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"Game of Thrones": Remember the Dead

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About "Game of Thrones"

The show Game of Thrones has become wildly popular due to the political nature of the story and plots. It is a show based off of the novels of George R.R. Martin, specifically the series A Song of Ice and Fire. In the series, we follow the rise and fall of many a great family in the country of Westeros as they battle for control of the Iron Throne. This article will focus on those who have fallen.

The Major Players

Characters whose deaths were like "Whoa, did he just do that?" These were central characters that most other shows or series wouldn't even dream of getting rid of. Well, maybe the Walking Dead would since they kill everyone. But most other shows, definitely not.

The Iron Throne


The Kings

In Game of Thrones, to claim to be King is to incur a death sentence. We'll start to remember the dead by honoring those who got to be King or made a claim to the Iron Throne.


Robert Baratheon

Robert Baratheon was played by Mark Addy. You might remember him as the levelheaded squire in A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger. This death pretty much got the ball rolling. When the poison did its work and the boar did the rest, it was all downhill for the Stark family.


Stannis Baratheon

Brother to Robert and Renly Baratheon, Stannis (Stephan Dillane) went to save the kingdom by helping the Night's Watch. He repelled the Free Folk, but his venture to take the North ended very, very badly. So bad that it might have ended his entire bloodline.

If you're scoring at home though, he did manage to take down two other Kings along the way in Renly and Mance Rayder. No one else has done that kind of damage.


Viserys Targaryen

I'm pretty sure people might have actually golf-clapped when this one went down. Anyone who says, "I'd let his whole tribe fuck you, all 20,000 men, if it will get me my crown," deserves to die. Played by Harry Lloyd, his character didn't make it out of season one.

Robb, Catelyn, and Talisa Stark

No one throws a wedding party like House Frey. Dancing, drinking, mass execution. The Red Wedding literally blew up social media for all those who hadn't read the books. In case you missed it, you can watch the wedding video below.


The Red Wedding

Renly Baratheon

He probably would have been a good king, he seemed quite likable. Not that we really got to know him all that well before his assassination.


Joffrey Baratheon

While we merely golf-clapped for Viserys, this one caused us to get up off the couch and look for friends to high-five. You kind of felt for Jaime since he's become more human to us, but this one felt good.


Tommen Baratheon

If I was a King, I'd do more training on how to fight and less sitting around, that's for sure. Tommen was a weak King, being manipulated by his Mom or his Queen all the time. Kings need to think for themselves and be able to fight. Tommen has neither of these qualities and was doomed from the start.


Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall

Played by Ciarán Hinds of another great HBO series, Rome. Mance refused to bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon and lose the respect of his people in the opening episode of season five. Melisandre sets him on fire before Jon Snow puts him out of his misery with an arrow to the heart.


Balon Greyjoy

Season 6 has been an especially bloody time in Game of Thrones lore. One of the last remaining kings from the Battle of the Kings, Balon got ambushed by his ambitious brother Euron and thrown to his death.


Doran Martell

Doran was in charge down in Dorne, but his kin was a little off-put by his mediating style. They were a little more like Cersei in the fact that they want to mix it up a little bit more. And mix it up they did, killing Doran, his guard, his son, and his son betrothed.

After his demise, the Dorne plotline kind of faded a bit, but it will be eager to see if they come north and make their mark in a surprise move against the Lannisters.


The Hands of the King

To be Hand to the King is nearly as bad as being King itself. Bad, bad things happen when you're the Hand. It's not easy to survive that job which makes Uncle Kevin Lannister the smartest man in Westeros for turning the gig down.

Eddard (Ned) Stark

The head of House Stark and arguably the most notable actor in the series, Ned Stark was played by Sean Bean. George R.R. Martin sets the tone right off the bat, declaring that no one is safe, in book one by killing him off.


Tywin Lannister

The Head of the Lannister House, played by Charles Dance, went down at the hands of his own son in the final episode of season four. Life lesson friends, don't go sleeping with your kid's girl, even if she is a whore.


The Dire Wolves

Adopted by the Starks, these large wolves are awesome to have in battle. Some didn't last very long though and some are still going strong.

In all there were six of them:

Ghost: Jon Snow's

Nymeria: Aria's

Summer: Bran's

ShaggyDog: Rickon's

Grey Wind: Robb's

Lady: Sansa's




No one likes to see animal cruelty, but in these books, no one is safe. Not the animals, not the livestock, not the undead. Lady was the first to go, being put down for Joffrey getting bit.

