Top 13 Iconic Shows Like 'How I Met Your Mother' Everyone Should Watch

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Rahul is a TV addict who can't get enough of twisted, gasp-inducing shows like "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Black Mirror".

What Series Are Like How I Met Your Mother?

After nine seasons of guessing who the infamous mother could be, the show has finally come to a halt. We got the answer we've always been looking for, but the words, "kids, this is the story of how I met your mother," will forever be engraved in our hearts.

Truth be told, the show was never about the mother, even though the title may have you confused. The reason millions of viewers anxiously sat in front of the TV every time it was on was the five friends that made you laugh and cry and made you reflect on your own lives. That's what all successful sitcoms have in common - hilarious, enigmatic characters.

There's Ted, endlessly in search of true love, and then there's Barney who doesn't even like the idea of it. There are Marshall and Lily, the couple in the group who give us a different perspective on life. And we have our weirdly charming Canadian, Robin, who's not your stereotypical woman. With a group filled with such individuals, it's bound to be a chaotic delight.

Now that this iconic series has ended, fans must look somewhere else to get their fix. Let's take a look at some shows like How I Met Your Mother that'll hook you instantly.

Series Similar to How I Met Your Mother

  1. Seinfeld
  2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  3. Two And A Half Men
  4. The Big Bang Theory
  5. The Office (US Version)
  6. Master of None
  7. Freaks And Geeks
  8. Modern Family
  9. Black-ish
  10. The Last Man on Earth
  11. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  12. New Girl
  13. 2 Broke Girls

1. Seinfeld

Seinfeld made a lot of people fall in love with the sitcom genre. Seinfeld introduces us to Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comedian, and his misfit friends, who live in New York City. We see Jerry and his friends going through life in the most unpretentious way, as they deal with various people in their lives.

Seinfeld does not have an overarching storyline like other sitcoms or TV shows, but it still works. It is a show about “nothing” but you want to see how these characters respond to this lack of meaning. After a certain point, you feel as though you know these characters personally.

2. F.r.i.e.n.d.s.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. revolves around six individuals, each with different personalities and idiosyncrasies. Unlike other sitcoms, it does not have a lead character that stands out from the rest. Instead, equal attention is paid to every character.

As the show progresses, you will fall in love with these people and start comparing them with your own group of friends. The show may be based on the simple idea of friendship, but it’s hard not to give in to your binging habits once you start. Addictive, inspiring, and endlessly funny, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. will keep you busy for a while.

3. Two And A Half Men

This sitcom features two Brothers, Alan and Charlie, who are brought into each other's lives after Alan gets divorced and ends up living with his older brother, Charlie. These two had grown estranged, but thanks to a broken marriage, they meet after years. Alan, the divorcee, is a simple man with a 9-5 job who does everything by the books. So, it’s quite a challenge when he has to protect his kid, Jake, from the shenanigans of his drunk-playboy brother.

The show not only has a great premise but is also backed up by a bunch of unique and hilarious characters. The brothers face a challenge in raising the kid due to their colliding morals. Alan tries his best to keep his kid away from his brother but to no avail. Charlie seems to have a taken a liking to the kid, which is so unlike him.

Two And a Half Men might not have the splendor of shows like How I Met Your Mother or F.R.I.E.N.D.S., but it packs quite a punch.

4. The Big Bang Theory

What happens when a hot girl moves next door from two unsociable scientists? Sounds interesting already, doesn’t it? The Big Bang Theory will amuse you with its smart jokes and take you inside the minds of these geniuses who can tell you the secrets of the universe, but they’re just as lost as the rest of us when it comes to interacting with people.

The show makes us fall in love with these introverted nerds who would rather read comic books and play video games all night instead of going out and doing the “normal people” stuff. The show brilliantly fuses science with familiar daily situations. As the show is currently filming its final season, you might want to catch up on this 12-season series.

5. The Office (US Version)

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a company that supplies paper? It seems monotonous, but Dunder Mifflin, the paper-company located in Scranton, is anything but that. The show is presented in a documentary-style setting - a unique and original approach that will take some time getting used to. Since the jokes are never overdone, you'll laugh your guts out more often than not.

The people working in this company are accompanied by their boss, Michael Scott, whose antics will certainly make you chuckle. There is a reason why this show has achieved cult status over the years. The brilliant writing along with the awkward premise and great acting makes The Office one of the best comedy classics.

