Top 10 Teen-Oriented Shows Like 'Sex Education'

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all-time favorites are 'The Wire', 'Breaking Bad', and 'The Sopranos.'

What Series Are Like Sex Education?

The 90s and early 2000s were filled with teen shows and movies that highlighted the insatiable sexual appetite of high schoolers. In recent years, however, there has been a significant shift in this trend. Shows featuring high school students are now less stereotypical and more relatable. The experiences with the opposite sex were more grounded. One great example of the above trend is British comedy Sex Education.

This insightful series features a high school lad named Otis Milburn, who's confused about his sexuality. It is ironic considering the fact that his mother is an expert in this field and has always been open about it. Armed with the knowledge of the birds and the bees, Otis opens his own consulting business where he helps fellow students with their sexual problems.

If you're a fan of this Netflix show and are on the lookout for something similar, you're in luck, as I've compiled for you the best teen comedy/drama shows like Sex Education that'll hook you instantly.

Series Like Sex Education

  1. The End of The F***ing World
  2. Derry Girls
  3. Big Mouth
  4. A.P.Bio
  5. Skins
  6. Fresh Meat
  7. She's Gotta Have It
  8. Lovesick
  9. Everything Sucks!
  10. Freaks And Geeks

1. The End of The F***ing World

It is comical that a teenage show has been given such an explicit, albeit censored title. The premise of the show is quite outlandish and crazy, as far as British dramas go.

Following the lives of two high schoolers, the show portrays what happens when two free-spirited teens meet and are left unsupervised. Jaime, a young adolescent boy, is convinced that he's a psychopath and is looking for his first murder victim. Soon, his sights land on Alyssa, a new student in his school, who's bored of their little town. She proposes running away with Jamie and having a little adventure. What transpires when these two rebellious teens go on a wild escapade makes up for the rest of the tale.

The comedic elements in this show are pretty dark and dry, definitely not for the faint of heart. Also, there's plenty of swearing which brings authenticity to the characters. It's also fascinating to witness their ever-changing relationship. Jamie first considers Alyssa as just meat for killing but changes his opinion as the show progresses. With such an intriguing plot, it's no wonder the series is up for another brand new season.

2. Derry Girls

Perhaps not as popular as most teenage comedy-dramas, Derry Girls has started to pick up some steam in the online streaming community. Officially a British production, the show is actually set in Northern Ireland - a place that seldom receives screen time or media attention. The plot follows five school-going, teenage girls - Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle, and James, as they navigate treacherous high school years in 1990s Northern Ireland. A hearty comedy with some very earnest performances from the young cast makes it a compelling watch.

The most attractive feature about Derry Girls, however, is a strong political background. The show is set in a very turbulent time in Northern Ireland known as 'The Troubles'. A small political war had surfaced regarding whether Northern Ireland should join with the Republic of Ireland or align with the United Kingdom. Overall, a very interesting premise for a comedy show.

If you're looking for some provocative shows like Sex Education, Derry Girls should be right up your alley.

3. Big Mouth

Another Netflix show that expertly showcases the teenage fascination with sex, is the animation show, Big Mouth. This series is replete with gross humor, inappropriate jokes, and most awkward and horrifying sexual encounters. Of course, these concepts are shown in such a manner that it'll disgust and amuse you at the same time. One can't help but laugh at the misadventures of the show's central characters as they try to get their bearings as sexual beings.

Thanks to the above themes, the show draws some parallels with Sex Education. Although, the treatment is quite different from the British comedy series. While Sex Education combines comedic elements with some insightful drama, Big Mouth does not show such subtlety. It's raunchy, unapologetic, and a total romp, making it a perfect appetizer while you wait for another season of Sex Education.

4. A.P.Bio

Sex Education featured a young boy who had exceptional knowledge about the birds and the bees, which he shared with his classmates. Now, imagine an adult who is in a similar position of power and yet, instead of imparting knowledge, he botches the opportunity completely. And that's pretty much the plot of A.P.Bio.

A disgruntled Harvard Philosophy professor Jack Griffin loses his job and has to move back to his hometown to teach A.P.Bio at a high school. Jack is definitely not happy with his situation, and instead of teaching the kids, he engages in some shady activities. Corrupting young minds with his crass ideas, the show is a hoot from start to finish. Just to give you a little teaser regarding this show's brilliance, Jack constantly tries to catfish his nemesis at Harvard, much to the dismay of his class.

If you're a fan of some straight up, balls-to-the-wall humour, this one is for you.

5. Skins

When it comes to teen dramas, Skins is one of the most famous shows in the United Kingdom. Spanning a whopping seven seasons, the series has a never-ending stream of characters that have been divided into 'generations'. The show majorly focuses on the lifestyle of a bunch of teenagers in the United Kingdom as they hook up, party, do drugs, and engage in various kinds of typical teen behavior.