Grey Wind

Grey Wind

Grey Wind

Grey Wind's death was a brutal one, where they chopped off his head and attached it to the body of Robb and had them ride around for all to see. No wonder Arya's a little bitter about that one and added the Frey's to her death list.

Rickon and Shaggydog

Rickon and Shaggydog


Some job you did protecting Rickon there ShaggyDog. You had a few moments early in the series, but basically got written off near the end.


ShaggyDog could have used a pointer or two about how to go down fighting for your friends. Summer took on the entire army of the dead to help Bran escape the lair of the Three-Eyed Raven. Way to take one for the team buddy!



The Warrior Class

It's really amazing that any of these guys lived to see middle age with all the conflicts they've been in. Usually, some epic death scenes involved with these guys.



This guy had some serious potential. Army of horsemen, wife with dragon eggs. Death by poisoned infection seemed a little unfair. Drogo was played by Jason Momoa and perished early into season two.

Oberyn Martell

Talk about a bad death. Note to Pedro Pascal - if your character uses a staff as your weapon of choice, stay out of arm's reach of your opponent. It's too bad he was killed off too, he had some great scenes in his only season (four).


Sir Barristan Selmy, Barristan the Bold

In an epic back-alley sneak attack, Sir Barristan Selmy (played by Ian McElhinney) fell to the sword of the Sons of the Harpy. We finally got to see the potency of the man's fighting skills as he felled ten masked men before finally being struck down himself.

Barristan the Bold was someone you could root for on the show. He was the voice of reason often and yet, he had an edge to him that you knew you didn't want to cross. His death was a deviance from the novels, but a dramatic one at that.

Here is a very thorough recap of his life and achievements.


Syrio Forel

I think The Hound put it best - "What kind of master swordsman doesn't carry a sword?" Likable, but with the stuff that was going on, I would have been packing at least three blades. Died of stupidity more than any other character on the show.


Sir Meryn Trant

Member of the King's Guard, Sir Meryn Trant was on Arya's deathlist for the last four seasons for his role in killing her friend, Syrio Forel. While that death is never shown, it is assumed.

On his visit to Bravos while guarding Mace Tyrell, he visits a brothel and a well-trained Arya puts another check mark onto her list, probably right next to The Hound.


Areo Hotah

The protector of Doran Martell got ambushed and killed shortly before Doran fell. A little surprising considering his former instinctive nature and his abilities. He deserved a much more combat-driven death like the one that Sir Barristan got.

Brynden Tully

Of all the deaths that seem out of character, this one is the worst. The Blackfish seems like the eternal survivor, a man with a grudge to revenge at all costs. A more fitting end would have been for him to run Walder Frey through before falling. But to die off screen for no cause was just pathetic. Bad writing people, bad writing.

The Blackfish


The Waif

Definitely a great character, The Waif seemed really jealous of Arya because of the favoritism she seemed to get. You could see the happiness she got from kicking Arya's ass when she was blind. In the end though, Arya got the last laugh. Arya's body count is growing steadily higher.


Sir Loras Tyrell

Loras' faults caught up with him and he fell victim to the High Sparrow and his morality. It would have been great to have seen him in a few more fights, but he was more of a decoration than a main character.

Relegated to the background due to his sister's plot taking a more prominent role, he fittingly died with most of his family at the end of season six.



The last of the race of giants, Wun-Wun was a one man siege crew. In what would normally have taken months, Wun-Wun gained access to Winterfell in a matter of minutes.

In what has continued to be bad writing, can a guy get some armor or a weapon of some kind before heading into battle? He had one north of the wall, even it was just a burning tree.

Ramsay Bolton

Aside from Joffrey, Ramsay was one of the two most hated characters in the television series. Sadistic, cruel, and arrogant, his death couldn't come soon enough. Fitting that Sansa led his own dogs feast upon him, but not before Ramsay killed Rickon and Wun-Wun.


Smalljon Umber

Smalljon was the enabler of Ramsay Bolton. He brought Rickon to the Boltons and has a pretty good row with Tormund at the Battle of Winterfell.

Not much in terms of plot line with his character, but anyone who gets into that kind of hand-to-hand fight deserves a shout out.


The Wildlings

Also known as the Free Folk. They've lived North of the Wall for a thousand years.

