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A Review of All Major Streaming Services

E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

Okay, I admit it. I am addicted to television and movie streaming services. It started with Netflix. As new streaming services have been released, I've found myself subscribing to each one. I love the majority of them in different ways, although all of them have their faults.

Most people aren't going to want to subscribe to every single one of them, though, so I decided to write a review of each one to help you make your decision of which streaming services are right for you and which you will pass on.


Netflix has been around from the beginning. I had a subscription back in the day when they used to mail DVDs to your house. It made getting mail lots of fun.

Their streaming service is even better though. They have the most variety of shows of any streaming service and a very long list of well made originals. The majority of my favorite shows right now are Netflix originals.

Because they aren't a network included in cable, they are allowed to create any type of television shows they want. This means some of their shows are more graphic than cable television shows because they don't have many restrictions. Even if you don't like graphic television, though, they also have a lot of family friendly originals.

Because they are so popular and such a big company, their budgets for making a lot of these shows are huge, so they have some originals with amazing special effects.

Also, they are ahead of the game of everyone else. Their site is easier to navigate than any other streaming site.

I'm always finding new shows to watch on Netflix. If I could only be subscribed to one streaming service, it would be this one.

The only flaw it has is if a show is currently airing somewhere else, you're probably going to have to wait a year to see the season currently airing.



A Hulu subscription goes really well with a Netflix subscription. It was the second streaming service I subscribed to and while it's good on it's own, it's even better when you are subscribed to it along with Netflix.

I haven't gotten into any of it's originals. I've tried them a bit, but it's bigger strength is that it's a good replacement for cable.

Unlike Netflix, it airs a lot of episodes of currently airing TV Shows the day after they air. It allows me to keep up with a lot of TV Shows I like without having to buy the whole season on Amazon.

It also offers a lot of cool add-on options, like HBO Max and Disney Plus, and even allows you to get a package where you can stream live TV. My parents use it now in place of regular cable.

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I don't use the live TV option, but just the streaming alone seems well worth it to me!

Amazon Prime

You'd think such a large company would have more variety, but it feels like this streaming service is more just an add-on bonus to subscribing to Amazon Prime for free package delivery than a legitimate streaming service.

A lot of the shows on Amazon you have to pay for. It seems like one of the purposes of letting you watch some shows and movies for "free" (it's not really free because you are paying for the service), is to convince you to buy some of the other shows on their site for paid purposes.

None of their originals stand out much. I've tried out a few, but never gotten addicted to watching any of them.

I wouldn't have this streaming service anymore if I didn't need the free delivery charges for packages because of the pandemic.

Disney Plus

Disney is a huge company, like Netflix, so in the same way that Netflix has a lot of money to spend on filming originals, Disney Plus does as well. A lot of its originals have been the most popular television shows being released at the time and some shows, like Wandavision, have even crashed their site on the nights when a new episode was released. They also have amazing special effects.

All that being said, they still don't compare to Netflix. They're very family friendly, so they're good for kids, but if you don't like old Disney movies, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel, then you're probably not going to enjoy their streaming service.



If you like HBO, then you are going to love HBO Max. It has the same things HBO offers, plus old TV Shows it used to offer, but you can stream them whenever you want.

It's full of amazing original content, some of it is even family friendly, although a lot of it is inappropriate for kids and maybe even teenagers.

I subscribed to it using Hulu, but they allow you to use your subscription to access the streaming site directly. My husband and I love using it.

Paramount Plus

I feel like Paramount Plus is still finding its footing. On the outside, it looks like it has a lot to offer, but most of it actually isn't very interesting.

Their originals are mostly not special, unless you are a huge fan of Star Trek, which my husband and I are, so I think most people are going to want to pass on this streaming service, until it gets the chance to blossom more over the years.


Peacock is actually pretty amazing. You don't have to pay for a subscription, but you are missing out on a lot if you don't.

They are a pretty family friendly site because they are a network television channel, although not everything on their site is family friendly.

A lot of it revolves around nostalgia for me. They made a new "Saved By The Bell" and a new "Punk Brewster" television show, for example. I grew-up when those shows were airing, so I binged watch both of them as quickly as I could and thought they were fantastic.

Some of their shows, like those ones, have really positive messages in them, too, about loving yourself and your family. They feel like a warm hug to watch, but you have to pay in order to access them.

So I think a lot of people won't pay for the site, since it has a large free section, but I think it's worth the cost.

I was disappointed somewhat in them because they own Universal Studios and could have released a lot of their films, which aren't available for streaming anywhere else. But they want people to go on Amazon and pay for those movies to be rented instead.


Discovery Plus

If you don't like reality shows or DIY shows, you won't like this service. A lot of their shows aren't available anywhere else, but there is a reason for that. They don't appeal to everyone.

I subscribe to it because I love the 1000 lb. sisters television show. There are also cooking shows, history specials, survival shows, paranormal investigators, and lots of things like that.

I don't think kids, teenagers, or young adults will like it much, so if you are buying the streaming service for your family, it might not be a good idea. I think it's television better suited for middle aged people and older. None of it is exciting or dramatic enough to keep young people entertained.

Apple TV

Apple TV feels like a baby streaming service. Almost all of its content is available on other streaming services and it has very few originals available.

That being said, the originals my husband and I have seen on there have been excellent and I look forward to more original content by them in the future.

It took me a long time to sign up for Apple TV because I was worried that I'd only be able to play any of it on Apple phones and computer. I have an iphone, but my husband and I stream most things through our laptops. Fortunately, they did make it possible to stream on any computer in your home as well, although they make you go through several steps of authentication before you are allowed to.

That being said, it is the hardest streaming service on this list to use. It's hard to search for shows and find shows. It's not user friendly at all and apple products are supposed to be much easier to use than this, according to their reputation.

Plus, you do need to have at least an iphone, I think, to even sign up, so they make a lot of things about using the service very difficult for the average person.


I love Passionflix, but compared to a lot of the other streaming service, it has very little content. You're not going to want to subscribe to Passionflix probably, unless you are a diehard romance novel fan.

It's goal is to make a lot of popular novels into romance movies and TV Shows. It does a better job of doing this than most other companies that make books into movies because this is its focus.

I am obsessed with the Dante movies, along with everyone else that is subscribed to the service.

The problem is, they can't release new movies and things very often. Compared to these other companies, they are a small company, so their releases are infrequent. So I don't think it will feel worth subscribing to unless you are a diehard romance novel fan.

© 2021 EB Black

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