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Olivia Pope's Top Ten Fashion Moments on "Scandal"

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Olivia Pope's Fashion Sense

Scandal's Olivia Pope, portrayed by Kerry Washington, is known for being fashion-forward and for delivering some seriously awe-inspiring style moments. From trench coats to blazers, ball gowns to white hats, the character sure knew how to rock a wide array of memorable looks and ensembles. Let's take a look at Olivia Pope's top ten fashion moments on Scandal.

10. Ravishing in Red

One of the most fashion-forward characters on television, Olivia Pope knew how to serve up some seriously killer style moments. Though she loved a neutral pallet, Olivia always managed to surprise viewers. Among her impressive coat collection were some absolutely stunning red pieces. The bold and powerful shade perfectly matched her attitude, and when she wore red she looked simply ravishing. Whether it was a blazer, simple trench coat or floral embroidered coat, when Olivia wore the color she demanded to be noticed and respected.

9. Iconic White Trench Coat

Throughout the course of the show, Olivia wore a wide array of coats in many different styles and colors, many of which were belted and structured. She first wore her iconic white trench coat in the pilot episode, and the clothing piece would become synonymous with the character and her "gladiators." The simple yet elegant coat perfectly captured Olivia's style and confidence, and she would wear the ensemble many times throughout the series. The trench coat became a staple for her, and was the first taste of the many epic fashion moments the character would serve up during the show's run.

8. Blazers Galore

Being the powerful boss lady she is, Olivia's closet consisted of many stunning blazers that she paired with perfectly tailored trousers, skirts and structured dresses. Her blazers came in a wide range of colors and styles, typically neutrals and often with a peplum silhouette. Her accessories were often delicate and understated, and they always enhanced her outfits without overshadowing them. Olivia's blazers were often feminine in their structure and highlighted her stunning figure, all the while looking like a true and powerful professional.

7. Powerful Patterns

Though her signature shades were without-a-doubt neutrals, Olivia was never one to shy away from powerful patterns and structures. Many times she would wear geometric-inspired patterns, often in blacks, whites and grays. Her soft and flowing blouses were many times patterned in unique and structured accents and lines, giving her style an added edgy flair. Olivia would also wear colorful striped coats and checkered blazers and blouses, which she paired with simple trousers, skirts and dresses. There's no doubt that Olivia could pull off her tried-and-true neutrals, but she also knew how to rock a fabulous pattern too.

6. Pop of Color

Olivia's professional looks were always fashionable, and many times she highlighted her businesswoman wardrobe with vibrant pops of color. She would take a straight-legged slack and pair it with a bold blue, attention-grabbing cardigan and floral blouse. She never over did it with the added touch of color, and always kept her professionalism intact. Olivia also wore some elegantly structured dresses in fun and feminine patterns and colors. The bright tangerine hued shift dress she wore looked absolutely gorgeous on her, and though the shade was bold she never looked over-the-top. Olivia was definitely a fan of rocking a colorful coat, cardigan and dress and boy did she do it well.

5. Coat Couture

If there is one thing (among many) Olivia Pope is famous for, it's her envy-worthy coat collection. Throughout the show's run, the character sported many couture coats in a wide array of styles, colors and patterns. She was never afraid to play around with unique silhouettes and textures, including caped coats that she accessorized with designer handbags and elegant scarves and gloves. Olivia's coats were always the focal point of her ensembles, and her love of patterns and styles were always on full display. The draping and layering of her pieces were the epitome of chic and sophistication, and her coat collection remains a fashion favorite on the show.

4. Famous White Hat

Who could possibly forget when Olivia donned her iconic white hat, which was gifted to her by frenemy David? As she once so eloquently stated, "My white hat is bigger than your hat." Costume designer Lyn Paolo went with this custom made Louise Green hat, having expressed, "I wanted a little bit of an '80s feel, not gangster but kind of. I think it's important to note that Olivia didn't pick this hat, David did. I think Olivia would have picked something a bit more grand." The white hat was symbolic of what the character and fellow gladiators represented, and when she wore the piece it became a famous moment for the show.

3. Gorgeous in Gowns

Olivia sure knew how to pull of a gorgeous gown! Being the resident D.C fixer, she was always in attendance at important political functions, and her fashion had to reflect that. Olivia looked absolutely stunning in this strapless Jean Fares couture gown, and the understated elegance completely matched Olivia's personality. Throughout the show, the character would rock a variety of breathtaking gowns, including a dramatic strapless ballgown with a black bodice and massive flowing white skirt, and matching black opera gloves. She also famously wore a black and cream heavily structured strapless dress by American designer Rubin Singer. All eyes are definitely on Olivia whenever she dons a beautiful gown.

2. Stunning Escada Gorrin Gown

Olivia wore this absolutely stunning, black and white Escada Gorrin gown that featured a geometric pattern, emphasizing her curves and fabulous figure. According to costume designer Lyn Paolo, she often favored the color combination because it represented Olivia's internal struggle. "We play with black and white a lot on the show because it represents her conflicts. 'Am I good? Am I bad? What have I done?'" The style and silhouette was both romantic and feminine, and was arguably one of her most jaw-dropping gowns from the show. With her hair in elegant curls and minimal jewelry, the famous-fixer looked truly breathtaking.

1. Romantic & Dreamy Wedding Dress

For Scandal's 100th episode, fans got a taste of what an Olivia and Fitz wedding would have been like, as the heroine imagines her life if she hadn't rigged the election. She wore this romantic and dreamy Anne Barge wedding gown, with an off-the-shoulder silhouette and a ruched silk satin chiffon bodice. The voluminous ballgown skirt gave the gown a fairy tale-like added touch, and the elegant veil and pearl accents in her hair further complimented the stunning wedding dress. Olivia looked radiant in her dream ceremony and gown, and her minimal accessories and delicate pearl earrings further brought the look together. With her hair in a sophisticated and graceful bun and light makeup, Olivia looked every bit the blushing bride (if only it had actually happened)!

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