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"Seinfeld" Trivia and Fun Facts

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Jason Alexander originally based his portrayal of George on Woody Allen, which is why he wore glasses. When he realized that George was actually based on Larry David, he started basing his performance on David’s mannerisms.

Alexander was in every episode except one, "The Pen." He was furious about being left out and approached Larry David saying, "Larry, if you do it again, do it permanently." George was in every episode after that.

George Costanza is named after Jerry Seinfeld’s (the actor) friend, Michael Costanza. Costanza filed lawsuit against Seinfeld, Larry David, and NBC, claiming invasion of privacy and defamation of character. He sought damages due to the show’s alleged use of his likeness. The case was dismissed.

Alexander’s costumes were often made one size too small. The wardrobe provided a level of discomfort, which added to the portrait of George being constantly annoyed.

Paul Schaffer, Nathan Lane, and Danny DeVito were considered for the role of George Costanza. Seinfeld initially offered the role of George Costanza to comedian Jake Johannsen. Alexander was in a Broadway show with Tommy Tune when he was asked to audition. As an inside joke, George's father, Frank, mentions Tommy Tune several times.

In one fan favorite episode, George quits his job, regrets it, and tried to return as if nothing had ever happened. In real life, Larry David (whom the character is based upon) quit Saturday Night Live (SNL) mid-season and returned a few days later, acting as if nothing had happened.

George Costanza Trivia

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is George's Middle Name?
    • George
    • Frances (Frank)
    • Louis
    • He doesn't have one
  2. What name does George want to give is future child?
    • Soda
    • Mug
    • Susan
    • Seven
  3. George has a fling with the cleaning woman at work. Where did she grow up?
    • Panama
    • Equador
    • Costa Rica
    • Guatemala
  4. Jason Alexander is a stage name, what is his real name?
    • Jay Greenspan
    • Jason Goldberg
    • Steven Epstein
    • James Weiss
  5. George dates his cousin in order to upset his parents. What was her name?
    • Tina
    • Holly
    • Marie
    • Rhisa
  6. George gets mad at a clown for not knowing who Bozo is, what was the clowns name?
    • Edwin
    • Edgar
    • Erik
    • Edward
  7. George believes that God will never allow him to be what?
    • An Architect
    • Married
    • Successful
    • A Marine Biologist
  8. What day Does Georges family celebrate Festivus?
    • Dec. 26th
    • Dec. 25th
    • Dec. 24th
    • Dec. 23rd
  9. George is obsessed with being friends with a "Cool Guy" Elaine dates. What is his name?
    • Timmy
    • Tommy
    • Tony
    • Bobby
  10. What High School did George attend?
    • Fiorello La Guardia High
    • John F Kennedy High
    • Franklin Roosevelt High
    • Adlai Stevenson High

Answer Key

  1. Louis
  2. Seven
  3. Panama
  4. Jay Greenspan
  5. Rhisa
  6. Erik
  7. Successful
  8. Dec. 23rd
  9. Tony
  10. John F Kennedy High


Julia Louise Dreyfus is one of the most decorated actresses in American television history, winning more Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards than any other performer. She got her start on Saturday Night Live. It was during her third and final year on SNL that she met writer Larry David during his only year on the show; he would later co-create Seinfeld. After the Seinfeld pilot premiered, producers decided that the show needed a female main character to add a new dynamic. Initially, this dynamic was meant to be filled by Claire the waitress, but it was decided that the role needed to extend outside of the diner. Dreyfus beat out Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order), Patricia Heaton (The Middle), Amy Yasbeck (Wings), and Rosie O'Donnell for the part of Elaine.

Despite sharing the same last name with Richard Dreyfus, they are not related. Her father is billionaire Gérard Louis-Dreyfus, a French shipping tycoon.

In a 1998 episode, Elaine is upset that she doesn’t understand the punchline of a New Yorker cartoon and tries to get her own published. 14 years later, The New Yorker actually published their own version of the cartoon and invited readers to submit their captions.

Elaine's father Alton Benes, played by Lawrence Tierney, was meant to be a recurring role. The actor, however, terrified the cast, especially Jerry, he and was written out of all future scripts and never returned to the set. It is unknown if Tierney himself was scary or if the actor chose to remain in character.

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One of the most beloved Elaine scenes shows her lack of dancing skills ("Little Kicks"). The scene was written well before it was used. Larry David did not like the script and kept passing on it. Once David left the show, it was pitched again and made it into an episode. There was still concern amongst writers and producers that this episode would irrevocably harm Dreyfus's future career.

Lauren Bowles, Julia Louis-Dreyfus's half sister in real life, actually played the waitress at Monk's who gave George the middle finger. She was only in that one episode, but she went on to become a regular on True Blood.

