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Piper Halliwell's Top Ten Fashion Moments on "Charmed"

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Piper Halliwell of "Charmed"

Charmed is a beloved WB series that ran from 1998 to 2006, and featured three sister witches as they battled against evil forces. Piper Halliwell is a fiercely protective and powerful witch that underwent a style evolution while on the show. Let's take a look at some of her best fashion moments.

10. Piper, Warrior Princess

Piper rocked this warrior princess ensemble when the sisters disguised themselves in order to rescue Leo from Valhalla. She looked ready to kick some major butt in the fierce outfit, and showed that she can pull off sexy and risque looks that Phoebe, Paige and Prue were so found of wearing. Equipped with boots and body armor, Piper looked like the ultimate tough chick and was ready to rescue her love Leo. It definitely was fun seeing Piper embrace the wild and daring side in fashion!

9. Gorgeous Goddess

The Charmed Ones are famous for sporting some pretty crazy ensembles, some looking fabulous and some being a little too out there. When the sisters literally were transformed into goddesses in Season 5, they all looked absolutely beautiful. Piper was radiant and gorgeous in this one-shouldered, billowy sheer sleeved white gown that was accentuated with a golden belt. With her voluminous hair worn down in a natural, laid-back style, Piper looked effortlessly elegant and like the true goddess she is.

8. Cute in Cardigans

In the earlier seasons of the show, Piper wore a lot of color coordinated cardigans and ensembles. She would pair the garment with skirts, dresses and jeans, giving her a feminine and cute look. Her style at the beginning of the series seemed a lot more soft and delicate, as she wore more dresses and brighter colors than she would later on. It seems that as the show progressed, her style evolution matched her attitude transformation: she started out a bit reserved and soft, then became tough and fierce.

7. Queen of Flowy Blouses

Piper enjoyed a more laid-back and low-maintenance approach to fashion, and a common staple in her wardrobe were flowy and beautiful blouses. Often she would pair a pretty blouse with a nice pair of jeans and accessories, and she always looked effortlessly chic. Having a no muss/no fuss style does not mean you can't rock some fabulous outfits, and Piper proves that fact. All of her blouses always looked so cute and just the right amount of sexy, proving that understated does not always equal boring.

6. Piper Gone Wild

It's no secret that when it comes to fashion, Piper prefers relaxed and low-maintenance styles. Though they are much more simple than her sisters' ensembles, she still manages to look lovely in everything she wears. When Piper is possessed by an evil spirit on the eve of her high school reunion, she completely breaks away from her typical fashion by wearing leather pants and a red fringed halter top. Even her make-up was a bit heavier than usual, and the possessed witch completely broke out of her shell. Not only was the outfit a complete 180 from her usual style, she even danced up on her own bar!


5. Dark & Vampy Vixen

Piper had a complete meltdown when she was attempting to figure out what to wear to her high school reunion. In the episode, she rocked two very memorable looks: the first was the red halter number and the second this dark, vampy outfit. She wore a lacy black dress that looked very sexy and edgy, and paired it with a matching choker and heels. With her hair loosely curled and voluminous, heavier eye-make-up and a dark lip, Piper was a stunning vampy vixen. She might not have ended up wearing the ensemble, but she looked darn good trying it on.

4. A Vision in Floral

When Paige was getting married to Henry, bridesmaids Piper and Phoebe looked effortlessly elegant in these strapless, floral embroidered gowns. The unique vertical striping, black and white muted color scheme and delicate ribbon sash completely elevated the dress and made it an absolute knock-out. Piper wore hair in loose waves and pinned back with a headband, giving off some major '60s hair vibes. Her delicate necklace and minimal make-up gave off a feminine and chic feel that was indeed one of her greatest looks.

3. Leather Loving Lady

Piper sure was a leather-loving lady! Throughout the show she often sported leather clothing and accessories, including pants, coats, bracelets and boots. The Charmed One definitely knew how to pull off a great leather pants, and gave off a fiery and fierce vibe. She also rocked leather coats throughout the series (as did all the sisters), but the style just worked so well on Piper. She was arguably the strongest of the sisters, both in powers and in mind. Piper was always willing to protect those she loved, and her wardrobe had to reflect her tough attitude.

2. 1920s Flapper Dress

Let's face it, all three sisters looked absolutely stunning in their 1920s flapper dresses. Each rocked their own color palette in the past life episode, and Piper looked sexy and chic in her black number. The draped and lace outfit complimented her beauty, and her delicate headpiece paired great with her sophisticated up-do bun. Her delicate earrings and matching necklace perfectly suited her style, and her deep red lip gave the ensemble that needed a pop of color. Piper definitely looks like she stepped right out of the 1920s in the flapper dress.

1. Beautiful Blushing Bride

Piper truly never looked better when she was finally able to marry her true love Leo. The first wedding dress she wore in an attempt to marry him was pretty, but her second one took the cake! The high neckline and embroidered lace detail seemed to capture her style essence, and the gown was the perfect combination of feminine and demure. With her hair partly pulled back, fresh make-up, delicate pearl earrings and a beaded veil, Piper was a stunning vision in white. Leo was certainly one lucky man to be marrying such a lovely woman!

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Rachel M Johnson (author) on August 31, 2019:

Hi Jacqueline, I miss it too! It’s one of my all time favorite shows. But I definitely will do one for Shannen Doherty and I also will for Rose McGowan! I wish Shannen would have worked out too.

Jacqueline G Rozell on August 31, 2019:

I liked them all and miss the show. Please do a similar review of Shannen Doherty's wardrobe. She was talented, sexy and pull off a burlap bag. I was so disappointed her personality conflicts caused her to be replaced.