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Rachel Is the Worst Friend: The Definitive List

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Friends, as anyone who has ever watched television knows, is one of the most popular shows from the ‘90s/early 2000s. The love people had for it then continues to live on even today, 18 years after its last episode. Just like any show, it has its super fans, and everyone has a favorite character. I've probably watched the show a million times over since I was 11, and I personally have always loved Phoebe. She has such a huge personality, and we never stop learning new things about her throughout the seasons. Though, up until recently, I never really thought about who my least favorite character would be.

I really enjoy all of them, but during a marathon one evening, I realized how horrible of a person Rachel is. Yes, every character does something questionable at some point, but Rachel seems to never stop. She's a disrespectful, manipulative, selfish, and overall unpleasant person who hardly ever acts like a good friend. So, I decided to create this definitive list of the bad things she has done.

Note: This is only a list of negative things that she has said or done related to her friends, not everything negative that she has said or done.

Friends: Season 6, Episode 1/ The One After Vegas

Friends: Season 6, Episode 1/ The One After Vegas

In chronological order:

  • Assumes Monica will let her stay at her place even though she hasn't seen or spoken to her in years.
  • Sleeps with ex-fiancée Barry while he's engaged to her best friend at the time/ex-bridesmaid Mindy (yes, Mindy slept with him when Rachel was engaged to him too- but Rachel didn't know that yet). This woman really has no room to comment on "we were on a break" later.
  • Doesn't ever acknowledge when Ross hasn't finished speaking to her when he tries to ask her out and they keep getting interrupted.
  • Knows (and even says it in a later episode) that Ross wanted to ask her out and has had a crush on her forever, but relentlessly talks about/is all lovey-dovey with Paolo in front of him without a second thought. Then has the audacity to be annoyed when other girls come around and Ross talks about/hangs out with them in front of her.
  • Gets angry and says that she is "stuck" spending time with the group because she missed her flight to go on the skiing trip, even though the group generously paid for her to be able to go on the trip in the first place.
  • Gets mad because Monica chose to have a professional server she works with help her with presenting a meal to a restauranteur instead of asking her, and then when she does need her help, makes her pay her more than she was going to pay the other individual. So petty.
  • Asks Monica to commit insurance fraud for her ankle injury, and then gets upset when Monica refuses to agree on telling the cute doctors they met at the hospital who they really are.
  • Upped the price on the poker game just because she didn't get picked for a job- but then was upset with Monica, Chandler and Ross not understanding that herself, Phoebe and Joey don't make the type of money that they do.
  • Let Ross' pet monkey out of the apartment. It was a very careless, preventable mistake.
  • Actually gets mad at Ross because he's upset about his lost pet monkey and says she has "apologized a million times", implying that the apology should make it all better? Let the man grieve.
Friends: Season 2, Episode 1/ The One With Ross' New Girlfriend

Friends: Season 2, Episode 1/ The One With Ross' New Girlfriend

  • Is out to get Julie just because Ross ended up with her instead, but could have told Ross about her feelings for him after he landed in China. Sure, it was unlikely that he would meet someone because it was just a trip, but did she think he would just wait around for her?
  • Gets upset with Monica because she was spending time with Julie (it's her brother's girlfriend, my god)/helping her feel welcome.
  • Gets Phoebe to cut Julie's hair incorrectly just because she doesn't want her with Ross. What, do you think that would cause them to break up? Really? Over a haircut? That’s pretty shallow.
  • Goes out with Jean-Claude Van Damme and tells Monica off for being "too chicken to tell a man she thinks he's cute" even though Rachel couldn’t tell Ross how she felt.
  • Tells Ross she has feelings for him even though he was in a happy relationship that was taking its next step (getting a cat together).
  • Fights the guys to see the list that Chandler typed up for Ross just because it had her name on it. She could have just let it go, but she's too stubborn.
  • Gets mad at Phoebe because Phoebe ended up not wanting to get tattooed when she got hers, and even gets her back in the chair to get it (though unsuccessfully).
  • Has to return every gift she gets, even when they’re from her closest friends. I don't buy into the "at least I keep the things that actually have meaning" charade she pulls later on.
Friends: Season 3, Episode 2/ The One Where No One's Ready