All they're trying to do is head South for the Winter. Is that so hard? Apparently so, as the body count is piling up.


One of the only characters with a cool catchphrase - You know nothing, Jon Snow. Ygritte, played by Rose Leslie, fell at the end of season four as the wildlings aimed to take Castle Black and move their people south of The Wall. She hesitated to kill her beloved, Jon Snow, and it cost her life.


Styr, The Magnar of Thenn

Not a guy you wanted to have kill you because he assured you that he was going to eat you afterwards. Played by Yuri Kolokolnikov, he died in the same episode as Ygritte at the end of season four.



It's a tough time to be a popular female Wildling. First Ygritte, now Osha. Caught by the Umbers, she becomes prisoner to Ramsay Bolton. And we all know that never ends well. In fact, it's mildly surprising that Sansa hasn't gotten Rickon's junk delivered yet.

Osha tried to make a play on Ramsay and paid dearly for it. She was an entertaining character. But she must not be fun to work with because everyone in the movie business kills her off (think Harry Potter).


The Men of the Night's Watch

It's not an easy job defending a huge wall. You've got angry Wildlings, White Walkers, traitorous brothers in black. Here are the crows who have fallen.


Joer Mormont

The Old Bear. His merry band of cutthroats and criminals got the better of him. Well, if they didn't, it was looking like the Wildlings or White Walkers were waiting for their shot at the title.


Aemon Targaryen

Maester Aemon Targaryen passed after a long and fruitful life in the middle of season five. Longtime Maester for the Night's Watch at Castle Black, Aemon was in his nineties when he died peacefully in his bed (which coincidentally is totally out of character for a George R.R. Martin death).

The deciding vote in electing Jon Snow Commander of the Night's watch, Maester Aemon had a small, but vital role in the series' path in season five.



One of Lord Snow's clique at Castle Black. He died protecting the inner gate during the latest wildling attacks. To go out taking down a giant is a noble way to go.



Another of the crew protecting Jon Snow at Castle Black. Ygritte got him with an arrow through the throat when the Wildlings attacked Castle Black.

Qhorin Halfhand

We didn't know him long, but his reputation preceded him. Everyone talked well about him, even his enemies. That's one way to know George R.R. Martin is going to kill you off.



Friend of the North, probably saved Arya from a similar fate as Sansa. Only in two episodes, but a guy you could have rooted for, if this wasn't a George R.R. Martin series.



Once Jon Snow's steward, he joined in the rebellion led by Sir Alliser Thorne and stabbed the Lord Commander down. Well, after Jon's return, he had no choice but to dispatch of Olly along with the other ring leaders.

Sir Alliser Thorne

Once you mutiny, you better be sure you win. Such was the case with Sir Alliser. He thought he won, but alas, the Lord of Light has other ideas when he resurrected Jon Snow. His hanging was cheered about as much as Joffrey's downfall.


The Prostitutes

A trade you think would have a better shelf life in this kind of series. They don't fight so you think they'd be safe. Not so. George R.R. Martin proved that anyone is fair game when he started killing animals early on in the series.



Played by Sibel Kekilli, Shea seemed to be a survivor. That was until she was caught in Tywin's bed, freaked out and then lost a fight with Tyrion in the last episode of season four. Wrong Lion girl, wrong Lion.


This one was like killing a Brazilian superstar. Ros only had one name and was like the World Cup Champion of prostitution. Well, at least in the North.


Other Characters Who Deserve a Moment of Silence

There were a couple of characters that didn't play huge roles, but we felt should get some recognition.



Hodor got a very emotional death and an explanation of why he only says Hodor. That episode was amazingly well done and was definitely water cooler talk the next day at the office. Not to mention all the great memes that came from it and knee jerk reactions when someone asks your to hold the elevator.

Margaery Tyrell

It took a small miracle for me not to put her character under the Prostitute section, but she never really accepted any money in exchange for soliciting the crown from Joffrey and Tommen. She was an interesting character though and died long before she really got to make her mark.


Mace Tyrell

Always present, never featured. That will be how Mace Tyrell is remembered in Game of Thrones. What did he really do, he sat on the small council that didn't make any notable decisions during his time. He sired a couple of kids, one of whom became Queen - twice.

Aside from that, he had a chance for a big moment when his troops came into King's Landing, but Tommen squashed his thunder. His Mom has a bigger set of balls than he does.

