department in the fictional town of Pawnee. Leslie heads the team and tries her best to make things work. As it the case with most sitcoms, the comedic aspects arise due to the widely contrasting characters.

The show has some great punchlines and famous names such as Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, and Amy Poehler. My personal favorite, however, is the character of Ron Swanson. Portrayed by Nick Offerman, Ron is the embodiment of nonchalance. He does not care about his work, his life situation, or pretty much anything really. However, he secretly does care about his co-workers, and his character arc from a closed off individual to someone who actually cares is entertaining to watch.

This show put Chris, Nick, and Ansari on the map, so it would be wise to check out this classic for yourself.

8. Jane The Virgin

Breaking regional and religious stereotypes, Jane The Virgin is a one of a kind show. A comedy-drama on the life of a religious Venezuelan woman named Jane, the show has a multitude of things working in its favour.

Jane has sworn to abstain from sex until marriage and follows it seriously. However, one day she accidentally becomes pregnant due to artificial insemination. Now, not only does have to deal with her family but with her work as well. How will she deal with this massive upheaval? The show answers this and many other interesting what-if scenarios.

At four seasons long, the show never seems tedious to watch. The comedy of errors unfolding on screen will leave you engrossed. There is plenty of funny moments backed with some subtle social commentary regarding strict religious rules and whatnot.

The best part is, the show never takes itself too seriously, as it shouldn't. Its a comedy after all. Jane The Virgin also branches out beautifully in later seasons with each of her family members getting their own, distinguished plotline. If you're on the lookout for some thoughtful comedy, this show is your big ticket.

9. Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies certainly pushes the envelope of quality TV shows, if nothing else. Much like The Good Place, this show too has a fantasy/supernatural element to it.

Ned is a simple piemaker with extraordinary power; he can bring the dead to life with his touch. With such great power, comes some really deadly responsibilities. Getting to know about his incredible gift, a detective takes Ned's help to solve murders. Thanks to such a unique premise, the show has earned the adjective of a 'forensic fairy tale'.

This is one of the most refreshing shows you'll ever witness. The premise is dark and bizarre, and the comedy is more tongue in cheek with liberal use of wordplay, witty one-liners, and double entendres. Many critics have compared the style of the show to Tim Burton's films for their creepy, yet fun vibe. Unfortunately, in spite of so much promise, the show was canceled way too soon.

The silver lining is, it's two seasons long, with 22 episodes in total. A lot of excellent content to binge upon before you move on to the next show.

10. Ash Vs Evil Dead

Last but definitely not the least is my favorite show of the entire lot—Ash Vs Evil Dead. Gory, brutal, and downright scary in parts, the show is equally hilarious.

Set 30 years after the events of the Evil Dead movie franchise, our hero Ash Williams is now in his fifties. Living a quiet life in a trailer, his past comes back to haunt him when he accidentally from the Necronomicon, aka The Book of The Dead. Now, with the help of Honduran co-worker Pablo and his hot friend Kelly, Ash must fight demons once again and put an end to this menace, once and for all.

I must warn you; if you have seen Evil Dead movies, you should know that this show is really graphic. I can't emphasize on the word graphic enough. It's completely disgusting in places, but a beautiful mess nonetheless.

Bruce Campbell brings his sarcastic nature and effortless charm as Ash Williams, a scumbag who you will grow to love. It's a feast for gorehounds. Go on, give it a shot!

Did I miss out on any other shows like The Good Place? Let me know in the comments section.


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