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Netflix Binge: The Best Friends Episodes Of All Time

Beagles, Traveling, Writing, Hummus, Documentaries, Craft Beer, Live Music, Guitar, Poetry, and Aventures.Yup, that pretty much sums me up.

“The One With The Flashback” (season 3, episode 6)


This episode begins with Chandlers (unbelievably obnoxious) girlfriend, Janice, asking a very contemplative question:

"Which of the six of you has slept with which of the six of you?”

From here, viewers are sent back in time to three years ago, where we observe some of the most hilariously awkward near miss encounters between very unexpected pairs of the gang. Ahh the nostalgia.

The One With Ross' Wedding (Season 4, Episode 23 &24)


After an excruciating season of Ross and Emily’s relationship growing and growing (at the disapproval of all Rachel and Ross supporters everywhere) the unthinkable is happening – Ross is getting married. To somebody who’s not Rachel Green. This episode may have saved the writers from the mass outrage that would have ensued from Friends Fans everywhere had they carried this charade on any longer, however, it does land Ross in some hot water.

“The One With The Prom Video” (season 2, episode 14)


The gang comes across an old video of Monica and Rachel’s High school prom, and of course all sit down to watch it together. If Rachel pre-nose job, Ross’s mustache, and Chandler’s “do” aren't enough to have you doubled over laughing…Monica's fat suit will do the trick.

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"The One With Joey's New Brain" (Season 7, episode15)


After being booted from his role on "Days of Our Lives," Joey gets a second chance when his character comes out of his coma with a female brain transplant.

Chandler and Monica are planning their wedding, and Ross has a special surprise: he plans to play his rendition of "celebration" on the bagpipes at the ceremony.

Fun fact: this scene is the known as the scene that took the most takes of the entire show. The 6 actors literally couldn't manage keep a straight face... Seriously- watch Jennifer Anniston in this video. Too funny!

Ross and Monica's parents are coming over for dinner, and we eventually learn that the relationship that each sibling has with their parents is drastically different.

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Ross is seen as the “golden child” who has never done anything wrong, and Monica is still seen by her parents as the same overweight and socially awkward social outcast she was in high school.

Anyways, back in college, Ross was smoking marijuana in his dorm room when his parents came in and, noticing the smell asked questions. In order to maintain his perfect reputation, he blamed it on his roommate, Chandler.

Up until this point, Ross' little fib has flown under the radar, however it doesn't take long for Chandlar to catch on to the fact that the Gellars are not so fond of him once they've arrived.

Fed up with her parents treating her boyfriend like crap, Monica steps in and Ross is finally forced to own up to his shameful college secret. This spirals into a sibling "tattle fest." He and Monica go back and forth outing each others past wrongdoings while under their parents roof. It's. So. Funny.

"The One With All The Thanksgivings" (Season 5, Episode 8)


I’m sure we all have stories of family holiday nightmares – the turkey burning, the aunt getting a little too drunk, etc, but this episode’s flashback of Monica, Ross, and Chandler’s 1998 Thanksgiving takes the gold medal of “bad Thanksgivings” everywhere. Unless, of course, one of your Thanksgiving stories ends with you chopping off your brother’s best friend’s toe - in which case you and Monica are tied for first!

“The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance” (season 6, episode 4)


In this episode, Joey loses his health insurance (the acting roles aren't exactly rolling in) and of course, ends up with a hernia. He spends the episode trying his best to ignore this. BUT the reason this makes the list is the Ross storyline.

“Professor Gellar” has just started a new job as a college professor, and is very nervous for his first day. So nervous, in fact, that when he gives his first lecture a British accent comes out.

From here, the only option is to continue to speak in a British accent each day, and things get even funnier when Monica and Rachel decide to stop by and observe one of his classes.

I promise you won't be able to watch the above video without cracking up. In fact, I may go watch this one right now. It's that good.

“The One Where Everybody Finds Out” (season 5, episode 14)


For the past few episodes we've learned that Monica and Chandler drunkenly slept together a few months back, and now are romantically involved. They have been sneaking around behind the rest of the crew’s backs, not quite ready to share the news.

The main concern is Ross, and how he will react to his best friend banging his sister(understandable) . Joey, being Chandler’s roommate has been living with this secret for awhile, and eventually Rachel (Monica’s roommate) unknowingly picks up the phone to a risqué conversation between The two undercover lovebirds.


Once Rachel knows, Phoebe finds out shortly after. And once Phoebe knows, the two decide to confront Monica who denies the whole thing. This leads to a hilarious master plan to get Chandler and Monica to come clean.

The two create a scenario where the truth must come out: Phoebe attempting to seduce Chandler while Chandler forces himself to be just as seductive towards Phoebe to prove there is nothing going on between he and Monica.

The two sides go back and forth as “the “Messers” become the “messies”and vice versa. Eventually the whole group is in the know that Monica and Chandler are not only “doing it,” but in love. This episode has some of the most hilarious “Friends” lines ever written. Definitely put this one in the que.

"The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line" (season 4, episode 7)


Chandler has been overwhelmed with guilt after kissing Joey's girlfriend. he decides to tell Joey the truth who understandaboy goes on an angry rant about how bad of a friend Chandler is and how much he has crossed the line, giving me my go to phrase whenever someone pisses me off:


This episode also contains one of the funniest "Friends" moments of all time. Ross decides to rekindle his old hobby - playing the keyboard. His style is..a little.. Different. But he is so serious about his "music" and the rest of the gang struggles to keep a straight face throughout his performance. It's great.

"The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding" (Season 7, Episodes 23 & 24)


This is another MUST see season finale. Monica and Chandler's vows are guaranteed to bring tall the feels, and the episode is overall very emotional and heartfelt..broken up of course by the hilarious comic relief of Joey's adventures at the kids table due to an assigned seating mistake. The main reason this makes the list, however, is the cliffhanger at the end of the episode that will change the lives of two friends forever. (And I'm not talking about Monica and Chandler.)

"The Last One" - Season 10, Episodes 17 & 18


Get out the tissues people! The Friends series finale is certainly an emotional roller-coaster and unforgettable conclusion to this 10 season phenomenon.

Monica and Chandler begin their journey as parents (with a little more on their plates than expected) and are moving out of their apartment and leaving city life behind. Rachel is heading off to Paris to pursue a career in fashion. Viewers are heartbroken at the thought of the 6 separating, however the final episode offers many satisfying answers to the uncertain future.

The most dramatic of these, of course being "what about Rachel and Ross? They're supposed to be together and shes moving to a different country? This isn't the way it's supposed to be!"

Don't worry I won't give anything away - Better get streaming!

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