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"Orange Is the New Black": Season 5 Non-Spoiler Review


For the uninitiated, Orange is the New Black is a Netflix Original show about Piper Chapman, who gets sent to a low security prison after getting arrested for a crime she committed ten years prior. It's not completely focused on her, though, as the focus slowly shifts from just her to more of an ensemble cast of her and all of the other inmates. Drama, violence, sex, and comedy ensues.

But that's just a small summary for the general story of this show, and we're about to dive into my review of season five. So if you haven't seen up to season four, I'd suggest you go catch up before reading this review.

Unfortunately, season five of Orange is the New Black is the worst season of the series so far. It's not terrible, by any means, as there is still some good drama, some funny moments, and a little bit of sex. But the story was a crawl this season. The resolution to the cliff-hanger we were left with last season leads into a whole new situation that lasts the entire season. And this situation, while interesting as a concept, gets old after one or two episodes. I mean, not a whole lot happens from episode two to episode eleven. There's some side stories and stuff, sure, but the main story is pretty stonewalled for the majority of the season. And then, when the story does get moving again in the final couple of episodes, it ends exactly how you expect it to and falls kind of flat.

There also wasn't a ton of character development in this season, or really anything for the characters to accomplish. Piper didn't do much of anything in this season, except for the normal Piper stuff that we expect her to do. She didn't do anything new, and she didn't do anything interesting. The rest of the crew doesn't have a whole lot to do either, and that takes its toll on the season as it goes on.

Overall, season five of Orange is the New Black is pretty boring and messy when compared to the first four seasons. It's almost as if this entire season was just a filler to get us to season six. You could watch the first episode of this season, skip the majority of the season, and watch the final two episodes and you'd figure out what happened in-between pretty easily. Another swing and miss for Netflix this year. Hopefully they get their sh*t together and get Orange is the New Black back on track for season six.


76% for the fifth season of "Orange is the New Black"

76% for the fifth season of "Orange is the New Black"