Friends: Season 3, Episode 2/ The One Where No One's Ready

  • Knew that the Museum Benefit Ross invited the group to was very important (and uses that as the excuse for not being ready), and yet didn't even have her clothes picked out. Honestly, everyone was annoying in that episode besides Phoebe, who showed up ready and on time.
  • Tells Chandler she would like the sheep from her Bo Peep costume back "one of these days" even though she always borrows things without permission and keeps them for so long she claims that they are hers/ loses them/ gives them to others to borrow.
  • Tells Ross that she'll get ready for the benefit then changes out of the outfit that took her the majority of the episode to get into and sits at the table- making a scene and wasting more time.
  • Isn't supportive of Monica wanting to have a baby by herself despite her being her best friend, and even says it's "crazy".
  • Doesn't thank Ross for going out of his way to help when the group is stranded at the rest stop on their way to go skiing, instead thanks him for not wanting to go along with them on the trip.
  • Doesn't want Ross to go out with Phoebe's friend Bonnie after she said it was fine, and goes as far as getting Bonnie to shave her head, making that the second hair sabotage of a woman that Ross was going out with.
  • Flirts with Ross at the beach house while he's seeing Bonnie and apparently was planning to get somewhere with him, even though she was angry when Ross slept with someone while they were technically broken up! If she were to get somewhere with him, she would be helping Ross cheat on Bonnie. You guys were on a break when Ross slept with Copy Girl, but Ross is still seeing Bonnie... Rachel, get a grip.
Friends: Season 3, Episode 25/ The One at the Beach

Friends: Season 3, Episode 25/ The One at the Beach

  • Tells Ross she still has feelings for him yet again while he is seeing someone.
  • Doesn't think it's fair that she and Monica have to move after losing the bet on the apartments, but definitely would have made Joey and Chandler get rid of the pets if they had won.
  • Has known Chandler for years and didn't know what his job was (shame on everyone else, too).
  • Tells Ross "I thought we moved on... we can be happy for each other" so that he can go to the opera with Emily in place of her while she goes off to flirt with Joshua at his club opening. Even though a few episodes before she was mad because Ross was dating the hot Paleontologist with the messy apartment, and also after giving him so much grief over not having finished the 18-page feelings dump she gave to him. And the fact that she’s still holding onto her anger for the Copy Girl incident!
  • Gets upset because Ross is having a good time with Emily EVEN THOUGH she JUST gave him the "I thought we moved on... we can be happy for each other" line.
  • Dating Joshua (who she really wanted to go out with while somehow simultaneously flipping over Ross' romantic life) and still can't be happy for Ross and Emily getting married. Instead, wants to get even by trying to make her relationship with Joshua move faster.
Friends: Season 4, Episode 24/ The One With Ross' Wedding, Part. II

Friends: Season 4, Episode 24/ The One With Ross' Wedding, Part. II

  • Goes to London so she can tell Ross about her feelings for him, AGAIN when he's in a happy relationship—and also about to get married!
  • Reads the letter about the family dog Lapooh while Ross is trying to have a serious conversation with her (about how he's not going to be able to see her because of Emily).
  • Tells Ross that he needs to do whatever Emily is wanting him to do to make the relationship work, but gets mad at Ross because what Emily wants is for him to not see her. Which is pretty low, but that's on Emily, not Ross. Ross knows it's crazy, but he just wants his relationship with Emily to work.
  • Joins the reading class with Phoebe even though she doesn't read the assigned books, bugs Phoebe to summarize them for her and then takes credit for Phoebe's analyses when she's called on for answers.
  • Couldn't tell Joshua or Danny that she was interested in them, yet (as previously stated) called Monica a chicken for not being able to tell Jean-Claude Van Damme (which in Monica's defense was definitely harder because he's a famous person) that she found him cute.
  • Wants to confront Monica about her seeing Chandler even though it's obvious she doesn't want anyone to know about them, considering she knows that Joey knows and he was sworn to secrecy. And it's absolutely none of her business, anyway.
Friends: Season 5, Episode 24/ The One in Vegas, Part. II