But behind all the glitz and glamour of high school, the show covers some serious topics such as sexual orientation, family dysfunction, mental illness, eating disorders and a whole lot more. However, it's hard to narrow down Skins into a genre as there's a great mix of profoundly heartbreaking moments along with some rib-tickling ones. All said and done, the show is guaranteed to keep you occupied for a long time.

Those looking for a show like Sex Education will not be disappointed with what Skins brings to the table.

6. Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat finds itself to be one of the more light-hearted shows on this list. What's more, the characters in the series are more mature, as it's set in a college. A group of young adults move into a shared off-campus college residence. This also means that they're staying away from home for the first time. While there's the sweet taste of freedom, along with it comes responsibility. As this ensemble of lovable characters discovers independence through partying, sex, and generally having a good time, they also grow closer as a group.

With people of both genders living in the same house, one can expect some drama, and the show has a fair share of it. However, it never lets things get too overwhelming, and keeps the premise light and breezy. Another plus is its deadpan humor.

7. She's Gotta Have It

If you're looking for a comedy shows that's ultra hip and modern, She's Gotta Have It is the one for you. It's set in the United States and explores female sexuality. For those who are tired of always seeing men's side of things, this dramedy like a breath of fresh air. Plus, you get a strong, bold and independent girl of a racial minority as a lead, so what's not to like.

Nola Darling is busy exploring her blooming love life in Brooklyn. She's juggling three guys at the same time - a thoughtful man named Jamie, a laid back man named Mars, and a player named Greer. But that's not all; when she gets tired of the men, Nola doesn't hesitate to experiment with women as well.

Of course, just being an option is not good enough for the three men and they fight to make things exclusive with Nola. Hilarity ensues as it becomes clear that exclusive or not, things will happen on her own terms.

The portrayal of women in the show is tasteful, classy, and refreshing. The message of sexual liberation of women is highly empowering and yet, the show never preaches it. The major focus is on the humor and the socio-political commentary add a nice layer of depth to it all. Don't miss out on this gem.

If you're looking for some light-hearted show like Sex Education, She's Gotta Have It Should fit the bill.

8. Lovesick

Lovesick has been lumped into the sitcom category by most critics, but don't let that dishearten you. Beneath all the laughs and the ridiculousness, the show provides a deep commentary about this modern day and age. The tale revolves around Dylan and his two best friends. Dylan is diagnosed with chlamydia and now, he must inform all his previous girlfriends about his predicament. While the plot seems like perfect sitcom material, the show is quite deep.

Featuring Dylan's encounters with a new woman in each episode, the series showcases the brilliant character arcs of its central characters. As the title suggests, it also features Dylan and his friends making bad decisions in search of love. Beneath the rib-tickling humor and the portrayal of a casual dating culture, this shows aptly shows how to find lasting love in this fast-paced world.

9. Everything Sucks!

Netflix seems to be in sync with the pulse of the audience, as it has been flooding the platform with high school themed shows. Another fine addition in their repertoire is Everything Sucks! A parody on typical American shows featuring high school, it's a laughter fest from the get-go. But instead of jocks and cheerleaders, the show focuses on A/V club and drama club students. The two groups kind of become rivals, forming gangs of sorts. As you can predict, this leads to some pretty hilarious situations.

While there isn't such a strong emphasis on sex like most shows on this list, Everything Sucks! does cover sexuality and mental health in a broader sense. The best part about this series is that it's a cut and dry parody. It mocks all high school stereotypes, and it does so in a tasteful manner. I mean, the town these kids live in is called Boring and their school is called Boring High School. It's an actual place. Go on, Google it. And once you do, you'll see why it's the perfect setting for this show.

10. Freaks and Geeks

A blast from the past is mandatory when it comes to teen comedy dramas, and what better show can I recommend than Freaks and Geeks? This show, which originally aired more than two decades ago, is the mother of all teen shows you see today. Even the above mentioned Netflix series, Everything Sucks! takes inspiration from this gem.

The plot follows two siblings Lindsay and Sam. Lindsay is a straight-laced student who is looking for some change in her life. She befriends a group of rebellious students known as freaks. Sam, on the other hand, hangs out with his two nerdy friends, and their group is known as geeks. The major plot revolves around these two groups as it chronicles their various shenanigans. The writing in this show is top notch, with some guaranteed laughs. It was also the launch pad for talented A-list Hollywood actors such as James Franco and Seth Rogen.

However, beneath the laughs and the gags, the show also brings out internal conflicts of the main characters. Lindsay's change in behavior, for example, creates friction with her parents, and eventually with herself. Sam too, being a nerd, is not the most admired guy in high school, and tries his best to survive. Overall, it’s an honest, fun portrayal of one of the most troubling times of one's life.

Did I miss out on any good shows like Sex Education? Let me know in the comments section.


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