Walder Frey

Aside from Ramsay, no one played a more evil bastard than this guy. Old and gruff, he hated everyone and everything openly. His death came as a shock, but was pretty damn rewarding considering how he killed Robb Stark.


Trystane Martell and Myrcella Lannister

If you're a fan of love, Game of Thrones is not really for you. Basically, anyone who acknowledges that they love someone else eventually dies. This one was pretty Romeo and Julietish. Family of the guy poisons the female love interest and then kill off her beau in a power play. So much for that generation of leaders.


The Three-Eyed Raven

You think you might want to give a word of warning to Bran to not get touched by the White Walkers, especially if that could drop all your defenses and get you wiped out. But this is Game of Thrones, where stupid people exist. I guess the Bran plot needed a push, so no warnings allowed.


Jojen Reed

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Bran's first mentor didn't survive the trip North. You might remember Brodie-Sangster as a young Sam from the movie Love Actually.


Maester Luwin

When Theon Greyjoy took Winterfell, you had to know his days were numbered. At least he died in the garden.


Lysa Arryn

Aunt Lysa was already up for Mother of the Year when she coyly admitted to Littlefinger that she was the one who poisoned her husband, not the Lannisters. I'm kind of shocked we lost her, but this is the season of revenge. First we get Joffrey, now Lysa.



I guess the guy could have used a hand north of the Wall. If you remember what he did to the King Slayer, you'll find that funny. Pretty interesting character, but glad he got killed before he could get to Bran.


Xaro Xhoan Daxos

Talk about a high scoring name in Scrabble. The man who could get you things across the Narrow Sea. Found guilty of grand theft dragon by the Mother of Dragons, he got locked up in his empty vault and most likely suffocated to death.


Hizdahr zo Loraq

He can say he did something not a lot of people have done, marry Daenerys Targaryen. While it was believed that he was one of the leaders of the Sons of the Harpy group that was making life miserable in the city of Meereen, apparently he was not. Because at the latest round of fighting pit fights, the Harpies took him out with some quick stabs to the chest.

Princess Shireen Baratheon

Such a sweet girl and such a brutal death. Needing the blood to appease the Red God, she was burned alive at the stake. Apparently it worked to quell the rough, snowy weather, but left such a bad taste in Stannis' army that half of them deserted and took all of the horses with them.

Knowing that the sacrifice of his daughter may not have worked, Melisandre bails before Stannis burns her at the stake next. By the way, whoever is standing guard in Stannis' army is awful.


Selyse Florent

Wife of Stannis, her death at the end of season five was tragic in that fact that she had to watch her daughter die first. Never the best parent, she took her own life in the night.


Lady Crane

At this point, I'm starting to think that George R.R. Martin really hates women. Because the man kills them off at an alarming rate. And randomly. Actors, prostitutes, fighters, animal handlers.

Between women and direwolves, I really question the type of childhood the man had.


The High Sparrow

He did say he'd be happy to die for the faith along with all of his followers. Be careful what you wish for my friend. Some times it might be smart to listen to those who have more experience in political matters, such as when Margaery was wondering why Tommen and Cersei weren't present for the trials.

It felt like a pretty neat tie up to many convoluted plot lines that were slowing down the show. Too much religion and not enough battling. This clears the way for the invasion to begin.

Lancel Lannister

You have to give the High Sparrow credit, he loves playing on people's guilt. Lancel was feeling a bit troubled having slept with Cersei, much like Loras did with sleeping with Renley. In the end, he went down in flames along with everyone else dealing with the High Sparrow.



Like Ros, Myranda only has one name. She was the daughter of the Kennelmaster of House Bolton and Ramsay Snow's secret lover. They were headed towards marriage until he was legitimized by his father.

She got hers by Reak, a.k.a. Theon Greyjoy at the end of season five. Which as it turns out was the bloodiest finale yet.


Grand Maester Pycelle

Considering his age and the relative toxicity of King's Landing, it's a miracle this guy lasted six seasons. He picked the wrong enemy though in Cersei and she finally got to dispatch him in her take over of the kingdom.

His affection for young woman made him even more unlikable, so it was definitely time for him to go.

Rickon Stark

One of the weakest plot lines in the whole series. Rickon had about seven lines in six seasons and died of stupidity. Run while I shoot arrows at you. Ever hear of back pedaling so you can see when he releases to dodge? Idiot.


Other Minor Characters

A few that we lost that don't really deserve much more than a photo.


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