H'gar = Rhaegar?

Updated on November 27, 2017

The Story as we Know it

For those of us that don't know the story about the Battle of the Trident, let me give you a quick Westerosi history lesson. This is the battle that essentially ended Robert's Rebellion, as the soon to be King Robert Baratheon battled Rhaegar Targaryen in single combat. Robert defeated Rhaegar with a crushing blow to the chest using his war hammer which was said to be so devastating that it caved in Rhaegar's chest plate sending rubies (which covered Rhaegar's armor) flying into the river.

The Jaqen H'gar Theory

The theory is that Rhaegar was not actually at the Battle of the Trident but was either with his new wife Lyanna Stark at the birth of their child, or he fled in fear of his life. Regardless of where different theorists claim Rhaegar may have been, they all agree that he was not at the Battle of the Trident fighting (and losing) to Robert Baratheon.

After the death of his wife and and the genocide of his family, Rhaegar is said to have sailed for Bravos where he trained to become "No One" (a faceless man). The same faceless man that Arya Stark came to know as Jaqen H'gar.

Face Changing Rubies

  • Evidence: In the season 6 premier "The Red Woman", Melisandre is seen removing her ruby necklace which in turn shows that she is actually an old woman.
  • Connection: Rhaegar's armor was covered in rubies when he supposedly died at the Battle of the Trident. Do rubies give anyone the power to be seen as someone else?
  • Conclusion: This is as possible as anything that has happened on Game of Thrones so far, but it's a little far fetched. It's pretty hard to believe that Robert or someone close to him didn't see Rhaegar's body without his armor on before he was cremated.

The Arya Stark Connection

  • Evidence: Jaqen H'gar took quite a shining to Arya from day 1, and gave her several chances to prove herself loyal to the Many Faced God. Even when he finally agreed to have Arya killed, he seemed genuinely upset about the decision. Why would a man who is "No One" care about a girl that he barely knows?
  • Connection: It is said that Arya is very similar to her deceased Aunt Lyanna, who we now know was married to Rhaegar Targaryen in a secret ceremony. A reminder of the woman he loved enough to risk an entire kingdom on just might be the one soft spot he has left.
  • Conclusion: This alone isn't enough to prove the theory but there is definitely something more going on here. Jaqen H'gar is a cold blooded killer who worships the Many Faced God and trains possibly the best assassins in the world. He shows no remorse when he kills anyone, and then suddenly he goes soft because of some random girl that comes into his life? I doubt it. He clearly has a soft spot for Arya, and it goes well beyond her saving his life. I doubt he will turn out to be Rhaegar but I'd be surprised if we didn't learn of a deeper connection between Arya Stark and Jaqen H'gar in season 8.

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