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Paige Matthews' Top Ten Fashion Moments on "Charmed"

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Paige Matthews of "Charmed"

Charmed was a hit WB show that followed the lives of 3 sister witches, known as the Charmed Ones. The character of Paige Matthews was introduced in the fourth season after the departure of Shannen Doherty (Prue), as the Halliwell's long-lost sister and fellow witch. Paige was known for her fun and daring personality, and her fashion throughout the show perfectly matched that. Let's take a look at Paige Matthews' top ten fashion moments on Charmed.

10. Evil Enchantress Alter Ego

Though this was actually worn by the Evil Enchantress (someone Paige once was in a past life), she still looked absolutely stunning in the green velvet and silk lined gown. With her long, dark locks crimped and worn down loosely, a delicate jeweled headpiece and dangling earrings, the Enchantress looked downright bewitching. The emerald green complimented her porcelain skin perfectly as did her dark tresses. Rose McGowan had double duty portraying the characters, and she did a fantastic job as the evil witch from medieval times.

9. Dark & Vampy Vixen

Paige sure knows how to pull off an edgy and evil look! She wore this seriously sexy ensemble when she was turned into a vampire by a Vampire Queen (don't worry, it was only temporary). The revealing, silky halter top and matching skirt was of course in a fitting shade of crimson, making Paige look even more like the ultimate vampy vixen. With her dark hair worn in voluminous curls and a bold matching red lip, the shade of the outfit emphasized her smooth pale skin that definitely fit the vampire aesthetic.

8. Sophisticated & Chic Blazers

Throughout the show, Paige was often seen sporting sophisticated and chic blazers in a wide array of colors, patterns and styles. In her earlier seasons she enjoyed more vibrant and playful looks, such as bold shades and stripes. As she matured through the series, her blazers seemed to grow more professional and demure. She adopted a darker color palette that really worked well. Paige was never afraid of embracing fun colors and styles, and her blazer evolution is on full display throughout the show.

7. Pastel Yellow Ruffled Dress

Paige was absolutely stunning in this pastel yellow ruffled dress, with a plunging v-neck and ruffled detailing. It is the absolute perfect shade and contrasted beautifully with her dark chocolate tresses that were styled and pinned back in gorgeous ringlets. The canary number was paired with baby blue heels that added a perfect pop of color, as well as a matching blue shawl. With a delicate pendant and deep red lip, Paige was truly a vision.

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6. Ultra-Cool in Suspenders

Only someone as fun and unique as Paige could completely rock suspenders, which she did with effortless ease. When she accidentally switched bodies with Phoebe, she was wearing a button-detailed tank top with black boot-cut jeans. The whole ensemble looked completely cool and she truly made the outfit her own. Suspenders aren't the easiest look to pull off, but Paige absolutely rocked the accessory and looked darn good doing it.

5. Sexy in Satin Blouses

A staple that seemed to appear in Paige's closet were slinky and chic satin blouses. She wore many beautiful tops that were delicate and feminine and just the right amount of sexy. Often detailed with lace, ribbon or tiny bows, the blouses always made Paige look the perfect combination of alluring and sophisticated. She would often wear it with a simple pair of trousers or jeans, and tended to keep the jewelry minimal. Her color selections always seemed to compliment her skin tone and shade of hair, proving that Paige knew just how to wear the garment.

4. Boho Chic in Peasant Tops

When it came to Paige's fashion and style, she was always daring and eager to try out different looks. Throughout the show, she would often go for boho-chic with varying peasant tops. Each ensemble always looked so fun and playful, which perfectly complemented the witch's personality. Whether she was sporting an embroidered corset-inspired top and ruffled skirt, an off-the-shoulder peasant top, or a bubbled sleeve and vest, Paige knew how to make any style her own.

3. Retro 1930s Glamour

Paige was the ultimate glamour girl when she wore this retro 1930s inspired dress alongside Kyle Brody in the film noir episode. The peach-shaded halter gown featured a lightly jeweled bodice that perfectly complimented her porcelain skin. She wore her dark tresses parted to the side, pinned and curled and looked effortlessly stunning. With a diamond bracelet, dark eye-lined eyes and bold red lip, Paige was the ultimate glamorous goddess in the fun vintage episode and truly stole the show.

2. Sensual Serenade Dress

Seeing Paige's hair transformation throughout the series was almost as fun as watching what new fun and sexy outfit she'd be rocking. She wore this gorgeous black, open shouldered dress when she serenaded piano bar owner Nate Parks (portrayed by Norman Reedus) with her rendition of "Fever." The little black dress featured glittering silver clasps on the shoulders and arms, giving the outfit a pop of elegance and glitz. With her red locks curled and pinned back with a matching silver barrette, a bright red lip and chunky bracelet, Paige was truly a star.

1. A Vision in Vintage

Paige was a vision in vintage white when she wore this absolutely stunning, embroidered and lace-detailed wedding gown for her nuptials to Henry Mitchell. The truly exquisite vintage gown featured a full tulle skirt that gave the outfit a romantic and fairy-tale like feel. With lacy capped sleeves, a ribbon cinched waist and plenty of gorgeous embroidery, the wedding gown is arguably Paige's best look ever. The off-white shade perfectly complimented her deep, chestnut hair which she wore swept back in delicate curls. Her soft make-up and pale pink lipstick completely brought the ensemble together, with Paige being the ultimate blushing bride.

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