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Phoebe Buffay's Top Ten Outfits on "Friends"

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Let's take a look at Phoebe Buffay's top ten fashion moments on "Friends."

Let's take a look at Phoebe Buffay's top ten fashion moments on "Friends."

Iconic Phoebe Buffay Outfits

Friends was a lightning-in-a-bottle show that became an overnight sensation and resonated with millions of fans. The quirky and cool Phoebe Buffay was known for her eccentric personality and a wardrobe to match. She was never one to shy away from bold and playful patterns, colors and styles. Let's take a look at Phoebe Buffay's top ten fashion moments on Friends.

10. Bold & Statement-Making Coats

Phoebe's style was always fun and playful, and throughout the show she wore many statement-making coats. Arguably her most iconic number was the one she wore when she spotted Monica and Chandler in a romantic embrace and first learned of their relationship. The bright orange, faux fur coat was bold and in-your-face, but Phoebe managed to pull it off in the best way possible. Her coats were always unique and never simple, with either fake fur lining, animal prints or embellishments giving it that extra Phoebe touch.

9. Touch of Velvet

Not only did Phoebe play around with colors and styles, but she also embraced all types of fabrics. In the earlier seasons, she rocked many velvet ensembles that looked absolutely gorgeous on her. She often choose velvet colors that were deep and dark, pairing beautifully with her bright blonde hair. Whether it was a long maxi dress or a long-sleeved, slinky velvet number Phoebe knew just how to wear the fabric and elevate it. Who could possibly forget when she wore the blue velvet blouse and matching skirt to seduce Chandler, and get him to admit his relationship with Monica? Simply iconic.

8. Bohemian Babe in Fringe

Phoebe is truly a whimsical and carefree character, and her fashion and style choices reflect that. She wore this bohemian and fringe outfit that consisted of a white top and matching flowy skirt, paired with a brown fringed vest. With her signature bold necklaces and heavy jewelry, voluminous curly hair and natural make-up, Phoebe looked like the ultimate flower child. She has a talent for being able to take some of the most unique pieces and pair them together in a way that is reflective and true to her personality. Her outfits like this one show just how fun and playful she is, and how she truly marches to the beat of her own drum.

7. Lover of Fun & Bold Necklaces

One accessory that seemed to be a staple of Phoebe's style was fun and bold necklaces. Regardless of if she was wearing a sweater, blouse, dress or t-shirt, she was always sporting a seriously impressive necklace. It is difficult to find an outfit that didn't have the accessory on full display, and often was the focal point of her ensembles. Out of the leading ladies, Phoebe was the most willing to experiment and enjoyed playing around with her style. Much of her jewelry was eccentric and unique, which perfectly matched her endearing personality.

6. Black Halter Dress With Plunging Neckline

One of her most va-va-voom outfits Phoebe ever wore, this black halter dress with a plunging neckline was sexy and daring and demanded attention. She wore the eye-catching number when she was going to attend a party held by then ex-boyfriend Mike's sister. Instead, she ran into former love David and never attended the get-together. It's no surprise that David was deeply appreciative of this sophisticated and edgy look. Her sleek blonde hair was worn down and she paired the dress with a signature necklace, a matching diamond-shaped number. Talk about a head-turner!

5. Chic Maxi Button Down Dress

Phoebe looked ultra-chic and cool in this maxi black button-down dress, that she paired with a white turtle-neck sweater she wore underneath. The simple black and white color scheme was different than the shades she usually gravitated towards, but the change-up was a fabulous one. With her multiple necklaces and shiny blonde hair, Phoebe looked extremely put together and effortlessly elegant. The super cute outfit was on full display when she had to break up a catfight between Rachel and Monica, by famously grabbing them by the ears.

4. Flowy & Feminine Dresses

Phoebe rocked many different outfits, and wore anything from overalls, vests, dresses and skirts. In the earlier seasons, she was a fan of many feminine and fun printed dresses. She looked gorgeous in a black and white polka dot dress and matching white boots at Susan and Carol's wedding. The iconic pale yellow gown she wore for Ross' function was hysterically paired with a giant Christmas ribbon. Phoebe enjoyed floral patterns for her dresses, which she highlighted with her famous accessories. The pink-and-white retro style dress and matching flipped-out hair was also a very memorable outfit Phoebe wore on the show.

3. Delightful in Denim

As with many of the show's characters, Phoebe rocked a lot of denim combinations during the '90s. Whether it was a denim shirt tied at the waist, a denim vest and dress or adorable overalls, Phoebe was frequently wearing the fabric. She always played up the simplicity of the denim with a fun pattern, like a floral dress, bold sweater beneath overalls or a fun skirt. The great thing about Phoebe is that she is not afraid to stand out and draw attention, and watching her fashion evolve on the show was a fun ride for fans and viewers.

2. Queen of the Cardigan

Aside from her penchant for bold and fun accessories, the other fashion staple Phoebe sported consistently was definitely the cardigan. Throughout the show, she wore cardigans in a wide array of colors, designs and patterns. Her outfit was instantly elevated by the addition of a cardigan, and she wore them with many dresses, t-shirts, skirts and blouses. The beauty of Phoebe's style was that it was always eccentric and different, which made her fashion choices that much more exciting. Whether it was over-the-top or not, her outfits remain memorable.

1. A Vision in White

Phoebe never looked better than on her wedding day to Mike; she was truly a vision in white when she wore this form-fitting gown with cap sleeves and a corset-like bodice. She looked absolutely stunning and elegant in the silk, a-line dress and the gown paired beautifully with her blonde ringlets and matching tiara and veil. Though there were a few hiccups on her journey to saying "I do," Phoebe ultimately got her fairy tale ending with the man of her dreams. The memorable wedding gown was perfect for the new Mrs. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

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