Elaine Benes Trivia

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Does Elaine have any siblings?
    • No, she is an only child
    • Yes a brother
    • Yes a sister
    • Yes a brother and a sister
  2. Elaine is the only main character who is not from New York, Where is she from?
    • Philadelphia
    • St. Louis
    • Pittsburgh
    • Baltimore
  3. Out of the 4 main characters, Elaine is the only one who does not own...?
    • a phone
    • a car
    • a hat
    • a couch
  4. Which movie does Elaine hate?
    • Sack Lunch
    • Plan 9 From Outer Space
    • Chunnel
    • The English Patient
  5. Whose video picks did Elaine prefer?
    • Gene's
    • Victor's
    • Vincent's
    • Edward's
  6. Elaine is upset when her area code is change from 212 to what number?
    • 646
    • 332
    • 917
    • 718
  7. Elaine's coworker at the catalogue, Peggy is what?
    • An accountant
    • A designer
    • A germaphobe
    • All of the above
  8. What type of car does J. Peterman drive?
    • Jaguar Roadster
    • Aston Martin
    • Shelby Cobra
    • Alfa Romeo
  9. Elane's cousin appears in one episode. What is her cousins name?
    • Gail
    • Holly
    • Margaret
    • Julia
  10. Elaine has a roomate in a couple episodes, what is the roomate's name?
    • Susie
    • Tina
    • Gail
    • Trixie

Answer Key

  1. Yes a sister
  2. Baltimore
  3. a car
  4. The English Patient
  5. Vincent's
  6. 646
  7. All of the above
  8. Jaguar Roadster
  9. Holly
  10. Tina


Michael Richards was born in California. His father died in a car crash when Michael was two and his mother never remarried.

Richards was an Army member in 1970 and trained as a medic. Despite the ongoing war in Vietnam, Richards was stationed in West Germany.

Although many people assume actress Denise Richards is his daughter, the two are not related.

Richards portrayal of Kramer was both his greatest accomplishment and his own undoing. No matter what he did post-Seinfeld, he had become typecast and nothing he did could match his mastery of that role. As evidence, his much anticipated Michael Richards Show barely lasted two months. He was forever locked into the role of Kramer.

Comedy requires timing. Richards was a perfectionist as well and liked to complete his challenging physical brand of comedy. He did become frustrated with cast members for laughing, because he would often be forced to redo scenes that were physically taxing. His popularity also became problematic on the set. Once the audience embraced and anticipated Kramer's entrances, producers had to tell the live audience to stop screaming and applauding for him when he entered because it ruined the scenes. If you watch carefully, there are even episodes when you can see camera flashes as Richards makes his entrance.

In the episode when Kramer allows smokers to use his apartment as a smokers lounge, Seinfeld could not stop laughing at the line "Look away, I'm hideous." After a seemingly endless amount of retakes, the producers had to have Jerry turn his back to the audience, although even in the final cut, it is obvious Jerry is still laughing uncontrollably.

Out of the four main characters, Kramer is the only one who never had an inner monologue. In other words, his inner thoughts are never heard throughout the series.

The character of Cosmo Kramer is based on Kenny Kramer, a man who worked across the hall from Larry David. In a self-confessed move to cash-in on the sitcom’s popularity, Kenny formed the Kramer Reality Tour, a New York City tour that visits real-life locations featured in the sitcom. The tour still thrives today and was even mocked in the Peterman Reality Tour episode. Kenny Kramer also tried to force the show to change Kramer's name but settled out of court for a $1000 settlement.

Cosmo Kramer Trivia

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. In the course of the show did Kramer have any pets?
    • No
    • Yes a dog
    • Yes a chicken
    • Yes a dog and a chicken
  2. Originally Kramer's first name was not going to be Cosmo, What was it going to be?
    • Bud
    • Conrad
    • Gilligan
    • Maurice
  3. Originally Kramers last Name was not going to be Kramer due to a Lawsuit. What was going to be his last name?
    • Keller
    • Kessler
    • Kincade
    • Sacamano
  4. Before Seinfeld, Michael Richards, auditioned for and received a call back for the role of ... ?
    • Cliff Claven: Cheers
    • Al Bundy: Married With Children
    • Alex Reiger: Taxi
    • Les Nesmond: WKRP In Cincinnati
  5. Michael Richards was a contestant on what game show?
    • The Dating Game
    • Match Game
    • Jeopardy
    • Wheel of Fortune
  6. What was Kramers mothers name?
    • Betty
    • Babs
    • Bobbie
    • Betsy
  7. After the fight at the Knicks game, where did Kramer go?
    • Reggie's diner
    • Monk's coffee shop
    • Los Angeles
    • A strip club
  8. What was the name of the man who banned Kramer from his fruit stand?
    • Jay
    • Jim
    • Joe
    • John
  9. When he was 17, Kramer claimed to have stowed away on a steamship to which European country?
    • Sweden
    • Latvia
    • The former Yugoslavia
    • Iceland
  10. Kramer wants to cancel his mail after which company keeps sending him catalogs?
    • J. Peterman
    • Pottery Barn
    • Sears
    • Montgomery Ward

Answer Key

  1. Yes a dog and a chicken
  2. Conrad
  3. Kessler
  4. Al Bundy: Married With Children
  5. The Dating Game
  6. Babs
  7. A strip club
  8. Joe
  9. Sweden
  10. Pottery Barn

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn, but his family moved to Long Island when he was very young. He is Hungarian on his father’s side and Syrian on his mother’s.

