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Prue Halliwell's Top Ten Fashion Moments on "Charmed"

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Prue Halliwell of "Charmed"

The WB's Charmed was a hit show that ran from 1998 to 2006, and featured three sister witches known as the Charmed Ones. Shannen Doherty starred as eldest sister Prue Halliwell for the show's first three seasons, and rocked some memorable looks and ensembles during her time with the series. Let's take a look at Prue Halliwell's top ten fashion moments on Charmed.

10. Ms. Hellfire Wardrobe

Prue sure knows how to rock a sexy and edgy look! When she had to go undercover as an evil assassin known as Ms. Hellfire, she sported a bunch of risque ensembles. From a leather halter top with an over-the-top fur-lined coat, to a satin corset blouse and even a curve-hugging leather dress, her wardrobe was daring and bold and completely matched her alter-ego. Prue had the strong personality and extreme confidence to pull off the sexy ensembles, and she looked darn good wearing them!

9. Sweater Weather

Prue was always a fan of wearing a cozy, form-fitting sweater. Whether it was a sheer knit top or v-necks in a wide array of colors, the powerful witch managed to look effortlessly chic in the garment. Being that they did live in San Francisco, it makes sense that the sisters couldn't always rock the sexy and revealing outfits in the cool Bay Area air. Prue's sweater collection was on full display throughout the show, which she paired with denim jeans, slacks and skirts with boots.

8. 1600s Halloween Outfit

On the Halloween episode in Season 3, the Halliwell sisters are summoned back to the 1600s to help save a fellow witch in need. In order to better blend in, the Charmed Ones are given traditional 17th century attire. Prue pulled off the outfit perfectly, and looked absolutely stunning in the forest green corset with white billowy sleeves and a full peach colored skirt. The form-fitting top was just the right amount of sexy with a hint of cleavage showing, and her raven-hued tresses were worn down and loose. Prue definitely fit right in with her environment and completely rocked the look!

7. Denim Jumpsuit

There's just something about Prue embracing her wild and daring side that completely elevates her wardrobe! On Piper and Leo's wedding day, Prue's astral-projection self ends up wreaking havoc by developing an uninhibited and reckless personality. During her chaotic adventure, Prue sports this all-denim, body-hugging jumpsuit that looks gorgeous on her. The dark denim shade is paired with a deep v-neck button-up top and fun chunky belt. With a blue pendant and matching bra peeking through, the whole ensemble was beautiful on the Charmed One (even if she was getting herself into a whole lot of trouble)!

6. Strapless Paisley Blue Dress

Prue looked positively lovely in this effortlessly elegant and bohemian inspired outfit. She wore this gorgeous strapless paisley dress with blue and green shades, paired with a matching pendant and chunky bangles. With her hair delicately pinned back on both sides and natural make-up, Prue looked feminine and sweet in the dress. She often tended to opt for sexier and edgier outfits, so this dreamy paisley number was a nice change for her character.

5. Vintage 1920s Flapper Dress

It's no surprise that the Charmed Ones all had extremely memorable and stunning looks in the 1920s past lives episode. Each of the sisters rocked a unique and vintage '20s flapper dress in specific color schemes. Prue wore this fun and bright blue gown with a delicate, beaded trim, open back and sexy slits that showcased her legs. The shade was perfect for her skin tone, and her past life self wore a deep red bob. Accessorized with a pearl necklace, black headpiece and darker make-up, Prue completely pulled off the flapper fashion of the Roaring Twenties.

4. Sexy & Dark Sheer Crop Top

Prue wore this sexy and dark sheer crop top and high-slit skirt when she was tricked into a shot-gun wedding with an evil warlock. The edgy outfit reflected the eldest Halliwell embracing her dark side in the revealing number, and Prue once again looked gorgeous as she tangoed with temptation. She was never one to shy away from rocking a midriff baring garment, and her fabulous figure was on full display in the sheer crop top.

3. Lover of the Leather Jacket

Throughout her time on the show, Prue was known for wearing the heck out of a leather jacket. She pulled off every type of leather jacket, whether it was in a shade of black, brown or even olive green. The strong and edgy style coat matched her personality perfectly, and she would wear it with simple t-shirts, jeans, skirts and dresses. After her character was killed in the third season finale, Piper was seen wearing Prue's favorite black leather jacket, showing just how much she wore it and the sentimental importance it held for the younger sister.

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2. Chic in the Little Black Dress

Throughout the first season, Prue worked at an auction house and was often seen wearing formal office attire, including little black dresses. Prue looked chic and sophisticated when she wore the fashion favorite, and the garment looked gorgeous with her chin-length bob. She even pulled triple duty with the LBD, when there were three Prue's all rocking various styles of the dress. She always looked both professional and just the right amount of sexy in the little black number, and was truly a head-turner.

1. Queen of the Halter Top

If there is one fashion staple that Prue was absolutely the queen of rocking, it was definitely the halter top. Throughout her time on the show, she would wear the garment in a wide array of patterns, fabrics and shades. The halter tops were almost always crop tops, highlighting her impressive curves and figure. She also wasn't afraid to try different styles and fabrics, such as faux-suede, sheer knit or even crochet. Prue knew how to pull off a halter top better than anyone, and she would pair it with jeans, skirts and trousers and a wide array of accessories. She was indeed the queen of the halter top.

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Rachel M Johnson (author) on September 04, 2019:

Of course. But oh I know! She looked absolutely fabulous!

Jacqueline G Rozell on September 04, 2019:

Thank you for the information. That little black dress, and the flapper one... if I looked that good in those dresses, I'd be wearing them out, rotating them every other day!

Rachel M Johnson (author) on September 03, 2019:

Hi Jaqueline, you’re welcome! I enjoyed looking back on some of her greatest fashion moments on the show. She was always so beautiful. Last I heard she was in remission, I hope that’s still the case.

Jacqueline G Rozell on September 03, 2019:

Thank you for the review on Prue. She was my favorite of the Halliwell sisters.... thunder, fire and lightening. I haven't heard any reports lately on her fight with cancer. Hope she is hanging in. My best to her.

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