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5 Moments on My Strange Addiction That Were More Horror Movie Than Reality TV


"My Strange Addiction"

"My Strange Addiction" is a television shows on TLC about addictions that are very different than the normal drug, food, or alcohol addiction. These people have habits that are strange and sometimes dangerous. I've made a list of some of the creepiest ones on the show.

#5 Sniffing Creepy Doll Head

A lot of people are terrified of dolls. I'll admit that even I am. While I can look at most dolls and be fine, there are instances where it's just too much.

I could never stay in a room for instance, full of porcelain dolls staring at the bed. I have a few collectible barbies on the shelf and every once in awhile, when I am home alone, I'll make them turn their heads away, so they aren't staring at me too much. There's an island in Mexico full of decaying dolls hanging from trees that is considered one of the creepiest places on earth. I'd likely get freaked out if I were to ever visit it.

I know these fears are irrational, but I still have them.

I know what this woman is doing isn't hurting anyone, but it still is creepy. It'd be less creepy if the doll wasn't just a decapitated head and she still had the whole thing. It would also be less creepy if it wasn't so clearly old and decaying. But no normal doll head will do for this woman. She needs the one that smells like "marshmallows."

#4 Completely Identical Twins

I get how some people can view these twins as cute and they are. It must be nice to have someone who shares every bit of your life with you, someone you are really close to. Although it prevents them from connecting to other people and forming some real relationships.

But at the same time, their habit of finishing each other's sentences and speaking at the same time, is one monotone away from being like the twins in a horror movie.


#3 Addicted To Digging In Ear

I've seen people eat and do really weird things on "My Strange Addiction" a lot of times. I can't believe some of them are still alive sometimes based on their habits. My husband has walked out of the room when I was watching this show many times, shaking his head and disturbed by what is happening. I usually laugh at him for not being able to watch a show that I am fascinated by.

This was one of the exceptions. For this episode of "My Strange Addiction", I had to turn away. The things she uses, like scissors, to dig through her ears are disgusting. She pushed them in so deep that it looks like she's touching her brain or something. Scissors are sharp and I keep picture her cutting herself. Her addiction is so bad that she is losing her hearing.

I can't ever watch her doing any of these things without wincing or turning away.

Not to mention her story of getting something trapped in her ear horrifies me. I've heard stories of people getting all kinds of things trapped in their ears like spiders and bugs. It freaks me out every time I hear it to the point where I can't really blame her for being obsessed with digging through her ears just to make sure that nothing is trapped inside.

#2 Addicted To Eating Dead Husband

This was hands down the most disturbing thing I saw on this television show. I'm not even sure it is illegal, since there are laws protecting what people are allowed to do with the dead.

At first, you feel really sorry for this woman. Loss and grieving is so terrible. It's understandable that she'd carry her dead husband's ashes around and pretend he's still living. It's not super healthy, but grieving is hard and sometimes makes people act irrational.

So, at first, I was watching this episode and getting angry. TLC was picking on this poor woman who was obviously just mourning the loss of her husband and she didn't deserve it.

That was, until, she got into the story of what her real addiction was. Through an accident, one day, she licked a little bit of her husband off her hand and ever since then, she couldn't stop consuming him every once in awhile. I have to say that I was shocked and disturbed at this confession. Because I get carrying around ashes, but I don't get eating them.

The show gets more and more disturbing as the episode progresses. Most people at least try to consider the possibility of getting rid of their addiction (some people succeed, others don't.) This woman seems more obsessed by the day. The show reveals that the chemicals used in a cremation can cause mental illness if consumed and the way the woman fights with her Mom, you can tell she's losing it way past the point of any other person I've heard of who is grieving.

Her mother has to take legal action to take the ashes away from her daughter. Even the idea of this makes her daughter hysterical. By the end of the episode, they say that the ashes have been taken away and she's been sent away to a mental institution.

Most of the time I don't judge people in the show. They all seem to have things they are struggling with and these addictions are helping them to get through it. They're weird, but I find weird people interesting.

This woman is the exception for me. I just can't imagine how horrified her husband's family was to find out that their son's/brother's/cousin's/nephew's remains were being eaten by his late wife. It's completely disrespectful to the dead and honestly sounds like something only a serial killer would do.

#1 Rubber Mask Addiction

I get where this addiction came from. Our society worships youth. This guy wants to experience life sometimes as a beautiful, young woman and all the perks that come with being that person. He's older, so simply cross-dressing isn't enough for him. He wants more of an escape than that. He doesn't want to simply enhance his own body by putting on a dress, some make-up, and padding, he wants to become a new person completely. He wants a complete fantasy escape from his life.

But just because I understand where this addiction might have come from, doesn't stop it from being terrifying.

My brother and I were both 90's kids. We grew-up watching Nickelodeon, including shows like "Salute Your Shorts." Everyone who watched that show remembers the episode about Zeke the Plumber. We were all terrified of him as children. He was a ghost story going around the camp, someone who died on the camp grounds. He was played by a guy wearing a rubber mask.

Something about a rubber mask just looks so fake that it makes it seem like the person is no longer human anymore. There's a reason why people show vintage photos of old Halloween Costumes using rubber masks to terrify people. They're creepy and they resemble dead, decaying people more than living people.

It doesn't help that you can just rip them off someone's face either, which looks a little too much like peeling off someone's skin.

Honorable Mention

Although this didn't make it to my top five, I felt like it deserved a mention because of the way it directly dealt with death.

Addiction To Taxidermy

This woman seems to have the mind of a scientist. She likes looking at the body parts of animals, taking them apart, and putting them back together again. I get it. Some people are just fascinated by those kinds of things. It teaches you a lot about animals and life.

But since she's getting these animals randomly in the woods, dissecting them in her home instead of a lab, exposing herself and others possibly to diseases, it's disturbing.

I remember taking biology class and being unable to dissect a pig. The teacher did it for us (a lot of us felt the same way) and it was interesting watching him, but at the same time, when he scrambled the brains up with his scalpel (I wasn't sure what the purpose of that was) and told us about how you can kill rats humanely by striking them so hard that you crush their skulls and destroy their brains quickly, my stomach turned.

I don't think I could handle stepping into this woman's house or even shaking her hand.

If You Haven't Seen This TV Show...

I highly recommend watching it. It's just so fascinating and shocking to see the kinds of things people get addicted to in our society and try to understand why this happens. All the episodes are available on Amazon.

My Strange Addiction On Amazon

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