Seinfeld had a dream to become a comedian. In his own words, he started at the bottom and did terribly during his first few sets. As he became more confident and his stand up following grew, more breaks found him. He was a favorite on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. When Jay Leno took over the show, he insisted Seinfeld be the first guest on the show.

Seinfeld first encountered (but did not formally meet) Larry David in 1975, before Seinfeld had committed to a career in comedy. David leaned on Seinfeld’s car outside of a comedy club while talking to another comedian. Seinfeld formally met David three years later in a bar. According to Seinfeld, the two men bonded immediately over the fact that they were “obsessed with the smallest possible issue.”

Surprisingly, a young Seinfeld was the first choice to host a unique 1980s comedy series called Mystery Science Theatre 3000. However, he turned down the chance to watch bad movies with Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot in order to get his own show off the ground. He eventually did appear on the show when it was resurrected in 2017, playing a character named Freak Masterstroke.

Jerry the character owns many pairs of white sneakers. The actor also has this obsession and owns over 500 pairs of white sneakers. He credits Joe Namath and Bill Cosby for influencing his obsession with sneakers.

Jerry turned down an offer of 5 million dollars per episode (110 million for season 10). He is currently the wealthiest comedian in the world with a net worth nearing 1 billion dollars. He also owns several impressive estates, including one he purchased from Billie Joel in the Hamptons. He has a 25 million dollar yacht, 22 million dollar private jet, and an estate in Oregon and Colorado. He also owns an apartment complex that he lived in while making his initial break into comedy. He rents his apartments to other celebrities, most notably Glenn Close.

Seinfeld owns over 150 collectable cars, including one of the largest privately owned Porsche collections at 47. He purchased and renovated a Manhattan parking garage to house them. He even spent close to a million dollars on one car alone, which he cannot even drive because it is not authorized for street driving.

Despite his wealth, Seinfeld has always been involved in charitable causes. Together with his wife, they manage the Seinfeld Family Foundation, raising money to aid children and infant causes. Throughout Seinfeld’s run, the chance to sit in the first booth at Monk’s Cafe and be included in a scene was auctioned off for charity.

When Seinfeld was 16, he went abroad to Israel to volunteer on a collective agricultural community known as a kibbutz. This is a tradition among people of Jewish faith.

Seinfeld identifies his career highlight as being a two-hour long meeting/social visit with Bill Clinton at the White House.

Jerry Seinfeld Trivia

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Does Jerry (the character) have any siblings?
    • No, he is an only child
    • Yes a brother
    • Yes a sister
    • Yes a brother and a sister
  2. How many versions of the Seinfeld theme song were there?
    • 9
    • 7
    • 11
    • Every episode was different (180)
  3. Whose hands were used as the hands for "Man Hands"?
    • James Rekart (Producer)
    • Jason Alexander (Actor)
    • Larry David (Writer)
    • Patrick Warburton (Actor)
  4. Elizabeth Sheridan, who played Jerry's mom, dated this actor for a year.
    • James Dean
    • Sean Connery
    • Rock Hudson
    • Tony Curtis
  5. Which supporting character was Jerry's (the actor's) favorite?
    • Newman
    • David Puddy
    • Frank Costanza
    • Estelle Costanza
  6. After the Seinfeld finale, a spin-off show was planned for which character?
    • David Puddy
    • Frank Costanza
    • Bob Sacamano
    • Jackie Chiles
  7. What was Jerry's apartment number?
    • 5A
    • 3A
    • 411
    • All of the above (it changed)
  8. How many times does Jerry actually Say "Hello Newman" in the course of the entire series?
    • 17
    • 51
    • 72
    • 108
  9. Which actor is the oldest?
    • Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry)
    • Michael Richards (Kramer)
    • Julia Louise Dreyfus (Elaine)
    • Jason Alexander (George)
  10. which of the following actors is NOT Jewish?
    • Julia Louise Dreyfus (Elaine)
    • Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry)
    • Michael Richards (Kramer)
    • Jason Alexander (George)

Answer Key

  1. Yes a sister
  2. Every episode was different (180)
  3. James Rekart (Producer)
  4. James Dean
  5. Newman
  6. Jackie Chiles
  7. All of the above (it changed)
  8. 17
  9. Michael Richards (Kramer)
  10. Michael Richards (Kramer)

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