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Rachel Green's Top Ten Outfits on "Friends"

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Friends was a lightning in a bottle show that became an overnight sensation and resonated with millions of fans. The character of Rachel Green was arguably one of the most trend-setting fashionistas of the 1990s, and inspired women across America in both fashion and hairstyle choices. Her style, taste and fashion sense continue to inspire and influence many even to this day. Let's take a closer look at some of Rachel Green's most iconic fashion looks throughout the series.


10. Flannel Crop-Top & Capris

In the earlier seasons of the show, Rachel rocked the heck out of basic fashion staples. When she did laundry for the first time with Ross, she wore this super cute flannel crop-top and jean capris ensemble, and looked absolutely adorable. With her hair pulled back in a messy bun, Rachel showed everyone how effortlessly cool she could look in the most simple of pieces. Her laid back style during this time was envied by women everywhere, and a look like this could easily be emulated today.


9. Gingham Shift Mini Dress

Rachel was the definition of cute and classy when she wore this lovely mini shift gingham dress. The cut and style was extremely flattering on the character, and she wore the pattern with ease. It gave major spring vibes and with her voluminous shoulder length hair, deep lipstick shade and minimalist watch, Rachel once again wowed. The great thing about her is that she never shied away from trying on new styles and looks, and always gave it her unique twist.


8. Denim Vest Galore

During her time as a less-than-stellar waitress, Rachel embraced a lot of denim that she usually paired with skirts and tights. One of her favorite pieces was the denim vest, which she rocked on many occasions with an array of clothing. Whether wearing it with sexy black tights, a cute skirt or simple shorts, Rachel worked the denim vest look. With her shoulder-length hair often pulled back in a relaxed style, she embraced the casual yet cool ensemble to a tee.


7. Sheer White Lace Blouse

Rachel sure knew how to work the simple yet chic look. It also goes to show that black pants go with everything! She paired them with a delicate layered blouse that featured embroidery and fluted sleeves, and accessorized with an elegant necklace. With her hair worn in loose waves, the whole ensemble just proves how effortlessly cool Rachel was when it came to her style. She was able to take simple fashion staples and elevate them to a whole new level.


6. Mini Skirts & Knee-High Boots

Throughout the course of the show, the ladies of Friends loved working a pair of boots. However, no one did it quite as well as Rachel. Whether they were paired with a mini-skirt, sweater or dress, the knee-high boots became a staple for the iconic character. In the latter seasons she truly elevated the look with simple yet chic pieces that demanded attention. It's quite clear that Rachel worked in the fashion world and embraced all that it had to offer.


5. Sweater & Plaid Skirt With Knee-High Socks

Rachel is definitely a fashionista, and is able to rock any outfit she wears. This school girl inspired number was no exception; she wore a simple sweater and paired it with a plaid skirt and knee-high socks that looked both naughty and nice. With her hair pulled back into a loose pony tail and minimalist accessories, the whole ensemble was cute and still chic. It's an outfit that many people have emulated and is definitely a look that would be rocked today.


4. Sheer Black Blouse With Ruffles

Rachel looked effortlessly chic when she wore this head to toe black ensemble, with a blouse that featured sheer fabric and statement making ruffles. With her blonde hair styled in a sleek lob and a simple bracelet accessory, the whole look was both simple and sophisticated. Rachel was always able to make any outfit work, whether it was something bold or something understated.


3. Kimono Dress & Red Wedges

In the later seasons of the show, Rachel truly stepped up her fashion game and rocked dozens of statement making numbers. During Season 10, she was embracing a very sophisticated style that included this stunning black kimono-inspired dress. With pink flower accents, a thigh-high slit and strappy red wedges, the ensemble truly popped on the beauty. Her sleek hair and side bangs and dangly earrings only further elevated the look, and she definitely stole the scene. Rachel was the queen of mastering any style and did it effortlessly.


2. Wedding Dress

Who could possibly forget when Rachel Green was first introduced to the world in this stunning, off-the-shoulder wedding gown? Even though she showed up wet and frantic, Rachel rocked the glamorous gown and bejeweled head piece perfectly. The dress definitely drew attention to the runaway bride, and she was welcomed in by the gang. The iconic look will forever be famous to Friends fans everywhere, and gave the character the big splash she deserved.


1. Mint Green Gown

Rachel made everyone's jaw drop when she strolled out wearing this gorgeous mint green gown. The curve-hugging number hit her in all the right places and highlighted her fabulous figure, and the color looked perfect with her skin tone and hair. With the high slit and strappy heels, Rachel was the epitome of sexy and sleek. It also didn't hurt that she not-so-subtly informed Ross that she was going commando in the outfit! In an episode that focused on no one being ready for an event, Rachel managed to pull out a look that was absolutely stunning and memorable.

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