Friends: Season 5, Episode 24/ The One in Vegas, Part. II

  • Gets mad at Ross for drawing on her face when they were on the way to Vegas even though she was messing with him on the flight too and wet his pants, which could also be seen as "crossing the line" (what she tells him he did with the face drawing).
  • Tells Monica she doesn't "see [Monica] going through with" moving in with Chandler. Wow, what a best friend.
  • Flips out on Ross for not getting the annulment (which is understandable) when he said he did and mocks him throughout the episode, yet admits at the end when she signs the divorce papers that she remembered it was initially her idea for them to get married. She also admits she wasn't going to tell him this, which could have potentially hurt Ross' feelings and views about his relationship with her even more if he didn't know.
  • Gets defensive when Ross says she's done things just as bad to him as what he did to her (not getting the annulment). She tries saying that those things didn't compare because she was in love with him, when she knows it's on the same level.
  • Doesn't pack her stuff when she's supposed to move out of the apartment (so Chandler and Monica are able to live alone) and then gets upset with Monica and starts to unpack what she, Phoebe and herself have already packed.
  • Tells Monica that she's not moving and asks why she has to be the one who moves out. Not taking into account that she was the one who sprung herself in Monica's apartment to begin with, and the fact that it is Monica's apartment because her grandmother lived there before her.
  • Can't tell Phoebe that she doesn't want to run with her again because of the way she (Phoebe) runs and puts the blame on Monica- saying that she tripped her. Hmm, I thought you didn't embarrass easily, Rach?
  • Tells Ross she can’t handle him going out with her sister Jill, and says she doesn't like him dating anyone in general, yet can't tell him how she feels/doesn't want him.
  • Yet again participates in a game (to determine who will be Monica's maid of honor) and when she loses, she says it's stupid and still wants to get her way.
  • When looking at the videotape to see who made the first move between her and Ross, she was going to let everyone believe Ross came onto her (who cares, Rachel? You've been wanting Ross back for years, it ultimately doesn't matter) because she assumed no one knew about the magical backpacking-through-Europe story.
Friends: Season 8, Episode 24/ The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part. II

Friends: Season 8, Episode 24/ The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part. II

  • Takes the name Monica had picked out at 14 years old for her future baby after saying “I’m not going to want it”. Even though Monica ended up saying it was okay, that's such a selfish thing to do. And to your best friend? I’m starting to not believe you, Rach.
  • Calls Pheobe a "stupid hippie" when Ross tells her that Emma laughed while she was away (giving Phoebe a makeover).
  • Let Emma keep Joey's Hugsy with her without asking Joey for permission.
  • Fights with Joey over Emma keeping the original Hugsy after he buys Emma a new one so that he can have his back, saying "You're going to take Hugsy away from a little child?", when she has no right to at all because it wasn't hers to begin with!
  • Unfairly expects everyone to stay at Emma's birthday party when 1) Emma has been asleep the whole time and 2) they all have things that they have to do, makes Monica give her the keys to the Porsche so she can go to New Jersey to replace the messed up cake, and then proceeds to get pulled over for speeding in it (she could have wrecked it being that reckless- and over a cake?).
  • Is Monica's “best friend,” but is once again unsupportive of her (moving to the house out of the city to raise her and Chandler's future child).
  • Gets mad at Ross because he didn't want to take advantage of her while she was upset after learning that her father had a heart attack.
  • Makes a big deal of talking to everyone individually before the big move to Paris, and leaves Ross out because it would be "too hard" for her. Then when he's upset about it, says "I can't believe that after 10 years you still don't know one thing about me", yet 10 years and a baby later she still can’t tell him how she feels. You think this would be THE opportunity to do that...

I decided to leave out smaller things she did (like teaching Ross’ son Ben those pranks) that weren’t inherently wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect, all that jazz... but jeez, Rachel really never learns.

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