6. Master of None

Aziz Ansari brings you a show he wrote, created, and acted - a testimony to his unparalleled talent. With smart humor about his daily affairs and interaction with friends, you fall in love with the show instantly. Unlike other shows, this series has a pinch of reality mixed into it, which makes you relate to a lot of things being presented and understand the characters better.

Apparently, the show draws some real-life aspects from Ansari’s life, bringing more depth to his character and the show in general. Ansari breaks common Indian stereotypes and gives us a glimpse inside himself through the show. Currently, the show only has two seasons, garnering critical acclaim all over the world for the same.

7. Freaks and Geeks

Despite being canceled after only one season,Freaks and Geeks keeps getting rediscovered and loved by different age demographics. The show narrates a normal high-school life with authenticity. We get a close look at the different groups that exist in any typical school and how they interact with each other. Do you remember what it was like in school? Well, get ready to relive those days once again as the show takes you on a special journey.

Freaks and Geeks stars various presently well-known faces at the start of their careers. If that isn’t enough, it’s also the first TV appearance of Jason Segel, who plays Marshall in the show, How I Met Your Mother. This short-lived but splendid high- school comedy/drama will make you wish there was more than just the one season.

8. Modern Family

Another documentary styled series on the list, Modern Family is a hilarious take on relationships among members of a large family over three generations. We see little children grow into teens, and adults turning grey, forced to deal with typical 'adult' problems.

Many people can connect with the show as it contains characters of every age demographics and diverse lifestyles. Choose the side you relate to and get ready to hear opposing viewpoints as well. This light-hearted comedy offers great humor for people of all ages.

If you're looking for a binge-worthy show like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family should be your best bet.

9. Black-ish

Black-ish tells you the story of a normal family and their everyday ventures, but as you can probably guess from the title, the comedy contains an all-black cast. Dre, the head of the family, makes it necessary that his children understand their roots and are not afraid to embrace some stereotypes. He is constantly anxious and wants to make sure he is doing a good job of raising them. All the characters complement each other very well and bring a wide range of comedy.

Many people consider it to be one of the best family shows out there because of its original views on some touchy subjects. The show is not only hilarious but also relevant, as we get to see this family deal with everyday problems.

10. The Last Man on Earth

What would you do if you were the last person on earth? I know you have contemplated the possibility, just like everyone else. This show tackles the very same question heads on.

When a catastrophe wipes out what seems to be the entire human race except for Phil, a common man, it's like a dream-come-true for him. The novelty, however, wears off as he eventually gets bored of lumbering around aimlessly. So he ventures out in the hopes of finding other survivors. Little does he know that his humdrum life is about to change forever.

Soon after discovering other men and women, Phil finds it difficult once again to live with other people. The show explores a very common idea that’s been the center of many jokes but never quite tested. It will make you cling to the show as you churn out one episode after another. The Last Man on Earth explores a dark theme and squeezes every bit of comedy from the dire situation.

11. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This might be the most unconventional show on the list as it explores a very different kind of dark humor. Unlike other shows where the characters improve with time, nothing ever really changes here. The characters don’t have redeeming qualities about them but you'll still love them.

If you are easily offended, this show may not be for you. On the other hand, if you want to expand your horizons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will definitely make you question your own set of beliefs and realize the beauty of imperfectness.

The show has made it to 13 seasons and has no intention of stopping. You might want to start watching immediately if you want to catch up.

12. New Girl

Jess, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, moves into an apartment with three single men and hilarity ensues. New Girl may be shored up on the back of a well-worn premise, but the subtle jokes and lovable characters make you fall in love with the show.

The show starts off slow but as it progresses, it gets funnier and you see the how far each character has come. The characters are great on their own but real craziness unravels when they come together on the screen.

Unfortunately, the show has ended but it has left us with seven seasons of great moments and humorous jokes.

13. 2 Broke Girls

The plot revolves around Caroline, a rich girl, who is forced to join the food industry due to a series of bad events. She starts working with Max, a hardened woman, who knows her way around the streets. We see the beginning of an epic team. Since both these women are on the verge of being broke and the work just doesn’t seem to pay enough, they think about pursuing their own business.

At the end of each episode, we see their net total worth, which never really seems to change by much, but the experiences they get far surpasses it. This unlikely friendship between the two seemingly opposite characters will surely make you laugh.

That's about it, for now. Did I miss out on any other shows like How I Met Your Mother? Let me know in the comments section.


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